On leaks

Okay, folks, since a few people started raging on the topic of leaks, let me emphasize to you how leaks are going to work on FTR:

The rule is: NO ORIGINAL LEAKS CAN BE POSTED ON FTR. In other words, if you send me a picture from supertest, I can’t post it here. That’s my deal with Edrard and I WILL honor it.

If the leak was to appear first on some other blog it’s gonna be alright and I can actually re-post it (and I will). That’s alright. So, please stop raging, you won’t lose your favourite part of this blog.

What, you thought I am a nice guy all of a sudden? :)

17 thoughts on “On leaks

  1. The only thing I miss here is the views/hits counter (that will start at around 4 300 000 views – where the FTR on blogspot ended).

  2. SP was removed in second test of 0.8.6 (which has just started) so it will be removed very soon.

  3. You know that main reason people visited your blog is because u had leaks faster than others. If u will wait until others get them first now, then whats the point of visiting your blog since we can go to the source (as long as its simmilar blog or other page with public access).

    Ive read what u said on old page about time and resources, but face it – u will probably loose viewers over time.

    • I don’t think he will.
      He can just use his old blog to post the pics and than the wot-news rule is accomplished.

      As he said, wot-news post only leaked pictures that were already posted in other sites/sources.Old ftw blog can be that source :P

      • NOTHING will be posted anymore on the old blog. The main attraction of this website now is the translated SerB and Strom Q&A sessions.

  4. i gues if we edit pictures to show armor changes from gamemodels3d, it counts as already leaked since the original leaked change is already online, just not in that form so that is ok? (i will double check now before i send something, still feeling guilty here ;-) )

    about the leaks in general, well it was interesting but i understood “it was a knife cutting on both edges” (if it translates like that in english), but anyway i believe we will still see them here after they apear somewhere else, so with only a small delay.