Let’s look back: Operation Think Tank

Hello everyone,

today, I’d like to remind you, dear readers, of one of the best things Wargaming has ever done for tank enthusiasts: the Operation Think Tank video.

For those, who do not know about this (hard to believe, right!), a little explanation: in March 2012, Wargaming invited the top world tank historians and authors of many publications to the USA for a sort-of conference about the history of tanks and tank warfare. Those experts invited were:

Steven Zaloga
Harry Yeide
Hilary Doyle (yes, THE Hilary Doyle, author of Panzer Tracts)
David Fletcher (by far the most amusing member and British tanks expert)
Rob GriffinKenneth Estes

(for Russian players: if you are looking for a Russian armor expert in the panel, S.Zaloga covered the topic a lot, Yuri Pasholok was invited, but he couldn’t make it)

The whole event was hosted by noone else than US forum tank expert and US armor specialist, Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran. Here, you can find more info on the authors.

If we were to use music analogy, it’s like seeing Mark Knopfler, Phil Collins, BB King and Eric Clapton perform on one stage together. The result was a wonderful show, where all sorts of matters were being discussed. Of those important to WoT players:

- does frontal transmission cause fires?
- was Jagdpanzer E-100 “Krokodil” a real project?
- the effect of spaced armor on armor protection
and many more….

It’s definitely worth watching tbh. Personally, I watched quite a few times already, some stages are even really funny. So, where can you watch it then?

Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oLY4FOrnjc&list=PLEAEU2gs2Nz-aSi3PpjNI9Q4klDGi421D&index=1

This is a link to the playlist of the whole thing. I definitely recommend it. Also, if you don’t feel like youtube, you can download the whole thing after registering:

Part 1
Part 2


15 thoughts on “Let’s look back: Operation Think Tank

  1. I remember watching the whole thing when it was first available. Fantastic videos.

  2. It truly was a great initiative, I hope they can try to pull of something similar again sometime.

    I wish every single teacher I’ve ever had was more like Mr. Fletcher. He is quite litteraly one of the most interesting persons to listen to that I know of.

  3. It was truly a great idea, and I hope WG decided to try something similar again in the future.

    And for the record, I wish every single teacher on the planet was more like Mr. Fletcher. He is simply one of the most interesting people to listen to that I know of.

  4. This was really interesting! I wish they’d do it again in the near future.

  5. Is there a written form of their answers for those people who do not want to invest multiple hours into watching other people having a nice time?

  6. There was a thread on the forum made by Zmeul( I think ) and that is how I found out about it. And I mention it a couple of times myself but the reaction was very weak. Most players care only to cry bias and WG has it for me , they really don’t care about reality . The amount of “experts” in tank warfare is incredible.
    SS can u make some petition about OTT2 and send it to The Chieftain ? I want more!!!!!!!

  7. How the Hell I never heard of it?!

    Anyway tnx very, truley great and fun to watch. But I think many people still missed that (like me), thats why it has so many few views.