Photo of the Day – 21.3.2017

“When you allahuakbar just right…”


I’d say this is an Iraqi Abrams, destroyed by an IED. The destruction level was likely caused by an ammo explosion (the blowout panels are, well, blown out) and one roadwheel was torn from the suspension (that’s where the bomb likely exploded).

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – 21.3.2017

  1. Actually no IED

    This tank was abandoned by her crew during heavy fighting in and around Ramadi at summer 2014.Why she was abandoned is unknown. Anyway it was abandoned intact, there actually is a video and pictures about the same tank, after it was abandoned and before it was destroyed. It was stripped from anything useful by terrorist and burnt for propaganda purpose.

    If you look closely, you can still see that she still has all 7 road wheels.

    This tank before being set on fire.

      • Looking at the way the wheels and tracks are sitting – it just doesn’t look right, almost as if its a picture of a tank in the process of stopping from speed (especially in the pre-fire pic). Maybe it was abandoned due to a transmission failure.

        • The picture I posted is a still image from a video. The tank has been stationary for a while, you can see that machine guns from the top of the turret have already been removed.