One thought on “Picture of the Day – 22.3.2017

  1. That kind of Bradley never existed, but it is envisioned based on a trials. As we know current (and only) AA system based on a Bradley is M6 Linebacker

    In the 80ˇs and early 90ˇ USA was running FAAD (Forward Area Air Defense) project. Basically they lacked mobile short range air defense for mobile forces. And this was something they really wanted do address.

    Basically there were 4 competitors – Liberty mounted on M113 chassis, Paladin mounted on M109 chassis, ADATS on M2 chassis and Rapier on M113 chassis (almost identical in appearance as British tracked Rapier carrier).

    ADATS on M2 chassis had the same AA turret like current Canadian ADATS system, but on top of that turret it had 25mm autocannon and .50 cal mounted. This firepower really appealed do testers. But missiles were new and untested at early point. Rapier had tested missiles, but being based on M113 chassis it lacked mobility when compared do ADATS.

    This model is probably from the time, when somebody thought that “hey rapier has a tested missiles and M2 has good mobility, why could we not mix those two”. But this never went ahead.

    But anyway, ADATS was chosen, tested and almost adopted and in late 80ˇs already nicknamed “LINEBACKER”

    In the end Cold War ended and so did FAAD project, with-out an adoption. They choose cheaper alternative – the Stinger. First in a form of BSFV (Bradley Singer Fighting Vehicle) what was later worked into M6 Linebacker.

    ADATS on M2 chassis.