How Wargaming Celebrated the Day of the Defender of Fatherland

Hello everyone,

a bunch of pictures from the Minsk office of Wargaming, how it was “decorated” during yestarday’s Day of the Defender of Fatherland holiday (held in Russia and Belarus as well). These photos were posted on Wargaming instagram.








….why is there a whole bunch of dead fish wrapped in newspapers served around?


“Tank industry factory”


“Heavy industry, basis of the might of our country”


47 thoughts on “How Wargaming Celebrated the Day of the Defender of Fatherland

  1. way to go serB, use a file to cut the cake, had to hide all the knives have they, worried whose back it will end up in?

        • The first thing I think of is its a joke for Serb, “your too important to risk using a knife” kinda nice really.

          Nice office, really cool motorcycle display, waiting to take Serbs Messages to the internet front!

          I have to ask, because no one else seems to be mentioning it; Why are they calling it the Fatherland? That’s Germany, Russia was the Motherland in all our History books?

          Don’t even reply back that the Western World has been Calling Mother Russia the ‘wrong’ name for 70 yrs.

          • Ha, actually Western World was using the names wrong. It comes from general public stupidity and lack of knowledge, where they just want a single moniker to designate something so everyone knows what they are talking about.

            A common way for Soviet people to refer to Soviet Union was “otechestvo” which translates loosely to “Land of our fathers” and therefore, translated as Fatherland by people who couldn’t care less.

            The other common name is Rodina, which means “Place of my birth” but mistranslated as “Motherland”.

            The reality is that neither word carried a significant weight for Soviet people when referring to their country in a sense “we must call it that!!!!” It’s more of colloquial or nickname nature of the word, so Western world insisting on calling Russia/Soviet Union by it is somewhat stupid.

            It would be like Eastern Europeans/Russians referring to America as “‘Murika” in press and TV. While it sure lets people understand what they are talking about, it’s hardly an appropriate word to use.

            ‘Murika, fuck yeah!

            • Delete that.

              Start over.

              Ok. I had no idea that People who knew both Russian and English languages disliked the term Rhodina or Mother Russia. Most Americans I know look upon, “Mother Russia” or the “Mother Land” with great respect militarily. It was Mother Russia that defeated the Nazi Army in WWII. That’s what we were told. The term “Ivan” I can see, but whatever, ty for enlightening me.

              But to my real point before you made this offensive to Russians, for that I thank you my friend, this is an English site. Written in English.

              Did anyone of you dipshits who happen to know so fuking much about one word wrong translations happen to “know” what “FatherLand” translates to in English? Huh, you dipshitted ‘murikan’ know it all?

              The Nazis. The Nazis are the Fatherland, in “English”, here, on this site. Genious.

              So, you look like you hired an idiot who doenst understand English, to translate Russia to this “English” site.

              Now Phuck off.

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