9.7 Vehicle Preview by EiKarrRamba

Hello everyone,

here’s a couple of videos of 9.7 vehicles by EiKarrRamba, German community contributor. There’s no really new info in it and the A45 (“strange Centurion”) model is old, but still, it’s nice to see the vehicles actually moving around.


22 thoughts on “9.7 Vehicle Preview by EiKarrRamba

        • They need to make final adjustments to the gun beforehand. From what I can see, the gun handling looks fantastic, and if they give it the OBUS (g) round, your Leo 1 won’t be laughing very long when the 30B is punching holes in the upper front plate of a Maus.

          Reserve judgement until you actually get to see the tank and play it. That’s gonna make all the difference.

    • step 1. go to WG RU office
      step 2. find SerB
      step 3. get on ur knees
      step 4. suck his nerfing stick
      step 5. enjoy ur new tanks (u whore XD)

  1. Interesting, the red stars are missing from the Rudy on this one. Obviously there was some debate whether or not to leave them on.

  2. Good to see that the SARL 42 is indeed going to be the worst t4 due to having no strong points whatsoever.

    No armor? Check
    No mobility? Check
    No dpm? Check
    Hugh profile? Check

  3. Hmm… AMX-30B looks shit so far.. what will it’s strength Discipline? Weak Armor, mediocre EnginePower and W/Ton ratio – rather low HP, not really overwhelming DPM..

    Looks like it has some Gundepression, ok… but how is it with Softstats for firing on the move?

    • It’s called the OBUS(g) HEAT round.

      They haven’t finished balancing it. They have to do the common test stuff to finalize it. In addition, if he gets that special HEAT round that the French were so well-known for, armor will be utterly irrelevant to this thing’s gun.