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Hello everyone,

let’s start this week with something funny. Today is the “Day of the Defender of Fatherland” in Russia and to commemorate the holiday, Wargaming posted some nice propaganda pictures on their portal – let’s have a look at them (for bonus points – try to spot Stalin).

“Glory to the army, born in October” (which is a bit odd, because the October Revolution happened in November)

“Red Army – loyal guard of the land of the soviets”

Above: “Long live the Red army, vigiland watchman of the Soviet borders”. The inscription on the building reads “strengthen the defense of the USSR” – and the crossed list of names are dead enemies of the Soviets.

“Long live the Red army, the bastion of politics of peace of the Soviet homeland and the loyal guard of the USSR borders”

“Red Army – pride of the nation!”

“Long live the Soviet pilots, proud falcons of our homeland!”

“Standing in the line are Soviet tankers, sons of their great motherland!”

“Long live the invincible Red Army and the powerful military sea fleet of the USSR!”

“Death to German occupiers”

“More metal – more guns!”

“Women of the Soviet Union – strenghten the defensive power of the USSR!”

“We will crush the enemy with an avalanche of steel”

“Everything for the front – everything for the victory!” – and below: “Farmers, give your savings for the building of planes and tanks!”

“Battle menu for the enemy for every day” (these represent dishes, not sure how to translate the food names)

“Give us more tanks, anti-tank rifles and AT-guns, planes, cannons, mortars, shells, machineguns, rifles!” and “Everything for the front, everything for the victory!”

“Happy holidays from our street”

“The nation and the army are invincible!”

“We meet the enemy simply – service record of the Soviet army:” (right to left: 1918 – German Army, …. 1920 – Pilsudsky, 1922 – the Japanese, 1929 – White-Chinese generals, 1938-1939 – Japanes at Khasan and Khalkin Gol, 1940 – White Finnish, 1941-1945 – Hitler, Mussolini, Antonescu, Horthy, Mannerheim, Kwantung army” (that’s weird, as the Finnish kicked Soviet ass)

“They continue to justify the faith of their nation!”

“Highest vigilance!”

“Everyone in their own way improves the strength of the motherland!”

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    • The “lovely” man is on pictures 5 and 6. I find it weird that there are no references to vodka, there are some potato farmers but… well on the other hand some things don’t need to be advertised, petrol, toilet paper, coffins… vodka.

  1. This quite easily explains the appeal of USSR as a whole in some western countries.

    The whole “everyone working hand in hand to save the nation” idea has pretty much disappeared after the Great War in France, Italy, the UK…

  2. inb4 soviet butthurt at the winter war.
    Anyway, always nice to see some old propoganda. I wish we could find some of the old Italian/French/Axis minor ones, but they’ve probably all got burned or something.

    Also 2 uncle Joes in a row

    • There are actually a rather surprising number of Vichy posters that are found in the first few pages on google search, although of course the vast majority aren’t easily found.

  3. Russians are weird. Why would they put people, who kicked heir asses such as Finns, the Japanese and Poles into their propaganda?

    • My guess is Soviet citizens learned that those wars where lost probably after 1990. You know, Soviets and facts, 2 different worlds.

    • Japanese kicked URSS ass? it’s kind a joke right? Lake Khasan, Khalkhin Gol invasion of Manchuria?

        • Yeah Japan kicked their ass in 1905.
          But in 1922, as in the picture, the japanese had to withdraw without completing their goals.

          • Dude USSR did consider class struggle started in stone age , so communism and USSR indirectly existed even then . At least USSR did think so lol …..

            • Maybe. But, again, there was not a single Soviet government, and pictures represent victories (or what was claimed as victories) of Soviet Union.

              • Dude in 1905 revolution very active was socialists and marxists . Already in that time did exist Socialist-Revolutionary Party and Social Democratic Labour Party . From 1904 – 1907 was big terrorism wave in Russian Empire made by The Combat Organization what was combat wing of Social Revolutionary Party . Even more Russian Social Democratic Labour Party was established in 1898 and its secretary was Lenin . So like you see marxism and communism roots in Russia are much deeper than October Revolution 1917 …..

    • The thing is, in Soviet history books the Winter War didn’t happen. No North Africa, Pacific campaigns, lend-lease, Battle for Normandy. And the list goes on. In fact, there was no WWII. Only Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) which, of course, was won by Soviet Union alone. Sure enough, it wasn’t ever mentioned that Soviet Union copulated with Nazi Germany for years either.

          • Funny, as american text books even today refuse to acknowledge that anything outside of North America exists.

            Needless to say, some turd saying “I read 30 years ago something and now I am spouting shit out of my mouth” fails to convince the internet.

            • As a current american college student, I can assure you that our history books deal with foreign relations as well as relate the wrong doing of our less-than-glamorous moments such as the trail of tears, which is more than what the japanese do in regards to the rape of nanking.(sp?) No need for anti-aamerican sentiments. Also, I have read a soviet history book recently and origami is correct

              • As a former citizen of Russia, i can tell U that we have enough info about WW2 members and we even have TV-series about lend-lease.
                Next one:feel the difference
                1.WW2 1939-1945 with all countryes ended after Japan signed dcuments
                2.GPW 1941-1945 ended after defeatnof Nazi Germany.
                And now guess, who have better history eucation

                • “Не путайте тёплое с мягким”. I was referring to USSR (you know, the country that no longer exists) text books in PAST tense. Not what Russia HAS now.

            • I wonder if you are able to make your point without insulting people. If you ever had one that is.

              P.S. Never read an American text book so no idea what’s in them. In fact, i’ve never been to America.

      • I think you better look up the meaning of the word ‘copulated’.

        …although, in a way, it makes some sense.

    • You see, some people still believe, for example, France won WWII.There is nothing surprising in such things.

    • because in russia, people only believe what the Government tells them, not what actually happens in the world.

  4. 1920 – Pilsudsky
    1. It’s Pilsudski (or more correctly – Piłsudski).
    2. Polish-Soviet War eneded with decisive (even if unexpected) Polish victory. It was Soviets who sued for peace after Polish rapid advance eastward after Battle of Warsaw. They offered very large territorial concessions at peace talks. But Soviet propaganda doesn’t care about facts, it creates them …

  5. It’s strange that Russian Wikipedia tells a true story of “Soviet Army Day” holidayДень_защитника_Отечества
    50 years we were told to celebrate “The first victory of young Red Army” (since ordered by Stalin for propaganda in 1938) while in fact Red Guards suffered not even a bitter defeat, but disgracefully fled defense lines and deserted.

    Notice the Lenin’s quote describing the events as “painfully dishonorable flight, chaos, clumsiness, helplessness, slovenliness” ending with “Soviet republic has no army” *sob*sob*sob*

  6. What is the blue and yellow flag on the picture number 6? Is it flag of the air force?
    Which leads me to second question – was the soviet air force independent arm, or was it part of the army?

    • Flag of the Soviet Air Force (VVS – Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily), actually one of the air forces of the Soviet Union ( the other was the Soviet Air Defence Forces, the Voyska Protivovozdushnoy Oborony, V-PVO).

      Both where independent from the Soviet Army.

  7. “Glory to the army, born in October” (which is a bit odd, because the October Revolution happened in November)

    - according to Russian calendar used at those times (Julian Calendar) the revolution took place in October (that’s why it’s called October Revolution and celebrated in November since 1924). Born in November would mean nothing in relation with national heroes or national holidays.

    • Not “Russian” but rather “Julian” calendar. Russia kept using it long after most of the civilized world adopted the Gregorian calendar. Hence the discrepancy in some historical dates.


    I’m just saying maybe they should of picked something more impressive for the posters…

    Like a tractor.

  9. In the Death to German occupiers poster, does anyone recognize the Germans?
    Second from the left, Hitler, and far right (of course…) Goering.
    But the rest? I thought the second from the right might be Manstein, but the character has a Totenkopf on his cap, which means he is a Waffen-SS.

    • I think Keitel is on the left (judging by the moustache), then there’s Hitler and the guy on his right could be Bormann. Göring is at the far right and the SS-guy next to him is Himmler. The monkey looks a bit like Goebbels.

      The guys being crushed under the tank look like an Italian and a Hungarian(?)

      • I agree with most of the, but Bormann. I thought at first it would be Mussolini but he would not be german.
        Maybe they saw him as a german puppet.

      • The guy next to Göring does not look like Himmler, which is why I did not say the name.
        Sepp Dietrich, maybe? He was a Waffen-SS (chief of the LSSAH division), he had a thin mustache (like the character in the picture) and committed massacres during the Russian campaign with his troops. That would be a reason to depict him here.
        Good job on Goebbels, I had not made the connection.

        I would say the fat one in the middle is Mussolini. The one between the monkey and the one I think is Dietrich could very well be Franco. The cross he is sporting looks like a Spanish Cross (Spanienkreuz, a decoration given to German fighters in Spain during the Civil War).

        The rest, I must admit, is beyond me, for the time being. I checked Horthy, but he does not look like any character in there.

  10. I think the Stalin is the one with fiery eyes, mane like a flaming silk and all four legs of excellent pedigree.
    Do I won?

  11. “Death to German occupiers” thought harsh isnt as disturbing as “Lets go to the west!”
    I think russians were always and still are more easily manipulated than Germans ever were. Hell as a free European I can see the same happening in “muricuh” — the best country in the world… or that’s what they think.. being between it all I can say information coming from both sides are full of shit. And its always politics that is to blame.

  12. who are the germans on picture 9 “Death to German occupiers”?

    i see Hitler, the rat thing looks like Goebbels? Göring on the very right?
    the others?

  13. Morale is extremely important during a war , which is why every country engages in war time propaganda for variety of reasons. The Anti Russian sentiment on this blog is very sad however since half the time its not even supported by facts but by just rants and hate mongering. At least stick to the facts please so you dont make yourself look like an idiot guys. Also
    Russia =/= USSR.