How to add an avatar picture to this site

Okay, some of the functions of WordPress are a bit counterintuitive. Some of you, who want to comment, ask yourselves “where the hell can I set my avatar for WordPress account” – well, it’s not that easy. Here’s how to do it though, courtesy of Edard:

You’ll need to sign up at with the email address that you’ve associated in your blog with your admin user account, and upload you image to After you’ve done that your image will appear whenever you post on your own blog or on other WordPress blogs (if you put that email address into the mail field of the comment form at that other blog).

22 thoughts on “How to add an avatar picture to this site

  1. Meh…don’t know what’s wrong with that gravatar.

    They doesn’t reconize my wordpress account even if I’m logged in already with a steady account.

    • Managed to create the gravatar, uses my new avatar but this blog doesn’t use it.

      I’ve already linked the account to this one so I don’t think this is the problem…

      • Nvm…seems it worked.

        Damn, I made myself look like an idiot. Q-Q

        Next time I should try to do this stuff directly from PC, not from phone…

  2. Hassle.

    setup wordpress and tried to get it to work.
    ended up just logging in in youtube.

    IDK why it wont work all it says is “you do not own this identity” like that’s supposed to help.