Mk.VIII Liberty Trials

Hello everyone,

an interesting video appeared on the web yesterday – the trials of Mk.VIII “Liberty” tank in the USA on 31.10.1918. You can read more about the tank here.



This stuff is actually pretty rare, it’s nice to see how these behemoths moved.

20 thoughts on “Mk.VIII Liberty Trials

  1. Just by the video seen here you can see how improved it was to the wartime Mark I-V’s of WWI…..

  2. 1: implement it in WoT, with multi-turret mechanism.
    2: also implement a mode (pvp or pve) with WWI trench map(s), with WWI tanks and armored cars fighting.
    3: take my money.

    • Go warthunder – multiturret sucks.
      Not cause its bad implemented there…
      no… just try to aim with them….

      different ammo sizes, different angles, different penetrations, you have to use like 1-5 keys to select the right turrets if you dont want to fire all in 1 (mostly useless) burst….. and the list goes on.

      Rather 1 good gun,
      than 1 decent and 2-10 shitty ones on top of that.

      Quality over Quantity – didnt we germans teach you anything :|

      • Something like doubled, simple trick to is to set the video speed at 0.5 (on Chrome it works for sure), the video gets low framish and the audio stutters, but you get an idea of what it actually looked like.

        • Now you can see how the tank will look like in WoT with the expected fps on potato/incompatible computer too! :D Cool!

          Look like a TOG for tier I-II…
          It’s quite amusing.

    • I think its actually playing footage recorded at 14-20fps and originally played at 25fps on projectors at 50/60fps. So it is playing twice possibly three times as fast which means you shouldn’t really take the tanks manoeuvring or movement speed from the film.

      Also explains people casually walking in front of it and the person jogging in front of it during the full speed demonstration.

  3. “it’s nice to see how these behemoths moved.”

    Far less beached-whale like than I imagined. Seems like it traversed reasonably quick and handled terrain fairly well.
    I don’t envy the people riding inside it, though. The whole “no suspension whatsoever” thing must have been a total pain in the ass (literally), especially when you had to let the front of the tank dead-drop to the ground.

    I liked the part at 1:53 or so, where they catch the tracks on the backside of that ramp and nose up over it.
    Hope this behavior makes it into the new tank behavior for WoT~

    It was a neat video, thanks for sharing.

    • The video was slightly sped up it seemed.
      Just watch the ppl. and try 0.5x on youtube… (should be 0.4x for 1:1 i guess)
      Hint: turn off music too, distracts.

      Still, its fine for its age.

  4. iirc this was intended to be a premium tank on the US tech tree. I remember seeing it on an older version of the planned tech tree that was apparently removed from the WoT site a while back.

  5. The poor guys inside, when the vehicle topples over larger obstacles… Being dropped from 2m+ height ain’t no fun with no suspension…

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