An information was leaked on RU sites that 9.7 common test should start tomorrow. Tried to verify it – supertest was planned for tomorrow, but the Russian staff is saying that the test will start “soon”, so who knows? Will try to confirm that.

- according to the Insider, the T-34/85 “Rudy” was never intended for the Polish branch in World of Tanks, but as a Soviet vehicle, “Fury” style. Its current estimated price is cca 24 USD
- according to WG RU developers, T-34/85 “Rudy” and Cromwell Berlin are premiums “in a sense” (SS: what this means is that while Rudy will be sold almost certainly the way Fury was, the Berlin tanks will likely not)
- Q: “Will T-34/85 Rudy come with a dog?” A: “Time will tell :)” (SS: yes, the Szaryk will be actually a crewmember apparently and no, he won’t get special perks)
- more details on this batch of premiums will be published later
- Krupp-Steyr WT is NOT the WT E-100 replacement (SS: duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
- AMX-30 will come in 9.7
- AMX-30 Prototype has 4 crewmembers
- HD Super Pershing model will be reworked, it will most likely not appear in 9.7

And meanwhile in Strongholds… presenting the airstrike consumable. That looks balanced.

98 thoughts on “4.3.2015

  1. Counter arty by making every clan squad leader stronk clicker!

    Airstrike counter camping! Everyone must drive lights and fast mediums in fear of rain of death striking down from the sky! Autoloader light medium tank rush greatest and most viable of all tactics! No more sittin still camp in bush only ride up to enemies and shoot them before airstrike! Otherwise lose decisively.

  2. A single clicker I can tolerate, but that shit… Looks like I won’t be playing strongholds

    • They managed to introduce more arty bs without actually introducing arty. SHs were fun.

    • You need resources to get it, so this most likely won’t ve used outside “Battles” and occasional ‘for shits und giggles’. I’ll have to check the cost to be certain.

      • Ever played SH vs. mongoloid kemp base teams?
        That feature was overdue for a long time.

  3. Definitely buying Rudy. Kind of sad I couldn’t jump on Fury, but I’ll take Rudy. I have an active Russian med crew anyway and I don’t play US meds much these days.

  4. That artillery strike looks great – at least it forces ppl to not ….. how starcraft put it… “protoss deathball”? (aka lemming)

    Spreading is encouraged :)

  5. “Krupp-Steyr isnt the replacement of WT E-100″

    O rly ?
    29mm front armor, 8.8cm gun (Tiger I’s one), not to be tier X ?
    Wow, much surprise, very disapoint, such no logic.

  6. I can’t believe that they made it like a arty aim circle (facepalm)
    they should do something diferent to get a larger area, with good amount of dmg, maybe much more, but covering a very large area, and it should remove campers of a hidden area, not this thing to dmg a concentrade area, this thing don’t remove any camper, it’s just another arty shooting.

    • Look better, that’s an arty watching. There are 2 crosshairs: the one of the airstrike (square) and the one of the artillery raid (circle)

      • But they did use both. There is that rectangular airstrike reticle, circular SH-arty reticle and THEN the standard arty reticle.

        • Yeah, watched it again and realized both are there. In that case I am quite sure it will be changed eventually, remember WG saying it will be a single thing out of the group (minefields vs turrets, airstrike vs artystrike, recon vs something else)

      • The cost of an airstrike is such that it really isn’t worth using except on high-value targets. Three fights per raid, something like 600 boxes *per strike*… You’d better make sure you’re getting 4+K boxes from that raid.

  7. WTF is WG thinking putting more broken arty consumables into the game…Yeh sure it is available to both teams but are you serious with me, that is just freaking stupid to be able to put out that kind of dmg with a arty strike, that the other team has no way of predicting or avoiding!! I am so freaking frustrated with WG! How stupid are they, don’t they realize arty is the absolute worse mechanic in this game, and yet they add more cancer into strongholds REALLY! And no matter how many players try to point out that arty is broken and needs rebalanced, they turn a blind eye to it. Players that are very good keep slowly quitting because of the unfair focus they get from arty because of their stats, and after all the frustration we have had with arty what does WG do? They introduce PM which increased the amount of arty being played dramatically. I have seen games since PM’s with 4 to 5 arty WAY to often. PLZ WG rebalance arty! I mean fuck you could just put a freaking 2 arty cap per side in for arty. It would be that fucking easy, and would be a step in the right direction. So I am wasting my time righting this, knowing no one important will ever see it, and that my opinion and the opinion of so many other players means nothing. Thanks for your great customer satisfaction WG. I have no faith in you doing anything with arty. So continue on doing what you are doing, and allow your skilled player base to stay frustrated!

    • The ultra-skilled playerbase is only a tiny percentage of the total playerbase. Catering to them is nonsensical at best.

      As for the consumable demonstrated in the Gif… ever hear of TESTING? They do this to BALANCE things before releasing them.

      • I don’t think you have to be ultra skilled to hate things like airstrikes and arty..i do think however that the vast majority of the skilled players do hate it.

  8. the airstirikes or so are just a little OP there could be sound to make them know that airstrike will fall upn them in 5 secs it would be enfoe time to get away or fail totally

    • They have delay of 5s and about 2s before the hit you can hear approaching planes, that’s all you get.

      I think players will get accustomed to it quickly, it’s mostly surprise from T10 consumables now.

  9. Just wait for the surprise about minefields (Oh, my tank is one hit KOed after forgetting the tank bottom is usually pretty weak) and recon planes combined with few arties. There are going to be LOTS of new strategies, which is great.

    • I sure hope so, but i fear some maps may be not balanced for this :/

      Especially on Mines (like in the gif)

    • Mines usually disabled tanks, not actually blow them to bits. If the mines are like that though, we ought to be able to put zimmerit on German tanks (on the bottom anyway).

    • HAHAHAHA!!! Do you think WG has the competency to implement all that shit? I want what you’re smoking. IF and that’s a really big IF they implement minefields, recon planes, SAM’s, and whatever else you are imagining it will be from a different developer that knows how to actually code and not brake shit.

    • It’s not great. As there are more and more consumables the actual tank vs tank aspect gets less important – which is the reason people play this game in the first place.

      If I want to drop airstrikes and whatnot I would play CoH. Devaluating players to a hp pool that will be drained by noobish point and click consumables is idiotic and not fun. It also obviously caters retards, but we already got used to that.

      Also these new consumables just invalidate capping as a sound strategy. Which is extremely funny as a few maps (himmelsdork comes to my mind) basically can be won only by capping against a not pants down retarded enemy.

  10. How long is the delay for Airstrike activation and when airstrike actually hits? Would be nice if there’s a smoke signal where the airstrike will be happened but of course enemies won’t be sure in what angle the airstrike gonna be.

  11. what about this: airstrike consumeable like thr henschel airstrike on company of heroes 1.
    Mark a designated area and every tank in it will be shot with a bit of delay to simulate an airplane that spots that tank that just appeared in that area and then engages.

  12. You stopped writing what missions and events will be in the upcoming month? Why?

    • After the one “leak” that was misleading on purpose and SS (rightly so) not wanting to take the blame for others.

  13. airstrike.
    it fucked strongholds.

    would rather play WTGF and at least have a chance to shoot the plane/bomber down with my tank’s cannon/MGs instead of more fucking artillery.

    • thats not just airstrike
      airstrike hits those tanks first and it isnt powerfull but it blows their track and then artillerity hits

      still WG’s bullshit is only for strongholds your bullshit bomber and artillerity ability is for almost every battle

  14. Oh my, Szarik as actual cremember! I was secretly hoping this to be done, but didn’t expect it to actually happen!
    Got a big smile on my face now! :)

  15. Totally balanced in accordance with RL. Unprotected armor has always suffered terribly vs. Airpower. Good examples gulf war 1 and what happened to the Egyptians in the second half of the Yom Kippur War.

    Need SAM consumable to balance the airstrike.

    • “Unprotected armor”, because tanks are classified as “unprotected armor”.

    • They add idiocy so you want to balance idiocy with more idiocy.

      If we left you in charge, after 3 patches both teams would be playing Missile Command.

  16. In the gif air-strike, artilery bombardment and actual shot of the artilery (looks like some huge caliber, juging by the map it has to be Brit tier 10 arty) all used at the same time.

  17. The Gif can’t be taken seriously. For one: Airstrike and arty strike are shown at once. For two: it’s sped up multiple times. The damage wouldn’t have been so intense and the players could have left the circle.

    Anyway, it’s hard to balance things instantly…

    • airstrike was sent 1st.. the big box.. and then the arty after thats why you see the is 7 on the bottem stop before that poor e50m is sent to tank heaven trying to escape

  18. Hope some one read this! (Silent Stalker)
    That airstrike/Artillery was from a forum post on SEA server
    And that was both Lvl 10 airstrike/Artillery
    And it was at the same time apparently so
    That is both the Lvl 10 Airstrike and the Lvl 10 Artillery at the same time.
    Might need balancing but you have to know thats both of em not just 1.
    http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/52379-here-is-a-tier-10-artillery-and-airstrike-from-sh-battle/ ” Thats your link

    • They habe just to seppetate those OM cooldowns vor 1 per battle.

      So its not 1hit kill.

  19. Just got word. It’s airstrike and artillery strike combined both at tier 10

  20. Hello, SilentStalker:

    About this image of “Air “Attack”…

    can be an arty attack?

    The icon is for An air strike, but… that attack come Too fast… I’m not sure, but I Think taht is an arty barrrage in the same place the air attack is planned

    • As far as I saw, it was an arty AND an air strike used at the same time, thus giving a totaly devastating sweep of that area, plus the commander siting in an arty probably let a shot fly into the crowd aswell, and all these probably hurt a lot :D