Straight Outta Supertest: Renault G1

Hello everyone,

this is the last of the 9.7 French regular vehicles, the tier 5 Renault G1, also known as “G1R”.



“The development of the G.1 tank started in 1935 and continued until 1940. In its tactical and technical characteristics, the developed tank was close to the Soviet T-34, however it was a more complicated design. Many ideas, used in the G1, were implemented only many years later. Amongst the entire bunch of pre-projects, presented in the competition, the one to be chosen in the end was the Renault G1R project. The vehicle had an individual torsion bar suspension and original weapon mounting. In 1940 a mock-up was made, however due to the military defeat of France, the work on it was stopped.”

Characteristics (100 percent crew, elite configuration):

Tier: 5 MT
Hitpoints: 460
Engine: 450 hp
Weight: 34,74 tons
Power-to-weight: 12,95 hp/t
Maximum speed: 40/12 km/h
Hull traverse: 30 deg/s
Turret traverse: 26 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,301
Viewrange: 350
Radio range: 740,4

Hull armor: 60/60/?
Turret armor: 60/60/?

Elite gun: 105mm Mle.1934 (derp)
Damage: 410/350
Penetration: 53/104
ROF: 7,821
DPM: 3206,8 (HE round)
Reload: 7,671
Accuracy: 0,53
Aimtime: 2,5s
Depression: -8/+15

Stock gun: 75mm SA32 (74/91,4/38 PEN, 110/110/175 DAM)
Middle gun: 75mm SA44 (100/129/38 PEN, 110/110/175 DAM)

More pictures:



Stock turret pictures:




Stock armor:


Elite armor:





72 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Renault G1

  1. I wonder if the 75mm would have a competitive amount of DPM… Would like to use it as a “standard” medium.

    • This.

      The gun selection on this tank is very underwhelming. Either you have a 75 mm gun a Tier V medium would be ashamed of or the derp gun, that is common on Tier IV TDs or some Tier V mediums.

      While I quite like the looks of this machine it will be utterly useless even fighting Tier V heavy tanks – try to imagine facing Tier VII heavies (which the BDR in fact is not that bad for when played carefully and while having some support for distraction).

      Not happy. :-(

    • But in this case it will be BDR G1B who will be needless; because of its size, lack of armor (weaker side armor 40mm), and less maneuverability.

      • Agreed, this having the 90mm would make it completely outclass the BDR. That said, every single tier 5 medium tank seems to have either a 75mm, 105mm, or a 57mm…

        • Sorry, if I continue to compare it to other nations heavies, but the mobility is truly heavylike.

          With the given stats it definitely would need some adjustments when getting the 90 mm gun. But as it stands it will be laughable. Why should anyone try to get this?

          The armor is just about on par with the BDR, the Churchill or the VK 30.01 (H) – while they get really punchy/accurate guns.

          This tank has to get close to the enemy, while not being very mobile, nor armored, nor having a gun that can damage other heavies easily. Even the HEAT pen is the lowest of all derp guns in the game.

          I really hope, they change their mind on this one…

          • It will get medium weight matchmaking, though. So it will have that going for it.

            Mediums no matter how slow generally are forced to have either weaker guns or lower dpm just because of their medium status until passing tier 8.

            • While this is undeniably true it is not much of a redeeming feature – especially since the reduced matchmaking weight of mediums is compensated by their reduced HP compared to same Tier heavies.

              Even if you compare this tank to the other Tier V medium tanks with derp guns, the M 4 and the Pz. IV it doesn´t shine in one single relevant category.

              Sure it is far too early to get overly pissed about bad stats since it is supertest leak material and propably is going to get a few buffs but it makes me wonder what WG thinks when introducing new material so obviously UP compared to the competition…

          • The HEAT penetration on the 105mm “derp” gun is 3mm more than on M4 shermans derp gun and the same that is on the Pz IV nad Sherman III. So, it’s totally comparable to them.

            I really really like how this tank looks, will try it out atleast. Maybe it will become a low tier “stress relief” tank for me along the KV-1S with that derp. :) The mobility is really disappointing though. Definitely will give this one a try still.

  2. It looks better with stock turret imo.
    Seems like Frenchy version of Sherman. Lets hope in final iteration they will add something similar to 75mm L40 or 76mm M1.

    • in fact the 75mm SA44 is very similar to the 76mm M1. (and the 75mm L/32 has the same power than the Sherman/Lee/Chaffee 75mm)

      WG nerf many french gun to add many unhistorical weapon on our tanks for the following reason: “balance” …

      • 75mm L/32 is identical to 75mm M2, and worse then 75mm M3.
        75mm SA44 fired at lower velocity compared to 76mm M1.

  3. Stock turret looks better than the elite turret, but I assume you need the turret for the elite gun. Reasonable good mobility and good armour too.

  4. Is it just me, or does it have the AMX 40 duck head turret stock? LOL

    Should be…interesting.

  5. If the middle gun’s accuracy and rof are ok, and if you can fit the middle gun on the stock turret, then I might play it that way. 100 pen and 110 dmg aren’t too bad at tier 5, and the big flat boxy top turret with 60mm of armour will get penetrated by EVERYTHING.

    • Apparently we have a certain somebody at WG EU to blame for not wanting to go get archive data.

  6. So, now we will have 4 Tier5 derp medium tanks (2 Shermans, Pz.4 and G1). But this one looks slower and not very well armored. And DPM on Pz.4 is even better. So, where’s the catch? :)

    • No catch needed here, it’s tier 5 machine after all. People just grind through it or free XP. This is not an iconic tank of WWII, this tier is not useful in organized gaming and any skilled/experienced player on tier like that is actually bad for vast majority of new players. Also stats are likely still tuned one way or another. Tier 5 is not very well balanced anyway but at least WG has managed to avoid power creep there very well.

      • “People just grind through it or free XP.”

        Yes, because of course nobody plays mid tiers to make money.

        Oh wait.

        • Aside from grinding credits, it will be even more useful for training crews for French high tier medium tanks. Especially for players who don’t want to spend money on AMX CDC.

            • I have news for you, regular tanks can be used to train crews as well. You can use this tank to get Sixth sense on the commander and other skills on the rest of the crew, then get a little bit of surplus xp and then move the crew straight to tier 9. Bam, tier 9 MT 100% crew with the first secondary skill without spending any gold.

              • Of course regular tanks can be used to train crews, I think most people know this when going up a line. No reason to hire new crew unless previous tank is one you want to keep. However, you can make some XP on tier 5 here and then retrain the crew to Lorraine 40 t or the upcoming tier 9 med, if that’s what you mean. You lose 90% of your crew XP with credit transfer. I use this feature every week. Still that tier 5 will not make you XP very well.

                • It’s a tier 5 tanks so it can be elited quickly. Then you can use accelerated crew training. If you play your daily doubles with it and don’t powergrind to Lorraine, you can have the crew trained before you research the Lorraine. The loss of 10 % crew xp is why I mentioned grinding a little bit of surplus xp after getting 100% secondary skill.

        • I have found tier 8 being the most profitable, especially premiums. And if you like seal clubbing down there you could do it in one of those OP tanks like KV-1, KV-1S, T67, BDR or Somua bathtub.

  7. Elite gun: 105mm Mle.1934 (derp)

    is this gun an artillery gun? IIRC the tier 5 french arty’s stock gun?

  8. generally i really like 105mm derp guns at tier 5 because i love it on the pz 4h but this will be different from the others because it seems like its gonna be much slower but if it will likely need a better reload speed to compensate fro that slow speed so this has the potential to be fun.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a double pin design.
      Maybe using track-links from small tanks, and using two of them to get acceptable track-width.
      It would be less of a strain on the factories than to create whole new track-links just for that one tank.

      Either than, or the engineers just did it for the lulz.

  9. I wonder if it’ll share the turrets with the other tanks that have them.
    Like if you research the G1R will have the elite turret researched for the AMX-40 and if you research the elite turret you’ll have it researched on the G1B aswell (or vice-versa). Because they have the exact same turret.

  10. This looks a bit shit. The 105mm could be fun, but the tank just seems shittier than the PzIV and M4, overall. I can’t see why anyone would use the G1R over those two other derps.

    • overall better protection against other derp guns at that tier.

      keep in mind, the others only have a measly 30mm side armor at that tier. this has 60mm all around, with massive spaced armor.

    • why would you skip the S35? not only is it iconic, but it is mostly better than the current premium one in every way, besides gun handling

    • The only reason why they would skip it would probably be due to not having a tier 6, 7 and 8 to grind out. On the other hand it allows one to bypass the AMX 40 (contender for worst tier 4 tank in the game due to MASSIVE power creep at the low-mid tiers) and the ELC AMX (fun tank, but it’s not for everyone).

      That being said I’ve thought of a tier 7 and 8 for the line. The only problem is lack of a tier 6.

  11. and another useless french tank…

    compared to pz IV (in brackets) its worse in every single aspect

    Tier: 5 MT
    Hitpoints: 460 (480)
    Engine: 450 hp (440)
    Weight: 34,74 tons (25.7)
    Power-to-weight: 12,95 hp/t (17.1)
    Maximum speed: 40/12 km/h (40/18)
    Hull traverse: 30 deg/s (32)
    Turret traverse: 26 deg/s (46)
    Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,301 (0.96/1.055/2.3)
    Viewrange: 350 (350)
    Radio range: 740,4 (740.4)

    Hull armor: 60/60/? (80/30+5/20)
    Turret armor: 60/60/? (50/30+10/30+10)

    Elite gun: 105mm Mle.1934 (derp)
    Damage: 410/350 (410/350)
    Penetration: 53/104 (53/104)
    ROF: 7,821 (7.821)
    DPM: 3206,8 (HE round) (3206.8)
    Reload: 7,671 (7.671)
    Accuracy: 0,53 (0.53)
    Aimtime: 2,5s (2.2)
    Depression: -8/+15 (-10/+20)

    so… slightly etter side armor which doesnt matter anyway, since even 60 is bad, much slower and much less mobile with a bit worse gun… classical WG fucking up every single french tank

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  13. This tank does suck, it’s inferior in both mobility and armor to both M4 Sherman and Pz IV, while having the same gun. Wouldn’t play this crap, unless I had to grind through it – which isn’t gonna happen any time soon.

  14. Happy it made it into the game finally..

    Sad it was added as a regular and not a mid-tier premium…

    WG had one job… a medium premium… and they had this model around for what, 2 years? Instead they took a TD (CDC) and made it the medium premium to offer up a tier 8.

    Oh well… they’re in there, that’s something I suppose.