Upcoming New Map in 9.7 – “Overlord”

Hello everyone,

this is a sneak peek into the new 9.7 historical map, called “Overlord”.

According to Wargaming, it’s a mixed map, with one part covered with a village area and the other part with various permanent fortifications, while the other part of the map consists of an open area with enough cover, bushes, trees and landscape waves to cover your approach.

A generic allied landing site from 1944 was taken as the inspiration for this map and it’s worth noting that the landscape perfectly reproduces some of the local Normandy characteristics. The fighting on the map takes place between 5.6. and 7.6.1944, when the allied forces already landed and broke through the defense, but the remnants of the battle are still there, such as smoking wreckage and the beaches are filled with destroyed landing boats. Also worth noting is the fact that this map will introduce several objects unique to it, such as the bunkers, some houses and the new church model.

Raw video can be found here:



The bunker defense line, that can be seen on the map, was made according to German plans for that period. The only exception is the battery of giant defense guns, that in reality was situated 10-12 kilometers from the coast and was only added in order to make the map look cool. Real historical schematics of bunkers were used during the map development. The coastal line however was somewhat simplified, as in real life, it was completely filled with anti-landing and anti-tank obstacles. This simplification was made for gameplay reasons – in real life conditions, the beach area would be unplayable and optimization also had to be taken into account – large number of destructable objects could affect performance negatively.

The map is large (1000*1000) and all sorts of vehicles can find their place on it: MT’s are universal and can use the entire map, heavies can find their directions where they can get in close with the enemy, there are also enough positions for TD’s and arty to use and places where LT’s can scout.

More pictures (warning, large) in the article. Right-click and select “view image” for full resolution.

67 thoughts on “Upcoming New Map in 9.7 – “Overlord”

      • this map looks positively HORRIBLE. It looks like corridor city.

        I predict the feedback on this map will be so bad it will never reach the live server. Just like on stalingrad, the beach looks like a good idea on paper, but it will suck in practice other then for suicide runs.

        Just to add, its pretty, but i only care about gameplay which will suck on this map.

        hidden village is pretty, but one of the worst maps in the game with half the map unaccessible which is STUPID

        • Apparently you didn’t watch the videos. Your corridor buzzword really doesn’t work here because the map is hugely open. It’s a single massive approach. Very open, very much in favor of aggressive tactics.

          You really need to pay attention to the video that was made and look more closely. The map’s a corridor map only in that it’s a single huge one rather than a bunch of tiny ones. You can stop throwing that word around now. They made an open map with lots of cover scattered everywhere across it all over the place. They have made precisely what the playerbase has been screaming for; a high-mobility map with tons of cover that is almost completely usable, not cut off with a gigantic mountain in one corner or something.

    • Excellent map. The reconstruction of the terrain is amazing. I’ve been thre and… yes, the approach from shore to the hill it’s exactly like the one on hte map. The only issue with real facts is…. Not a single bunker is aiming at the sea. All bunker were builded to protect cannons from ships cannons (and so they had concrete toward the sea) and they were aimed at teh beach…. Not a big issue for the game naturally.

  1. Looks unbelievably good – open terrain (no too strict corridors), large enough for claustrofobic Maus while not too large for said Maus to cross and join battle. And it’s finally after some half million years new mat that’s not situated in Russia (Hidden Village excluded, that’s brought to the game for Japs to have place to call their own).

    Suddenly, looking at the screenshots, “Primo Victoria” started to play in my head for no reason…

      • As a metalhead, I’m really starting to get sick of all the Sabaton fanboyism all across the fucking Internet…

    • Clickers will ruin it like every open map… But I can smell this new “poll” has anything to do with that problem… Wake up WG! Most people hate clickers as they work today!

      • Clickers won’t ruin it if you will move your lazy camper ass. There is more than enough place to move and avoid arty fire.

          • That’s what all the arty’d Cromwells who apparently don’t know how Cromwell is supposed to be played say.

            No, really, i play heavies and meds mostly and have no problem with arty. If you can’t stay in arty-safe locations you just gotta keep moving, don’t peek three times from the same spot (you can usually get away with appearing there twice, but for third attempt are all enemy arties probably zeroed in) and you are 90% good.

            5% arty kills are skill
            5% arty kills are pure luck (yeah, there’s luck in every half-succesful arty shot, but i mean those shots “lol yolo, i dunno what i’m doing *snapshot over whole map*)
            90% are arties basically tax collectors for their target’s carelessness and/or lazyness.

            • The problem that arty players who always use that argument don’t seem to see is that the normal tanks can’t always have an eye for the arty. we also have other problems with tanks right in front of us so you have to choose either arty safe but an easy kill for the tank you are fighting or fighting back properly but not beeing arty safe and hoping for some bad rng or unawareness from the arty.
              I think arty shouldn’t be removed but completely rebalanced making it more fun for BOTH the arties (come on 45s+ reload wtf….) aswell as for the other tanks receiving 1800 dmg shells as it is now. Maybe much higher splash radius and better reload but decreased alpha.

    • That’s actually amazing because I went to a beach that looks very similar and it’s cool to see it in WoT

  2. This will be badly imbalanced, then, 9 months after said imbalance has become widely obvious to everyone, WG will ‘fix’ it, where-after it will just be moderately imbalanced.

    Still, looks nice…..

      • Because its designed by WG.

        Also, how can you tell? The top-down map shown above is an early somewhat out-of-date map.

        • its a crap map and will NEVER make it to the live server. Stalingrad is a really bad map, one of the worst in the game unless ur in slow hvy tanks, but this might be worse.

        • >Because its designed by WG.

          Oh I thought you actually saw something on these pictures that supportes your claim.

          But I guess not. Just another idiot whining…

  3. One of the many things WG are not very good at is map design.

    This looks nice, but it’s just not an accurate portrayal of what it’s supposed to represent. Compare this with maps from AW, which despite still being in alpha, already actually look like the real thing. WOT maps mostly look like they were designed by someone with little knowledge of the physical environment, built environment or history.

    • actually, i think the older versions of WG maps were better. The old versions of el halluf, murovanka and severogorsk were all better than WGs new CORRIDOR versions with no bushes and no scouting. i might even argue the old Tundra was better and the old Malinovka compared to the 9.6 version which nerfs the coast rush.

      • Anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, that nerfs, or better yet, makes the coast rush irrelevant, is a very good thing in my book. I positively HATE the coast rush on Malinovka. I also hate that the 2 spawns are within draw distance of each other with direct lines of sight.

        IMO, that map would be 1000x better if the spawns were moved over to where arty spawns on the standard map. The spawns would no longer be within draw distance of each other, nor would there be any direct line of sight either.

        The coast rush is absolutely the WORST thing about Malinovka.

  4. Because we need more -3 corridors maps- more himmelsdorf, more hidden village, more lakeville, etc
    Maps for 5 years old people.

    • Himmelsdorf is not exactly a corridor map, tho, since there are very good crossfire positions across all 3 flanks

  5. Boy ! Do they like these dutch windmills… Totally out of place in Normandy, but, well… WG…
    and no hedges and ditches enclosing fields and and pastures… ? oh… so disapointing… XD

    • This was the point I was making several comments above. It look’s ‘nice’, but it’s just not authentic.

      The windmill would not have been placed where it is, it would have been torn down by the germans and it would have had a path leading up to it. Also, where are the trenches leading up to the bunkers? Do they think soldiers would just run in the open between bunkers and the start of trenches?

  6. It looks really boring

    EF-3 camp + EF-0 camp + the “I have no idea what Im doing here” gameplay in the middle

  7. Bases disposition is weird.
    Map should be more fun in PVE.. With bots landing per waves :D

  8. CANT wait for Overlord ON FIRE… having FPS problem and seeing it be replaced with Overlord WINTER ! – while i get the map 2x in the map cycle, till im sick of it ^^

    oh wg <3 :)

  9. “The only exception is the battery of giant defense guns, that in reality was situated 10-12 kilometers from the coast and was only added in order to make the map look cool.”

    That’s not entirely correct. The large gun emplacement in the map appears to have been modeled on the 152mm naval gun batteries at Longues-sur-Mer. The bunkers are located just .5 km south of the beach. While its likely inaccurate to show a large scale bunker like this directly on the beach, they are placed within the bounds of a 1 sq km game map.

    Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longues-sur-Mer_battery
    Location (Google Maps): http://goo.gl/Dkyw4w
    Pictures: http://www.euro-t-guide.com/See_Coun/France/F_W/F_See_Longues-sur-Mer_Battery_1-1.htm

  10. “The map is large (1000*1000) and all sorts of vehicles can find their place on it: MT’s are universal and can use the entire map, heavies can find their directions where they can get in close with the enemy, there are also enough positions for TD’s and arty to use and places where LT’s can scout.”

    In other words, it’s like Kharkov and like Kharkov, it will be shit for at least 2 of the 5 vehicle classes, evne though the map is “Something for everyone”. Sigh…

          • You still do not speak for everyone.

            You said “no one gives an actual shit about arty”. This statement is patently false. There are many players who enjoy playing arty. There are even some (I am not one of them) who play arty almost exclusively.

            Trying to now say that you speak for the “majority” is nothing but a diversion, a bait and switch, to try to hide the FACT that your previous statement was completely false.

            Also note that the FTR poll only accounts for a tiny portion of the WoT player base and is a bad statistical sample.

  11. ok this map looks intresting and nice finally wg is going in good direction with map making now.we will see how it plays out when it goes live but looks promising gg wg

  12. Holy Fucking Shitballs!!!

    Could this map mark the return of ACTUAL OPEN AREAS with OVERVIEW LOCATIONS in WoT?!?

    Color me impressed!

  13. i dont care if its bad or not…as long as there is a new map i like it….a lot more better than playing on the same maps….more maps more fun….more scenarios a lot more fun fun…

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  15. “this is a sneak peek into the new 9.7 historical map, called “Overlord”.”

    And by historical, they mean “doesn’t actually look anything like Normandy”

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