Contributors to FTR (in 2014)

Guys, if you want to be listed by a nickname, you have to write it to me, otherwise I will identify you only by your initial letters and the country. The list is in time order (newest above). I am grateful for any and all assistance. Thank you all.

- Silentstalker


Michael H. (United Kingdom)
Taugrim (Californa, USA)
missile742 (Colorado, USA)
Tim F. (New York, USA)
Fraser H. (Canada)
Clay H. (Texas, USA)
Nebojsa D. (Portugal)
Lee D. (Germany) – a message from him: “WUB WUB in space” :)
Lars R.T. (Denmark) – thank you for the generous contribution :) Much appretiated.
Michael R. (Germany) – glad you liked the article, mate :)
Andrew B. (California, US)
Mark P. (United Kingdom)
Mario N. (Slovakia)
KTZV_D86 of the LAS clan (Germany)
Michael H. (United Kingdom) – yes mate, I know about that petition, already linked it before
Shaun H. (United Kingdom)
Andrew N. (Australia)
Tomáš L. (?)
David S. (Washington, USA)
M4R4Z (Italy)
cb99 (Sweden)
Eikarramba (Germany)
SashaBellEntertainment (Michichan, USA)
David F. (Canada)
Taggeth (Texas, USA)
David H. (Michigan, USA)
Michael H. (United Kingdom)
Carlos R.M. (Spain)
István T. (Hungary)
Myrt C. (Texas, USA)
Jiří N. (Czech Republic)
Thunderchase (Serbia)
KittenGray (Germany) – спасибо за пожелание! С новым годом!
Christopher S. (Wisconsin, USA) – thank you for your sizeable donation and the wish :)
Fireflower (Finland)
Gibril1942 (Sweden) – thank you for the wish as well as the donation :)
Mark J. (Oregon, USA)
Gregory J. (Texas, USA) – you guys sure love me in Texas :)
Elcomandante (Switzerland) – thank you for MASSIVE contribution, very, very appreciated! And of course the wish – will do my best next year as well.
cb99 (Sweden) – special thanks here for DOUBLE donation :) His donation note was “Thank you for the spine shown with the artillery “adventure” – you know, this really made me happy. It was my pleasure :P
Attila S. (Hungary) – again, special thanks for a sizeable donation :)
Michael H. (United Kingdom)
Joseph M. (United Kingdom)
Aigars B. (France)
Zhao S. (Singapore) – regarding what you asked: yes mate, I will look into this more, at this point WG RU got involved
Jovica J. (Switzerland) – who asked me to mention his WN Meter application at GooglePlay, which does look useful if you are into this kind of thing
Stephen B. (United Kingdom)
Durstix (Germany)
Sturmi (Austria) – thanks for sizeable donation as well as great Christmas wish, much appreciated :)
Ralf S. (Germany)
Paul G. (Texas, USA)
Simon S. (Sweden) – large donation, much appreciated, mate
Radek M. (Czech Republic)
Marvin H. (Texas, United States) – thanks for repeated contributions, mate, much appreciated
Johan M. (Sweden)
Daniel A. T. (Romania)
Ciliaris (Norway)
Glenn W. (New Zealand)
R.Z. (name redacted at the request of the contributor, Israel) – thank you for a very large contribution, much appreciated! :)
Radek M. (Czech Republic)
Mark P. (United Kingdom)
Roman B. (Russia)
Anton T. (Russia)
MaxMcMetal (Germany) – thanks for a VERY generous contribution mate, much appreciated :)
Eric B. (Michigan, USA)
Llares (EU server, Germany)
Defcon13 (EU server, Spain)
Radek M. (Czech Republic)
Jim C. (Pennsylvania, USA)
Michael G. (Massachusetts, USA)
Mrwanwan (Lithuania)
Glaston (Canada)
Robert G. (Michigan, USA)
Mark P. (United Kingdom)
Matthew H. (Australia)
Stoertebecker (EU server, Germany)
SlabakBG (EU server, Bulgaria)
Taggeth (NA server, United States)
Inner Sanctum Inc. (Arizona, United States)
Stefan Y. (Sweden)
Petrus G. (Netherlands)
Ingolf G. (Germany)
Timothy S. (United Kingdom)
John S. (Florida, United States)
Carl M. (United States)
Michael G. (United States)
Mandy G. (Germany)
Jörg C. (Germany)
David C. (Canada)
_Hirens_ (Czech Republic)
Mrwanwan (Lithuania)
Björn M, (Sweden) – thanks for the wish, I appreciate that :)
Jorge C. (Virginia, USA) – thank you for a LARGE contribution, much appreciated :)
Allan R. (New Zealand) – thank you for your continued support!
David J. (United Kingdom)
Giovanni P. (Italy)
Philipp F. (Germany)
Philippe G. (Belgium)
Woddak (France)
Allan R. (New Zealand) – special thanks for repeated contribution – much appreciated!
Diego L. (France)
Maurice W. (Hong Kong) – thank you for large contribution mate!
Mark P. (United Kingdom)
Andrew N. (Australia)
Alexey O. (Russia)
Cortis (Germany)
Allan R. (New Zealand)
wollef (Brasil)
Marvin H. (USA)
crash_core (Germany)
anonymous (United States)
Robert I. (United States) – thank you for your continuous support, I remember your name already
Kosala A. (Sri Lanka)
Incub (Germany) – another special thank you for large contribution
David K. (Germany)
anonymous (Swirtzerland) – keeping your wish, another special thank you :)
Wremise (Germany) – another special thank you for the wish as well
Andreas K. (Germany)
Ferdinand W. (Germany)
Mandy G. (Germany) – special thank you for contributing
T-28 (Austria)
Gary W. (United Kingdom)
Raul A. (United States) – another special thank you for very generous contribution
Allan R. (New Zealand) – special thank you for a very generous contribution
Oliver S. (Finland)
Adam S. (United Kingdom)
Korui (Spain)
Wintersturm (Germany) – thanks for a generous donation mate!
Henning S. (Germany)
Lars R.T. (Denmark) – extraordinary donation!
Simon S. (Sweden)
Woddak (France)
Yunfan W. (USA)
Derping4Dollars (USA)
Myles S.-G. (United Kingdom)
Grimdorf (United Kingdom)
Simone L. (Italy)
Konachu (United Kingdom)
Jellis (Finland) – thanks for the well wishes :)
Kim H. (Norway)
Golem501 (Netherlands)
Tony R. (United Kingdom)
NTEngineer (USA) – thanks for the VPS offer as well :)
Robert I. (USA) – special thanks for continuous support :)
Timour A. (USA)
Elcomadante_ch (Switzerland) – thanks for a massive contribution, mate :) Much appreciated!
Peter1289 (New Zealand)
Robert I. (United States)
Andrew N. (Australia)
The entire G-A-S Clan – thank you guys!
Adrian G. (Switzerland)
Krakonfour (France) – link to his modpack, check it out!
Ronineter (Netherlands)
MrTipplesWorth (United Kingdom) – special thanks to you for a very generous donation, mate!
Spasmus (Germany)
John L. (Norway)
Bhaarlem (Netherlands)
Aleš Š. (Czech Republic)
Brenthos (Israel) – thank you for the contribution as well as the nice message mate :)
James M. (Arizona, USA)
Marcin M. (Poland)
Corthag (Germany)
Martijn W. (Netherlands)
Krystian K. (Poland) – member of the [-DRG] clan (mentioning as requested)
Geir O. (Norway)
Siegfried M. (Germany)
Daniel W. (Canada)
Matej B. (Croatia)
Jingles (United Kingdom)- yes, THE Mighty Jingles – as unexpected as welcome – thank you very much for a very large donation!
Sean C. (United States) – thank you for considerable donation – much appreaciated :)
Lars R.T. (Denmark) – thank you for a large contribution, mate!
David R. (United Kingdom)
Kvasnikov (Finland) – he wanted the following message posted:

“I recently passed 30 000 battles milestone in WoT and I wanted to thank also FTR for providing lot of useful information during my career. Check out my short story here:

Grimdorf (United Kingdom) – large contribution, much appreciated mate!
Artur S. (United Kingdom)
Alexander F. (Netherlands) and the entire 11RHS clan
Daniel Š. (Slovakia)
Ivan R. (Kazakhstan)
jrt5 (Czech Republic)
Byron G. (New Zealand) – thanks for the contribution of 0,01 Eur, appreciated :)
WinG_HU (Hungary) – he wanted to relay following message: “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized tanks or 1 tank-sized duck? I’d like a proper answer publicly! Thanks, and keep up the good work!””)
the_viking (Germany)
T-28 (Austria)
MKW (Hong Kong)
Tom K. (Germany)
maho325 (Czech Republic)
Dan S.H. (Romania)
Aurelien M. (France)
polyarmus (Czech Repiblic)
elr (Germany)
Satbel (Czech Republic)
Jean-Christian N. (USA)
Claus L. (Finland)
Luca S. (Canada)
Victor P. (USA)
Bob R. (UK)
Bolterman (Spain)
William C. (USA)
Xavier L. (France)
Jürgen G. (Germany)
Marshall L. (USA)
*anonymous* (UK)
Niels Børge R. (Denmark)
R.R. (Germany)
Jonas B. (Germany)
Sean M. (Canada)
InSL (Germany)
Jay N. (USA)
Siegfriend M. (Germany)
Jürgen B. (Germany)
DeadMoney0811 (USA) – thanks for large contribution mate! Much appreciated.
Lee D. (Germany) – a message from him: “In space, noone can hear you WUB”
KTZV_D86 (Germany)
Tore B. (Norway)
Martijn W. (Netherlands)
Gnomefather (Norway)
Thorsten E. (Germany)
Aiden F. (Ireland)
Wurstmann (Germany)
Andoman42 (Finland) – a message to the readers: “Have fun and keep on tanking!”
F.S. (Germany) – message to the readers: “Hami + Xensation = ❤”
KingRooster (Germany)
Lee D. (Germany) – message to the readers: “Follow the WUB rabbit”
Sawan (Ireland)
Godsmacked (Poland) (SS: repeated contribution, much appreciated mate!)
J.N. (Germany)
Bombuhr (Sweden)
W.P. (Poland) (SS: a lot of thanks for great contribution, much appreciated, mate!)
thepanic (Germany)
Derping4Dollars (USA)
D.S.H. (Romania)
Paldawin (Germany)
J.M. (Poland)
FredTMK (Germany) – Watch my videos on my Youtube channel!
Perkel (Germany)
DeadMoney0811 (USA) – thanks for the donation mate
Mightyran (Italy) – visit his site
R.S.G. (Romania)
Tugboat1964 (USA) – special thanks to him, he contributed numerous times, much appreciated
Mamizoom (United Kingdom)
Lee D. (Germany) – WUBWUBWUB!!!
C.L. (Finland)
S.R. (Poland) – DONKEY LIVES
L.H. (Germany)
Godsmacked (Poland) – large contribution, thanks mate!
F.K. (Germany)
J.K. (Ireland)
S.D. (Belgium)
Richmi (Czech Republic)
Webium s.r.o. ( (Czech Republic)
C.T. (New Zealand)
A.A. (Finland)
Panzer_Fenris (Norway)
F.K. (Germany)
Gnomefather (Norway)
R.S. (Austria)
C.L. (Finland)

Rufulus7812 – for his wonderful Christmas present to me, thanks mate :)

Very special thanks for Tugboat1964 (US server) for his enormous support of For the Record and for his donation to Czech veterans a month ago.

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