Wargaming Saltmining Inc.

Hello everyone,

I can’t help myself but return to #SirFochGate I posted about in the last post an hour ago or so, because it’s hilarious.

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate the Wargaming colleagues on this level of fail. Getting Jim FUCKING Sterling involved, that’s just another level, one we at Armored Warfare are still staring at in envy. A short summary:

- SirFoch made a video criticizing Wargaming for their shift towards Pay to Win
- Wargaming threatened to strike it down with copyright
- Multiple Youtubers get involved, including Jim Sterling

Oooops. Sir Foch posted an explanation on Reddit including some pics from Wargaming community contributor discord I assume, proving he was indeed threatened.

Ph3lan, threatening a hostile Youtuber with frivolous copyright strikes publically (of COURSE Sir Foch took screenshots, he’d be an idiot not to) – how stupid are you? I mean, professionally, I can partially relate to your feelings about youtubers who produce content that’s completely misleading, but I’d never threaten them with copyright strikes. Plus, let’s face it, I think Foch might be right.


On more positive side, after two years of working on Armored Warfare, I am sort of glad that nothing changed when it comes to WG. It’s like I never left :)

And last but not least, seriously… Wargaming, if you are reading this, please, please, please, PLEASE, don’t fire the guy. I am sure he was just a naughty little boy and meant well.

Also, I really don’t want to see him applying for a job here.

Edit: Apparently the head of the EU community (WG EU, who else…) responded by claiming that “we didn’t do anything”

Haha this is literally like the Czechout affair years ago :)

(and you know how well that went)

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  1. They don’t have to fire him but at least keep him of the forum. The guy has a bad case of selective reading.

    • Dunno. I’ve done plenty of stupid shit when it comes to AW, but I think that if I did this and it caught so much attention, well… I probably would have been fired.

      • With content providers,WG has to understand for those providers to remain credible to their (and Wot’s) audience that the providers have to conduct honest reviews about WoT’s products and content. WG’s attempt to impede Foch just reinforces the audiences’ perception that Foch is correct in his assessment. Thus, WG is digging an ever deeper hole for themselves. A quick out for WG is to FIRE all of the employees who are stirring up a whirlwind of bad PR for the company in this instance.

      • Enough is enough, or how I stopped liking SilentStalker anymore.

        First of all: SilentStalker is an Armored Warefare employee, blogger, contributor, developer – briefly he is a member of their staff.
        Secondly, Armored Warefare is a War of Tanks clone and I mean they tried to steal their formula of game, their success. Nothing more, for me.
        Finaly, Armored Warefare is dying and War of Tanks is not. Not even close.
        So, în these conditions, my oppinion about the blogger who has decided în his recent posts to start a campaign of denigration aganins Wargaming, while the company who is paying him is falling down, is that I,m loosing my respect for him.
        So, be honest SilentStalker, are you proud? Being a tank passionate is OK, being a grimpy – a paid one – is not.

        And about SirFoch – he deserved it. His video contains almost nothing than fuck WG, fuck WG and Wuck WG again. Nohing more.

        • “And about SirFoch – he deserved it. His video contains almost nothing than fuck WG, fuck WG and Wuck WG again. Nohing more.”

          Actually sirfoch agrees with you, he even thinks that putting him in the CC program is a mistake at the first place. He had stated multiple times to WG that he is not gonna change his “fuck WG” style. Him getting kicked from CC is also fine by him too, since he pretty much dont earn any money through the program.

          What is not cool, however, is how WG threaten to take down or demonetize all of his videos on youtube, censoring opinions that they do not like.

        • Clearly you “GoogleUser52″ have either been playing so much WoT you don’t stop long enough to read the news…. or don’t play it at all and never check the news… WoT is dying. Maybe not as fast as some would like but it is going down the crapper and has been for over a year and a half.

          And as others have commented…. if you actually knew SirFoch you would never say he deserved it. He was just being the same person as he always is. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

          • Yes, I play WOT not too much, but a lot. Nevertheless, from my point of view, SirFoch was not the real issue here.
            The real issue I presented is the denigration of competitors, which, by the way, is an illicit commercial practice. If you are selling X Cola, you cannot say, repeatedly, that Y Cola is bad product.
            For me, this kind of thing is trying to do SS.

        • u mad bro? Ive been reading SilentStalker here for YEARS. he deserves respect.

          ur an ass – Googleuser52 (you cant log in? Why are you hiding when you say those insulting things?)

  2. ” Wargaming struck it down with copyright”
    Should be “Threatened to strike it down by copyright”.

    As Ph3lan only said they would do that if he didn’t take it down.

  3. after reading their conversation you can’t really say WG did such a bad thing, I mean, he did ask to remove the video but that SirFoch could still criticize without the slander, I think it is a pretty normal reaction no matter how much I agree with SirFoch
    regarding the copyright strike, Ph3lan was first advising him so that he would not be stopped from making money with his videos, the strike threat might have come from someone in WG EU and not from the HQ, Ph3lan seemed like he honestly did not want to issue the strike, maybe someone pressured him to threatan SirFoch?