Sometimes I wish I was writing FTR about WoT still. AW has done weird shit too, but I’d have a fucking field day with this…

Personally, I think it was not a company decision but an action of some retard in charge of WG Youtube going all salty about SirFoch.

Fun stuff :)

3 thoughts on “LOL WG Y U DO DIS

  1. well, he could have said it in a proper way instead of using the words he did, usually people say that those who rage first are the ones that lost the reason in a argument but I still think WG could have handled it better, maybe instead request that the video was taken down and re-uploaded in a “friendlier” version without so much slander
    he, SirFoch, could come out and say “the language I used was too strong HOWEVER I still stand for my opinion that WG did wrong with how they modeled this tank, furthermore because IT DOES pass the message to active or potential players that for them money comes always first instead of making the game something everyone can enjoy from tier 1 to 10, it hurts WoT and WG image”
    if he did he would receive even more support