Most Played Games in January 2015

Hello everyone,

website (service) prepared a list of most played games in January 2015 – and how is World of Tanks doing?


You know what? It actually surprised me – two things. First, I thought World of Tanks would be doing better, but oh well, the survey is likely based on western preferences. Second thing however is the popularity of War Thunder. To be quite honest, I thought it would be far less.

Also, The Old Republic? I thought that game was kinda… dead.

79 thoughts on “Most Played Games in January 2015

  1. People are STILL playing Skyrim? Jesus…

    Got bored stiff of that game after 3-4 days of playing it. Couldn’t understand what all the hype was all about.

    IDK, maybe it was mindblowing for the console plebs

        • Had witcher 1 …horrible controls… Unplayable.

          DragonAge also has “unusual controls” but they pulled it of a lot better…. There i even begann to like them.

          • Then play Witcher 2 mate. Preferably start with the books.

            Witcher is so much better in the storyline, atmosphere and certain gameplay elements to Skyrim it aint even funny…

            • I played Skyrim after I played The Witcher 2 (big fan of TW series)

              So you can imagine how disappointed I was in Skyrim, with all the huge hype on the webz

      • “exploring”

        Yeah, if you wanna call it that…

        Also, not interested in mods. Almost at all.
        A game should be good even in vanilla form, mods should just enhance it or bring variety. Like Mount & Blade – the core game was/is absolutely brilliant.

        Skyrim just fails hard as a RPG. I guess if you view it as an action game blended with a mountain-tourist simulator sprinkled with little thingies called “quests” to “motivate” you… then I guess it’s OK.

        • So you were not interested in:
          Portal, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Gmod, The Stanley Parable, Red Orchestra, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress?
          Not even one of those?

          Cause those, my uninformed elitist AAA-gobbing friend, started as mods.

          Now, things like Black Mesa, Lost Alpha, Valley of Whispers, ФОТОГРАФ, Eastern Front, Priboi Story, Research and Development, Minerva… and so many others…
          These dont interest you? These mods EASILY rival or BEAT AAA games by multi million dollar studios, or expansion packs and official DLC in scope, quality and ambition.

          • Those are basically stand-alone games, because they are mods vastly different from the source material.

            One of the first mods I’ve seen to appear in Skyrim is fully naked characters. Go figure…

        • To each his own. There’s nothing wrong with not liking Skyrim, but you can’t deny that the exploring is massive and that it has a gianormous amount of quests.
          Also, the immersion in such a complex world is amazing. M&B Warband is an amazing game just because it has no magic, so I can finally enjoy a game set in Medieval ages without orcs, spells, etc.. If M&B would have those things I wouldn’t even look at it and I am sure very few people would actually play it.

          • “Also, the immersion in such a complex world is amazing” – I was not immersed in Skyrim at all.

            Unlike in M&B, your actions have little to no effect on the world around you.

            At first I thought I was not going to be welcomed in Stormcloak-ruled towns because I sided with the Imperials. I thought that certain factions would hold a grudge against me for doing something against them.

            None of the sorts. Skyrim is just a huge sandbox for players to enjoy being the Grandmaster Swordsman of Magic & Alchemy, King of Skyrim & Ruler of the Thieves Guild.

            Hell, compared to the relations system from M&B, it’s a huge sad joke.

            Hell, it’s not even Role-Playing per se – the Dragonborn has no personality, no background, no defining features – you’re basically roleplaying as you.

            And no, M&B is an amazing game for many other reasons besides the “no magic” part.

            I will never forget my 90-100 Swadian Knights army with which I struggled to defend Swadia against 3/4 warring factions at the same time, also while trying to conquer more & more provinces.

            Hell, even the decision to be a General for a faction or become the ruler of that faction OR start your own faction was absolutely brilliant.

            • You really don’t understand what a good game is do you? Mount and blade a good game? What a load of crap that game is. Didn’t even keep me for 30 mins.

    • It is a decent game mate. Quite a lot of fun and many people like its mods. They support their community and that counts.
      Now… if more mods were insanely ambitious like Lost Alpha, Skywind, Eastern Front or Black Mesa… Skyrim would be even better (a base for other great games).

  2. That’s probably a murican site. Diablo III going up 5 positions?! Final Fantasy, Guild Wars, SWTOR??!!?!?!? Hah!


    • Diablo 3 is as famous in Europe as it is in North America.

      What happened there is the following:
      In 8 2014 was a content patch.
      Introducing GRifts (a trial to kill x amount) with ladders and Seasons (fresh start for limited time).
      Everyone played that until they reached their personal limit.
      Somewhere around October, November there was no more progression.
      Sadly there was no Season end and Season 2, S1 keep running.
      More and more people got frustrated and left – waiting for new content and Season 2.

      Mid of January was the next content patch.
      Introducing big changes to 3 of the 6 classes and new power creep items.
      So all came back to the game.
      Keep in mind that was mid month, the number would be even higher if the patch was 1st week.
      Season 2 started just last week, so February will have higher number for sure.

      You can also see that the constant regular supply with content patched WG does to WoT probably keeps the player base more active and the breaks shorter.

  3. The old republic is far from dead, Devs did a lot of content lately +F2P thingy +SW fans
    As of WT, ground may be bad, skies are one of the best modern airgame (I mean post IL2 and plane-centered games)

  4. This is certainly based on Western preferences.

    DOTA 2 just reached 1 million concurrent players. WoT is quite a bit above that if we count all servers… (RU only beats DOTA 2)

  5. LoL is a fucking joke….its basically Warcraft 3 with improved graphics and without the ability to control units or build stuff -_-
    also playing fifa (or even pes) is horrible on pc….if u play it on pc just kill urself…

    • You obviously haven’t actually played LoL if you think it involves base building or that it plays like WoW

  6. Most people play War Thunder for the planes, which nobody would dare to argue is far superior to the wargaming alternative. The freaks that actually play the ground forces parts are in the minority and don’t really add to the ranking of War Thunder that much… that said, I play WT:Ground Forces, but I always argued that for a balanced gaming approach, WoT is the far superior game… it’s just me personaly finding it more fun, I’m sending everyone in the direction of WoT first if they want to get into internet tanks though.

    • u said NOTHING we dont know except ur the freak sending “everybody” to wots, U MEAN UR IMAGINARY FRIENDS!, LOL.

      • No, my friends, imaginary and real, already decided on WT because they prefer planes most of the time. And the few that like tanks also prefer the rather punishing module damage approach, even if it ends in a much more unbalanced force composition. I’m refering to normal social interaction that people tend to have, which at times also include video games. But from what I gather here, you’re not well versed in social interaction in general, so you probably didn’t pick up that implication.

  7. Wt ofc does well… Devs work hard, just read some devblog on new thingys…

    For example:
    Unlike wot they rebalanced the Maps a lot quiker.

    + Soon we get “mud” to get stuck in :D

  8. Well is a service that is somewhat popular in the states, tho still not as big as Xfire “yes people still use that”. But in the rest of the world? nah, I used it for a bit and had 45 friends on it…. not even 6 months later it was down to a few since the rest never used it again. As steam now does the same job for most and TS has take more over chatting, so no need to chat with text like we did before.

    So less then 2% on most of the big titles and less then 1% on WT? Since WT and Warfame is a steam game now more or less. Check the Steam % of both games. You will find em to be more then 1%. Thus I take these numbers with a pinch of salt.

    • “percentage of the total time spent on all the PC games played by Raptr members”

      raptr isnt very usefull for WoT. It actually surprises me some ppl use raptr to play WoT.

      • Surprises me that people still uses raptr at all tbh for most games. I can see the use for me amongst some gaming communities like DOTA2, lol etc. But for general gaming? No, I found it rather useless.

  9. these stats r MEANINGLESS, completely MEANINGLESS, if u dont know who they polled and how many. besides, revenue is what counts. i disagree with SS, WOTs has not peaked, this will be a record yr for revenue.

    • hard to know if WoT has peaked or not.

      You need to keep in mind that the total player base for all games might go up by 20%, so if they only go up by 10% then its an effective dip.

      I agree that the stats are not all that worth while, WG tried to buy raptr stats last year when we got free goodies for signing up to raptr.. I am sure that the other providers offer such similar “Freebies” and in return they can make the charts at the end of the year.

      Even if WoT has tanked (Can you see what I did there?) then it probably doesn’t matter much, the revenue stream will be there for a long time unless they really mess things up. This game is utterly simple in design and I am sure that their server cost (per player) are a lot lower than at least 17 of those other games.

      Everyone should consider when they play these games that they will one day close the doors, its not like buying a house, car, or some old coins… These things will just up and vanish one day ;P..

  10. This chart is really based on western preferences – in contrast to the Russian audience, the enlightened customer in the western hemisphere rates a product by its overall quality and not by the mere patriotic feelings it stimulates (“stronk russian tanks rule” and other chauvinistic crap is the key to success for WOT in Russia).

  11. SWTOR is not dead, but will never be as popular as Star Wars: Galaxies was when it reached its peak, before they reworked the entire combat system, and changed the Jedi training system. I was online on the last hour before Sony deactivated the game, in december 2011.

  12. I’m surprised that ArmA III is in the top 20.
    It’s a great game, but I thought it to be too hard for average user to gain wide popularity.

  13. WT is much more realistic and so it’s much more annoying for tanks. and believe me it’s much more luck-dependant than WoT.
    i was a WT G.F. fan before playing it for 1 months continuously. graphichs and animations are goddamn good but even arcade mode is too realistic for me.

  14. This is a raptr thing, most WoTers don’t use raptr so that’s why it’s so low on the list. Also any stream games don’t need raptr so that’s why DOTA 2 is so far behind league.

  15. And most of them are f2p games or MMO’s. These games are crack..Sometimes I feel bad :D

    Also, damn, I thought Warframe would be higher on the list. Better than the rest of the garbage. Subjectively speaking of course.

  16. the old republic is not played because its a good mmo, its played because its a great rpg. think of it as an extended kotor1-2. its a really good rpg if you play it solo or in co-op in storymode/quests.

    as far as interaction with other players or pvp/raids go… its not that great, but thats not why people play it. it keeps getting updates, its free to play, but you can buy out a premium membership, which unlocks even more stuff.

    its a great game

  17. In order for Raptr to track your gameplay times and stats you need to install their app or to link your Raptr account via a platform like Steam.

  18. I think the old republic had a resurgence and players and then stabalised at a decent number with some of the DLC , it isn’t actually bad , i quite enjoyed playing it , especially since the old republic is actually interesting as opposed to the galactic empire civil war crap which has never really been resolved.

  19. Like everyone has said, this is pointless. Raptr gives in game bonuses for certain games so the games with bonuses will be up there. For example Smite isn’t actually popular at all, but they offered in game paid currency just for playing for a while with Raptr on, hence its popularity.

  20. Nobody uses Raptr, I bet a very big part of its few users are there only because AMD made their version of “Geforce Experience” through Raptr.

    Anyone could have made such charts with more accurate numbers simply watching any random Steam group with ~1K active users.

  21. i’m surprised you are “surprised” that WT is doing so well because as i always posts, WTGF is M[UCH better than wot from day 0, with all the patches that it has now and the thing that’s coming in a few days wot would need to be in version 15.0 to even come close to feature parity(the rest never because wot is based on bullshit mechanics).

    also, no WOWP in the list? :D

  22. Raptr members play LoL complete non shock. Like a casual game like WoT is going to clock up play-time hours with those guys. Or WoT players are going to download the Raptr tracking Gizmos for no benefit whatsoever. What this list basically tells you is that people who play Raptr supported games sometimes play Games like WoT in their spare time.

    I don’t really get why you would post info like this SS, the list is basically an advertising gimmick.