Storm Talks about New Physics


Hello everyone,

Storm wrote a post about the new physics test which will start soon (according to some leakers, even today at 6PM CET, but that’s unfoncirmed). The new motion physics system (MPS) will have following characteristics and changes:


- the new MPS will allow you to pass small terrain obstacles (rails, small stones etc.) without loss of speed
- with both tracks stable on the ground while going with sufficient speed, the vehicle will be able to jump (cross) over various obstacles such as ditches, trenches etc.
- when braking sharply, you will get a “bonus” to gun depression due to the way the suspension interacts with the hull (the entire vehicle will shift forwards)

Improvement of tank handling when moving

- turning became smoother
- you now have more control over the turning radius, it’s easier to reach the desired turning speed

New maneuvers and using the handbrake

- when activating the handbrake at higher speeds, it will lead to sharp change in vehicle trajectory (“handbrake turn” or “police turn”)
- doing the same thing when turning backwards will significantly increase the speed, with which you turn
- it’s possible to easier handle the turning radius using the handbrake

Tank interaction during collision

- you can now tip the enemy tank on its roof if the conditions are met (weight difference, power etc.)
- it’s possible to make tank fall on its roof by pushing it off a ledge, bridge etc.

Interaction with surfaces

- the surfaces now have more influence on tank movement
- new graphic effects of “track slipping” (when grip is lost, the tracks will “slip”, rotating while the vehicle remains on the spot)

Other changes

- the tank mass can now be “felt” more
- it’s now possible to climb to some places where you couldn’t before (visual objects)

The test will consist of 10 maps and 15 tanks with the patch based on 9.2 build. A few videos:

How the new suspension doesn’t make the tank jump on every small obstacle (fluent movement):



Turns and slides:



Movement on rails


56 thoughts on “Storm Talks about New Physics

  1. SS
    so… I remember that you dont like the physic in WT
    but now this new motion physic in WOT….
    I really want to know what you think about this lol

    • Seems like these are quite a bit better then what WT had in the beginning.

      Anyways, I think SS does not like War Thunder more for its community and marketing.
      The asshatery, elitism, “wez so realisics … just dont mind Panther 2 and Tiger 105 L61″ , the “WoT Survivor” BS…

      • Don’t forget the “we’ll never have stupid tanks like the Maus, because it was a prototype and would be useless and pointless”.

        …and guess what tank just got added in their newest patch, 1.47…

    • WT “physics” is crap because you have very little actual control over your tank. And because some phony sense of “realism” Gaijin has no intention of doing anything to increase the control you have. WG on the other hand is coming from the opposite direction. You have a lot of control over your tanks in WoT and this physics is being added. That is to say, everything you saw in those videos was done on purpose by the drivers showing off. Whereas you CANNOT drive from point A to point B in WTGF without your tank slipping and sliding and being either barely in control or out of control.

      Though what WG needs to do is release a video show both “normal” driving and “trick” driving (ie, manipulating breaks, etc), because the video seen only shows the later. Though anyone who’s played WT and who doesn’t know how tracked vehicles behave in real life might be confused and actually think WT is “realistic” and thus assume that’s how tanks in WoT will handle all the time going forward.

      • Just because you don’t know how to drive it doesn’t mean that nobody does. I am driving perfectly fine in WT and I have full control of my tanks, apart from the low tier very fast, very light vehicles which do indeed require a lot of practice to be able to fully control them.

        Just accept the fact that you are driving tanks not plastic toys and you should be fine.

        • WT = Driving Tanks
          WoT = Driving Matchbox

          The Difference by Maus-driving in WoT and WT ist extreme, for example.

      • >implying WT physics haven’t changed since the start of Ground Forces
        They way you are acting right now, I might as well talk about WoT as if I’m still playing alpha

  2. “Bonus” gun depresion when the tank stops. It is a good thing that the gun barrel is not solid. Otherwise there would have been a lot of damaged guns after a panic stop with the gun at minimum depresion.

    • This is nothing new, it already works. I was even called a cheater when shot an enemy after sudden stop. But maybe now it will be more predictable and changing with speed, direction etc. Now it’s somehow simplified.

    • Imagine if truly realistic physics were in-game. S35 AC and Porsche Tiger would tip over before every match.

  3. When the test starts, imma grab my ELC and put 105 gas+Coffee+BiA+100%off-road driving on it.

    This is going to be fun.

  4. The T-54 movements look fantastic! This is how it should be! I would love to see inertia effects in the final release, too – that would make the tanks feel so much more realistic! Best improvement in a long time!

  5. Ah, that first video is something I’ve been waiting for a very long time (because Panzer Elite in 1999 already knew this). Great job, I can’t wait!

    • Good lord, so i’m not the only one who remembers that game. Too bad it runs WAY to fast on my machine. Gonna have to look for some frame limiter, cause i remember the Dessert mod campaigns were awesome.

  6. I wonder how tanks are going to do the peek a boo around corners if your tracks lose traction with sudden change of directions. From the looks of things you might just spin out on the spot for an extra few seconds making it easier for you to get shot.

    • So it seems you will have to find out another way… Change is life..I think with a little bit more polish this can be really nice feature in a long time..

    • Use 1st Gear Cruise Control to go out, fire, manually drive back into cover in reverse. 1st Gear CC on most tanks is slow enough that there shouldn’t be too much skidding.

  7. “- the tank mass can now be “felt” more”

    The videos suggest otherwise

    Oh well, I guess as long as it wont be retarded-press-turn-drift-fuckfest-oppa-WT style it should be fine

  8. ” when braking sharply, you will get a “bonus” to gun depression due to the way the suspension interacts with the hull (the entire vehicle will shift forwards)”

    This is a valid tactic in WT and now we will be able to use it in WoT too, nice.

    Can’t wait for Test !

  9. this will change the game completely… i think its gonna be more fun drive the tanks.. and master the tanks again with different driving style…

  10. inb4 videos with people re-enacting the GuP fight, when the Pz IV powerslided to the rear armor of the Tiger…

  11. For those who think WT tanks handling is realistic…. i feel sorry for you.
    Other than that, this new wot physics are looking pretty nice. Nice combination of realism and simplified crap.
    I dont even want to see the simplified version…

  12. I dont care much for graphics and visual stuff, I play with almost all special effects and fancy stuff turned on, because it interferes with my gameplay, but….I gotta say I really like this, it looks like real tanks moving. Nice !

    • They’re also going out of their way to show it. In practicality it probably won’t have as much effect other than the vehicle staying leveler over rough ground, and depending on how quickly you get used to it, possibly being used to quickly snap to a target.

  13. Making tanks much more agile is another IS7 and other Rus tanks buff.

    The IS7 armor is absolutely amazing in hull down with no weakspots anymore and for this had “Stuck in the mud” turning, which will now be much of a lessened negative.

    Literally almost every “Change” has always helped the Rus tanks. Accuracy buff from old system gave 66% chance to hit circle NO MATTER WHAT and not much has changed. This means bloom meant much less.

    Then they made normalization from beta from -8/-6 to now 3ish. SO this made angled tanks like T54 and IS7 much stronger. Then of course the RU meds hovercraft death lasers.

    Literally the only thing the US tanks had on RU ones was mobility [not top speed] and after this, it seems like you can negate that slow turn very easy in any tank.

    Also HD models ave made tanks like the M103 way weaker, and in general Nato= Weaker where as the IS7 went from 400mm+ protection and 1 weakspot on the turret to 450mm+ and no weakspot.

  14. Now, I must say, THIS might make me come back to the game… At the cost of becoming more racist than ever.

  15. So I guess w/ these suspension changes, tanks will get around maps faster than before in certain areas, which of course will result in the need to re-balance maps again…

    • Physics are LAGGY.(broken)
      100mbs internet…… automatic driving straight line – flat ground

      tank drops 10mph for 1 second……. again……… again……….

      gg wg… gg.