Of Bookwriting

Right, so – in my last post, I mentioned writing a book. Well, the bad news is that it’s currently only in Czech – I don’t really feel all that confident about writing in English, would need a lot of proofreading, but if there’s ever a demand, who knows?

I was actually thinking about starting from scratch in English. How hard can it be to hire a native speaker for proofreading, right? Last night I returned from Amsterdam, spent several hours on the airport thinking about it, wrote some notes on what I’d change. I am actually really bad this way – I do this a lot in computer games too, especially RPGs. I start something, get around to one third of the game – and then stop and start over again because I want to do every detail right in case something really hard comes later on.

Anyway, I am digressing again.

Writing a book (in your language) isn’t hard. Hell, it’s easy as long as you have something you like to write about and I enjoy writing about tanks and writing stories. This book (well, the drafted part I have now) has actually both. And pictures, never published previously, I am actually really proud of that. I’ve been on a writing break for a long time, with Armored Warfare consuming pretty much ALL my time, but I’d love to finish the draft until summer.

One thing I decided on however is that it’s going to be a paper book. Sorry, kindlers. I like paper. Publishing the book (in reasonable numbers) isn’t actually that expensive unless you want some fancy stuff (glossy hard covers and all that). So yeah, there’s that.

Should be fun :)

8 thoughts on “Of Bookwriting

  1. Good luck m8!

    I’ll get it when it’s translated to either german, english, french or italian :D
    Or maybe russian if i get far enough with that :D

    So please just get it translated one day – i do not want to learn czech as well :D

  2. Thout I cannot read in the language provided I do still like your honest attitude about writing one. It is, on the other hand, easy to do, but then again what can be expected to be ‘good enough’.

    You are truly remarkable person, on my list, although in kind of questionable ways, but that makes it better. Your previous hobby and current work are just the dreams you can have and enjoy. But you should ask for more eased working pace. Even if you are empassionate, you should not give it your all time, even if it delivers your paycheck. Try not to overdo your working part as you gave your all in the past, and that didn’t go well. I think you’re at more leisure position than before, which truly suits you better. It was pretty crowded here, for minimal compensation.

    Even if you do not return to regular publication, the time I spent enjoying this page while playing, while waiting for changes and after giving up on WoT was well worth it. So if you do as well in your current occupation I cheer for you. You are asset well worth your words and hope the best for the future of yours.

    PS: If you happen to make English version, please remind of it early enough somehow so us irregulars will notice it and can anticipate it on time. :]

  3. As a native English speaker (American), history buff, and a sufferer of OCD; I would be happy to volunteer as a proofreader. :)

  4. A teacher from USA (native speaker) that was teaching at my high school has some experience with proofreading, he also sometimes stays in Slovakia, so I’ll just add that to the list of people who volunteer under this post.

    If need be, just ask.

  5. Hey, SS. Just wanted to say we all miss you. Many great memories were had following your blog. Currently just jamming away in GW2 and looking for another game to throw myself into.

    Keep us posted!