Links I can recommend

Some links I find useful

Primary pages

Overlord’s blog – the blog of the only English-speaking WoT developer – a summary of many,many vehicles (history, characteristics)


ZxHistory – Zarax’s blog, mostly about German tanks, some very detailed stuff
Archive Awareness – Ensign Expendable’s blog with some amazing info on Soviet (but also other) vehicles
Trollin’ Along – a social blog of an ex-supertester, looks promising :)
Esoteric Armor – a blog about some of the most exotic tracked vehicles anywhere
OMG,Gamer! – another rising EU blog
Chieftain’s Hatch – historical articles by The_Chieftain, Wargaming NA’s tank history expert


Quickybaby – one of the best WoT streamers out there
Circon – epic chat, epic soundtrack, check it out


Historical Realism blog

Russian WoT info (you don’t need to check those unless you specifically want to, I am checking them every day for bits of info to bring you) – probably the biggest Russian WoT news server, publishes only legal/confirmed stuff – another large Russian news server, sometimes publishes leaks – third big Russian news server, again sometimes with leaks
World-of-kwg – Russian developers’ blog (kruta = Storm, Serb_2 = SerB)
RU Developer Q&A – this is the main source of the translations

Foreign Blogs

Dom1n’s Blog – Polish blog, featuring FTR translations to Polish and other useful info

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  2. No Jingles in your youtube links? Dude has 100.000+ subscribers and makes very entertaining vehicle reviews, contests, replays, video WoT patch reviews, etc. Also plays with QuickyBaby on his stream.

  3. Anything like this for WOWp?
    The only thing I’d like to know now is if free experience will shared between all three games.
    You mentioned a while ago that the idea is yes from developers, but the mechanism for this is difficult to implement.

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