0.8.6 – armor changes, update

Hello everyone,

two days ago I posted some data from one Russian post on the old web blog. A developer was kind enough to comment (in Russian) under the Russian source post. Here are his comments:


Earlier: The miniature spaced armor strips over the tracks and the rim around the hull (violent on picture) – earlier 10mm, became 30mm
Developer comments: No. The side armor was 30mm even before and stayed 30mm.  The rim under the turret was 100mm, stayed 100mm. We removed the spaced armor, that was situated in the crevice under the turret, which was there for some reason.

Object 268

Earlier: Recieved new miniature 20mm spaced armor plates on sides.
Developer comments: not 20mm, but 30mm


Earlier: Gun armor reduced from 50 to 30mm, frontal hull armor increased from 20 to 30mm, rear part (earlier 0) recieved 6mm armorDeveloper comments: Gun armor isn’t 30mm, but 20 and 25mm (122mm and 152mm guns). The rear part in the collission model was a little smaller – we fixed that. The frontal 30mm is historical.


Earlier: No changes
Developer comments: The first turret recieved the same armor as the analogical Cromwell and Matilda Black Prince turrets (the change was practically from 0,1mm)

12 thoughts on “0.8.6 – armor changes, update

  1. i know it’s not entirely related to the topic, but how is the armor gonna change for E-100 in the following update? tnx

    • The side armor of the hull gets a bit less (non-substantial) and the track covers (if you happen to find a model without the skirts – you’ll get my meaning) get a LOT less (smth like 20 or 30mm down from ~100). That’s besides the turret movement.

      • wait, u actually wanna say that it gets less armored then before? i thought there’s gonna be some kid of a buff for the spaced amor..

        • Yup, although as an owner of the 100 i don’t really see anything really bad (1k+ battles, 50%+ WR) with this, i’m more concerned with the 268 getting some more armor =)

    • Technically – yes, but it’s so small that you can’t count that as a nerf.

      • unless its on a german tank when swarms of fanboys will cry out in rain and scream “russian bias”


        • Technically the e100 isn’t nerfed either, so i can’t really call out “bias” on this one, though i do believe that the t62 and 268 are way too imba – which can be “bias” all the way ;)

          • It is just being corrected for “historical inaccuracies.” The fact that it gets nerfed is only a coincidence. However, 8.6 should be an overall buff for heavy armored tanks such as E-100.

  2. What application do you use, to see the models the way like on screenies? With armor thinkness legend and whatnot.