Widepark to be limited for tier 4-6

Source: http://valltergaming.blogspot.de/2013/06/plan-for-today.html

‘Wide Park’ map will be limited to level 4-6 of battles (please, take a look on MM chart in previous posts, to understand, which tanks will get there) for randoms. It will still be available for everyone in CW or training rooms.

Well, looks like no tier 10 peekaboos anymore :)

37 thoughts on “Widepark to be limited for tier 4-6

  1. Oh thank heaven! It was tedious at T8+. Though I agree the lower tiers should also get it.

  2. This map sucked in arty at T5/6+ anyway. Should spare them and some ridiculous pub matches.

    Be nice if the spawning was balanced…

    Also new sites mobile version is pretty awesome, prefer its comments section over blogspots.

  3. At lower tiers, it becomes a much more tactical map than a high tier rush to deathtraps on either sides of the rails.
    Problem is, will newer players master it?

  4. Зачем? Классная карта, но что бы только для песочницы. Непонимаю.

  5. It’s about time! I’ve been saying this for months. Its just too small to have fun in anything over tier 7.

    • I’ve had a lot of fun on this map with lights, meds and heavyes on tier 8… It’s a great map even for higher tiers… (but not for arty)

  6. I like this map,it’s quite good,but it’s ture,that the camping at the two sides of the rail is annoying.

  7. I actually enjoy Wide Park myself, especially a north spawn yolo rush.

    “Works every time, 80% of the time.”

  8. sad story …
    i loved to camp middlemap tracks (that iron things train uses, my english is baaaad) with t34 (especially) and other good gun depression ones, it was so fun to shot others under wagons …
    i drive lowtiers (anything lower then t8 with exception of su122-44 :) very rarely so i dont see this map anymore on public :(
    really dotn know why to take it off, it was playable on hightiers … (yes it si small and quite hard for arties, but who cares :)

  9. Nooo :( .

    I’ve just registered, but upon login there’s a warning about publishing email – wtf is that? Just an error with description or are you really up to make me drown in spam?

    I feel that this inteface is a bit less transparent, try tweaking the layout. Do we really need a poll? Or recent comments? Also, you could make it a bit wider as comments get very short lines, especially ones with quotes. This light blue background is suboptimal too, stick to brownish/yellowish theme.

    • I agree with the comments. Also they make up too much space vertically so you have to scroll down all the time. Very bad layout for comments.

    • you can change blackground in settings, i have light grey and its fine :)
      poll and archive links were on old FTR too, so no change, for me is this change one big plus (cos i was forced to register finally :)

  10. Finally. This map is ridiculous for tier 10 battles. And especially for tanks with no gun depression. Thank God WG grew some brains.

  11. Wish they’d do the same for Mines, it’s far too small for anything above tier 6 or so…

    …and while they’re at it bring back Dragon’s Ridge, Swamp and Komarin. We desperately need more maps, and also more city maps a la Himmelsdorf would be awesdome.

  12. Fine by me, but I never had a problem with Widepark. Like most maps……you need a good plan depending on which side you spawn on. Then again, I really liked Swamp and Komarin.

    Fuck Dragon’s Ridge.

  13. Why ! WHY ! I really loved this map … was one of those great smaller maps ….

  14. Thank god! That map was the most imbalanced nightmare on high tiers. The north side gets the concave so they can do crossfire everywhere – in my experience the south side only wins 20% of the time.

  15. IMO
    Map + Good Players + Good plan = WIN
    Ever !!!

    Haters really make me sick