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Special thanks to st0rmshadow (EU) for pointing that thread out. Since this info didn’t appear on EU server, I might as well repost it. Don’t ask me about it, since I practically never follow the CW stuff, ask your local incompetent EU WG yesman community organizer instead :)

13th June, Stage 1.

Question: Are battles on day 1 counted to the battle requirement IE number of battles required? What about if these were technical victories?

Answer: The battles on day 1 are counted for the Company final awards. They are not counted as battles required to get medal for Stage 1 as “world redivision” is a special mode of first stage. The technical victories are not counted toward required minimal number of battles. All other battles regardless of their results are counted toward required minimum number of battles. For example, if player participates in 3 battles in a landing, 2 successful and 1 failed, 3 battles will be counted.

Question: Did you get a ruling on whether or not Landing zone tournament battles (not the final vs NPC, but the actual battles against live clans) count towards M60?

Answer: It is not the battle which counts toward MC60. It is the number of Victory Points which defines the winner of the Stage/Company. The player must participate in at least 5 battles during specific stage in Stage clan-winner, and at least 10 battles in Company clan-winner. If the same clan wins a stage and Company, 5 battles minimum requirement is applied.

Question: Whether clan members need 5 battles per stage (hard with 80+ active members and 9 days of fighting) or 5 battles across the campaign.

Answer: Please see the answer above.

Question: When are we going to have a page to see a Victory Point leader board?

Answer: That section of our portal is not currently functioning.
It is being worked on daily and will be available asap, unfortunately I dont have an ETA more than that at the moment.

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  1. Phase 2 actually have 10 days, they are miss counting (from 06/11 to 06/20)

  2. Must say I couldn’t understand a word of those answers! What the hell happened to plain English?

  3. Does this mean that getting 5 battles on the first day will NOT make you eligible for the M60 if your clan is top 5 in the first stage? IE the landing battles count ONLY towards the total battle count for the whole campaign?

    How can they make such diffuse answers???

    • I have a feeling they make a sport out of it….

      Four servers, four different answers. Wel, tree answers. The EU forum only has translated shit from germany since no WG mod dared to come in the special forum section about the campaign that THEY even created.

  4. Tanitha, the orginator of the subject thread is not a dev he is the boss of the forums, same job as he had on the NA server.