Straight Outta Supertest: 9.7 HD Models

Hello everyone,

a couple of pictures of HD models from the supertest. Let’s hope there are more where these came from, because like 5 HD tanks per patch… that sucks. Also, most of these models are fucked, they’ll prolly fix that before 9.7 comes to public test.

E-100 (notice the lowres mantlet)








IS-4 (red due to missing texture)



Jpz E-100 (yes, it’s missing its gun)





31 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: 9.7 HD Models

      • xD

        I just do not understand why they reworked that ”door” on the rear.. I mean it was a weak spot but thats the way it is.. those doors are just there.. they should not hide them.. Its just a part of that vehicle.. Its like hiding other weakspots…
        Do not understand..

      • It will, it’s the new “0cm Pak L/0″ which will come together with the HD model.
        0mm pen
        0 dmg
        0.0 acc
        0s reload
        0s aiming time

      • Yes that ELC is awesome! I would drive it more once it’ll come.
        (more than 1600 battles 3 marks on gun) :-D

        • You will drive a certain tank more just because it gets HD model that you wont even pay attention at during the battle ?


  1. So again only a few tank get HD remake.
    Can’t wait for this usual statement: ” But there will be much more HD tanks in patch 9.8″ like they said it before 9.7 patch and before 9.6 ect. ect.

  2. E-100 – the fact that the upper UFP was thinner, ok, but was it so visible? Seems like 2 separate pieces. The british photos of the real hull, while being low res, don’t seem to show it ( and I don’t like it that much D: )

  3. Would be nice if they would buff a bit the f.up roof of IS4.. not gonna happen, but let me dream at least.

    from the other hand, my little ELC got a whole new HD troll version, good. That is good. I like.

  4. Dayum… That gun on E-100 looks really meaty now. Is it just me or is it thicker but shorter than before? Also, gotta love that muzzle brake.