T34 Marathon on RU Server

Hello everyone,

just to inform you on what’s probably coming to EU as well: Russian server has a marathon again – do 150k damage on tier 6-10 vehicle of each nation (eg. 7×150.000=1.050.000 damage) AND you have to destroy 150 tanks as well, as a reward, you’ll get a T34 tier 8 premium.

For each separate nation completed, you will also get 3 days of premium.

And of course, you can again buy the “tickets” for each nation in the premium shop. Looks like that was pretty successful last time with WZ-111.

But that’s not all: another new mechanism is being introduced – destroy 2 enemy tanks and damage 3 more in battle, do that 25 times and you will get a premium tank… for four days (after that, it gets taken away).

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    • How much of them do you plan to buy?
      Because instead you should buy the T34 right away (when it is on sale) – you get the tank instantly and spare yourself the painful grind too… :)

        • 150k damage and 150 kills for each nation is hard.
          The average player will need roughly 1100 battles to obtain this goal. In other words it will take at least 100 h of playing the game.
          Even unicums will have to spend at least 50 – 60 hours.

          Some people (most people) won’t have the time or the patience to spend 2 hours (or even more) each day to grind this tank.

          • I have a better idea : play for fun, rather than playing for a “free” tank that makes you commit hours every single day to grinding.

            Enjoy tanks, and if you want a few tierX, gift yourself a little tier8 premium for Christmas. The second you see a game as a chore is the second you forget that it’s made to entertain you.

          • not really took me 10 days to get the WZ111 not playing hardcore of course, about 100k damage /100 kills/ 5/6 hours per day in vacations.

          • You have wrong numbers man, just saying.

            I do not consider myself unicum, yet I managed to complete WZ-111 mission without much effort and force-playing.

            Like someone already said, it’s about preferences I guess. Some people (most people) just enjoy doing damage and killing tanks.

      • I think of it differently.

        I enjoy coffee, snacks, and tanking already. This mission is only going to get my clannies to come out in larger numbers. Tack on the progress I’ll make in all trees and honestly, I just view it like any other special event in this game. Something to have fun doing and an objective that’ll net me gold.

        I’ll probably spend about $10-$20 total on drinks and snacks (I tend to reserve the cokes and cheese-its for Saturdays), but really, it’s not about the money savings. It’s about having fun.

        • I see your point, fair enough for me. ;) I think it’s really about personal preference. I see playing this much as a grind, since I don’t play that much and I probably wouldn’t enjoy this much tanking. Drinking coffee and energy drinks to keep you awake for playing makes me think that the player doesn’t really enjoy the process since he has to make himself awake through artificial means. But again, it’s personal preference…

          • Oh no, I don’t drink energy drinks just to stay up. I’m a bit too old to stay up until the wee hours of the morning just to grind. It’s zero coke and Doritos for me.

  1. well, that new mechanism sounds interesting! with the rental premium tank, I’m in!

    Also destroying 150 tanks is BULLSHIT! its way to high, this is only for hard core players that play 24/7

    • if you found a tank you really like driving at each nation at around tier 6 or 7 then the kills can come really fast like the cromwell for the uk because you can go around like a little rocket kill securing everything then have a a few tier 8s or a tier 9 or 10 for the damage. i wont be doing this again though because i did the wz 111 mission and swore i wouldnt even attempt that again besides screw the japenese tanks.

    • Totally agree,
      it used to be, get 100k xp per nation {anyone remember the is6 mission} this kill a silly amount tanks as well is just silly!
      Fair enough on a tank like the wz-111 which you cant buy, but why change how they’ve always done it, unless they are going to remove the t34.

    • OH NOES! Another guy not willing to do sh*t in order to save the 50 bucks for the T34. WG is a company purposed to generate revenue. This aint Wellfare, you aint getting no foodstamps from SerB…

    • Again, mission request that contradicts the game principles, kills are not important in WOT, damage is.

      People will throw games left and right only to snatch more kills.

      Why would they do it? F*cking up the gameplay only to get money.

      • A bit of a nonsense statement, kills are important in wot, more so than damage. An enemy on 1 hp can still put out just as much dpm, damage whoring is more destructive to gameplay than kill whoring is.

        • …well, its still open i think (because WG EU, u know…), so lets see what will happen, maybe there will be something else for us..(e.g. amazing T23E3 for 200k xp/200 kills :))

  2. Yes please let it come to EU too
    Perfect mision for nolifer like me ;D
    (I playing 100 battles/day)

  3. I used Google Translate to check that mission description and it says you have to do “150 000 units of damage” not experience. Could you please confirm that?

    • LOL yeah this is what I was thinking too. And I’ll even grind up a few tanks while I’m at it. I started the WZ-111 marathon with no Chinese or Japanese tanks at all, only up to Tier 3 on UK and Tier 6 on the French.

    • Wouldn’t want to play Murricans ever, much less so to get some crappy Murrican tonk. I’ll take my 3 free days of premium though.

  4. Hopefully we will get something similar in NA, though we already had a T34 mission, so perhaps something else.

  5. This really sound awesome! But how come that this haven’t appeared on EU portal yet? Won’t we get it? :(

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