106 thoughts on “A Different Take On Hall of Shame

  1. SS…Be honest..Do you have a crush on…the girl?;)
    Edit: Rita..sry..Forgot her name
    Editx2: Wink Wink ;)

    • Maybe he has, and if it’s mutual… ‘grats :)
      Still, a bit more on topic: was nice as an experiment, but please spare us next time; screencaps/text are more than enough and frankly, more relevant.

    • LMAO, she is pretty!!! But I love watching Eastern Europeans trying to curse at other players and talk trash in Western style and watching them F it up royally….. Rita, you need to drop some of the words your reading as your gettin confused as to how the word is pronounced based of the first letter. These chowder heads are typin fast and making grammatical errors. But keep on trucking girl. Good to see more female gamers!!!!

  2. Don’t see any problem to call skycancer as whore , trash , garbage . I my self all time do it .

    • “Don’t see any problem to call skycancer as whore , trash , garbage . I my self all time do it .”


    • wooh, what a nice person we have here, insulting someone is never nice, while I sometimes say things, like: fucking arty, still, nice shot. Is more vulgar but at least not an insult

    • The reason you don’t see problem is because you are a part of the problem.
      Also there is the real possibility that a lot of arty players are more successful and more important people than you. Best to think twice before posting shit.

        • If you’re going to be so judgmental about somebody on the internet, wouldn’t it be better if you judged something that could actually lead you to their personality or something? Perhaps something like how that person refers to other people who play a different strategy to that person in a game? That could show signs of (possible) IRL idiocy. Wait a minute… Oh right you do that stuff.

          It’s best not to judge people you don’t know.

          • People . xD skycancer players are not humans in first place . Monekys or trash or whatever you want to call them lol . So you can take your arguments, stick them in your ars and go play tetris . Same goes with LaptopLarry .

              • In practice, most of SPG players I have seen are better replaced by bots.

                Probably work better, at least bots can be programmed to target engine deck of tanks.

                • But it’s true though, and my insults don’t even come remotely close to how insulting it is to get shat on by those utter assholes playing skycancer, not to mention their constant trolling and tormenting they do after you’re dead.

                • @Flaksmith “my insults don’t even come remotely close to how insulting it is to get shat on by those utter assholes playing skycancer”

                  I don’t know if I shall laugh or cry. That statement just proves that you blame arty players for your own attitude.

            • So basically “skycancer” players are something like bots? But I’ve played arty a few times (Grille and FV304). I’m not human? Crap, it’s a WoT existentialist crises!

              • Most WoT players have played arty, so in other words according to some of the posters here most WoT players aren’t human, probably including themselves.

          • “wouldn’t it be better if you judged something that could actually lead you to their personality or something?”

            All artyfags are game griefing cunts. The fact that they ENJOY “harvesting tears” for fun is a testament to their true character in real life.


            • I don’t enjoy “harvesting tears” when I play SPG’s… A lot of SPG players don’t even care about this tear harvesting you speak about. I play arty on the occasion because I feel like it. Nothing more, nothing less. I rarely play WoT anyway.
              Not to mention, I don’t see any problem with people enjoying this “harvesting tears”. Is it not funny to see people rage as though a family member died at something so insignificant as being hit by arty? The fact that people take such a thing so seriously shows something much more disturbing.

              • I like to think of it as two troll groups, the haters and the troll arty players, insulting and provoking each other onto infinity. Not to mention certain people like to be so biassed it’s not even worth arguing with them as the info just goes through one ear and out the other.

            • Take the hit – shake it off – go to garage, start the next battle.

              It’s simple as that.

              Maybe you want us to believe it’s happening all the time to you. Better think about it before embarassing yourself even more …

      • It’s fine, usually the poeple that post about arty bieng trash are those who have an inferior complex, due to the fact that they can’t do anything but dodge arty during the first half of WoT matches.

        • Yes, I’m pretty sure the elite and the creme de la creme of WoT playerbase actually have an inferiority complex… hypocrisy, much?

          The ones with the actual inferiority complex are the ones grieving others in their e-bola dispensers – because they will never be as good as the Unicum in the MT/LT they’re shooting after, might as well use a broken game mechanic to ruin his play – all the while being in perfect safety.

          Seriously, I never thought one needed an actual detailed thought process to realize why arty in WoT is a very toxic gameplay element, I thought it was obvious to anyone capable of giving it more than 2 seconds of thought.

          • Most people don’t play arty to grieve unicums. Hell, those are so rare it’s not even worth the effort of loading a battle. No, people play artillery for fun, what a surprise.

            Only toxic elements in WoT are players who feel the need to talk trash and insult people because god knows what issues they have. I don’t care if it’s superiority, inferiority or some trauma they suffered in pre-school or whatever, they’re assholes and the only reason they get away with it is because internet anonimity protects them.

            • Funny, and here I thought that toxic elements in WoT are shitlord players with atrocious stats because they’re so fucking stupid that they believed they’re entitled in playing the game however the hell they please.

              Like taking their top tier Maus on the mid on Lakeville.

              Idiots deserve to be bad-mouthed, slandered, shat on and shunned away in every self-respecting social circle. Idiots are not to be encouraged.

          • And i’m pretty sure most unicums would’ve dealt with their issues to get better at tanks. Also what’s up with all the trash talking against better players? jelousy? entertainment? i don’t understand.

    • :|
      “convo” isn’t a word and your ellipses is too long.
      And rather than “naughty words” it would be more appropriate to say “derogatory language”.
      Grammar nazi’d your flirt/joke.

  3. may be forget this shit and take care more about warpackers and cheaters

  4. This reminds me a lot on this:
    german youtuber which made a joke video (comparing BF3 and Minecraft) and received some of the dumbest comments there are… (great fun to watch)
    or my own 3 …
    about how to deal with “nice people” in a “nice way” :)

  5. Rita u pronounce things bad…im assuming that English isn’t ur 1st language but still…neither is mine

    • Reading it and Speaking it are two different things.

      My guess is that she understands them all 100% tho… Sometimes you just need to speak it for years to get the soundings out. On top of that, English is so bastardised that many things aren’t said according to English rules.

      I once had my English teacher, in the USA, tell me that Americans created English.

      • I once had my English teacher, in the USA, tell me that Americans created English.

        And that kids, is the American education system… Lol

        Though to be fair the UK education system is just as bad, if not worse

      • With all honesty, SirFoch has a better spoken English than Rita. And that says a lot.

  6. Sorry Rita. I dont watch you on stream. No good reason, Just dont like it. But, I vote for a weekly episode! Really funny stuff.

  7. I have to say, her Spanish is quite strong, but again, its a thing portuguese-speaking people get. Also, I laughed when she started making the beep noises.. I don’t even know why that made me laugh.

    • I don’t know, maybe there was another embedded video when you watched and commented; if not, one can safely say that you need to get a girl IRL (or another one, if you already have a GF).
      The video was mildly boring, to put it nicely. Come back to the screencaps/text, please; let this be an experiment (and very nice that SS tries something different), but make no mistake: still a failed test.

      • I have a girlfriend and I still think it was a funny video.

        I just don’t understand, it’s okay that you found it boring, noone cares, but why do you have to go butthurt about the fact that others might have different opinion?

  8. Looks like everybody is seeing a girl on screen and the world goes nuts. People, google for some free pr0n sites, seems like you need it!
    - long video of what could be a text+screencaps post, to be read at leisure (and in half the time)
    - truddling along in english as a (very obvious) second language
    - a few hardly amusing jokes, that if told by a guy you would close the youtube page (maybe after a down vote)

    So: need to see more girls on internet videos? Ask her to make some others, with any other subject (wink-wink) but WoT.

    P.S.: and since everybody has the right to like whatever he/she wants, I’m not saying that Rita shouldn’t make similar videos to the one above; all I ask from her (and SS) is to keep the Hall of Shame in the same format as it was. The video replacement is for people that need some… other kind of videos ;)

  9. I would rather read that myself, because listening that weird accend she is making on purpose is more than annoying.

  10. Oh, come on, Barbu! You’re being too critical. It’s not up for an oscar for best comedy, but it is amusing and cute. You are right that everyone sees a girl that likes video games and goes nuts.

    • “You are right that everyone sees a girl that likes video games and goes nuts.”

      beeeeeeeeeeep – wrong!
      only geeks without real life.

  11. but my arty runs solely on tears. I often write on common battle chat that is awesome having a bowl of cereals and playing arty at the same time. Prepubertial rage guaranteed.

  12. Is it me or does she sound a little like GLaDOS the way she tries to say all those harsh insults in monotone, emotion-less voice??

  13. “Son of a piip”

    Hahahahahaha :D Can’t stop laughing about that one :’D

  14. EU rages, best rages

    at least the NA cluster,while it has its own amount of messed up retards, dont cling too much to remember one’s mom, or A concentration camp, or a Polish, or a gypsy

    in fact, most times we get “retard” and “cancer”

    i can live with that alright

  15. Fun one,
    Seams like the ranting players really have a severe lack of imagination and a truly limited target zone of small orifices, a few sicknesses (many to choose from) and close relatives.


  16. Next time, Rita should sit next to a fireplace, drink some hot chocolate from mug and have a cat in her lap :) :) :) Love this, Rita’s so sexy with those glasses!!! Beeping made me burst out aloud :) :) :)

  17. By the looks of these comments here, it’s par for the course in WOT community. :(
    very very sad state of affairs.

  18. I prefer to read hall of shame , takes too long to listen to Rita and her accent isnt exactly brilliant and you cant skim it like the written version. Please bring back written one?

  19. This video is just boring and sad. Nice looking girl crash her tonque with english speaking.
    Not funny at all…

  20. Whilst Rita is really easy on the eyes and her spanish pronounciation is hot as hell, I still like the old way better……