Well, I think it’s no secret that 0.8.6 for RU server is coming this Tuesday. For EU it should be either Wednesday or Thursday (Thursday more likely).

- additional info about the “Israeli” IS-3: it was used as tractor basically, it had modified engine and transmission, using the parts from T-54/55 and new cooling systems, apparently it used the original gun too, therefore it is fit to be a premium vehicle
- the T-35 premium tank won’t have the historical crew (of 11 tankists), SerB thinks it’s not necessery
- SerB states that the developers don’t deal with fixed battles and they don’t care, how many “reputation” do such posts have (SS: to explain, apparently there is a scandal on RU server, that the “random” competition prizes were being split between prominent members of several clans, leading a lot of people to the conclusion that these clanners fixed battles in order to get their hands on the prizes. And yes, this happened on EU server too in the past, I remember one case where such “teams” were stripped of their winnings and banned)
- normalization doesn’t apply on track hits
- the shell trajectory after armor penetration is not influenced by normalisation (SS: IIRC, normalisation is just a number, the actual shell trajectory is not changed by it)
- normalisation is not applied twice, when the shell goes thru a spaced armor and the main armor after that
- SerB regarding the chance of new maps to drop: “Usually the higher chance for the new map to drop is turned on for one patch, because in the next patch another new map is introduced.”
- engine can catch on fire even if it doesn’t turn “yellow”
- it’s theoretically possible for the IS-4 to have only the D-25 gun, that would shoot the current gold ammo as silver shells, but so far it’s just SerB’s personal wish, he’ll check the vehicle out
- King Tiger speed buff: “when it’s done it’s done”
- When asked about the historicity of T-50 speed, SerB states that the 64km/h speed for the T-50 is possible, it was actually archieved during factory tests
- according to SerB, SU-100Y is doing fine on its tier
- in WoWp, training crewmembers to 100 percent costs 400 gold instead of WoT 200 gold. SerB states that there are no plans for now to rise the price for WoT crew training also
- no special ingame report function for griefing by “covering the enemy from allies” (SS: probably running into the line of fire of your teammates, preventing them from shooting) is planned
- SerB like farming on KV-5
- generally (in connection with the announced “free-to-win” principle), premium tanks won’t be buffed (premium tank players have the possibility to play on regular tanks)
- regarding account hijack prevention: it is not possible to make “save checkpoints” for accounts, SerB states that when the player account database is simply copied from regular server to test server, it’s a lengthy process, it’s impossible to make such copies every day, local copy of your account data on client computers is not an option
- the bug with T29 antennae (SS: when zoomed to a certain extent towards the top turret, the camera tends to jerk to a side) will be fixed with the introduction of client physics
- the Ferdinand bolted 100mm armor plate doesn’t work as spaced armor, because there is no space between the plate and the armor itself
- the possibility to add your own music to be played within the game is not planned
- linear crewmember skill training is also not planned for WoT
- T14 gun penetration apparently won’t be buffed, nor will the gun be replaced with (unhistorical) 105mm howitzer: “If you don’t like it, don’t play it”
- SerB believes the Maus is competitive in random battles
- no plans for close future to implement “code authenticator” á la Battle.net
- the statistics “what tanks destroyed my tank” most likely won’t be implemented
- along with the server-side replays, there will apparently be a possibility to analyze, on which spots was your vehicle hit in the battle
- Sturer Emil was not considered for tier 7 premium TD
- client physics will have very little influence on the game web traffic (ping)
- Superpershing will most likely be changed to the new model in 8.7
- the new improved spall liner bonus will affect the ramming damage also

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  1. What does “Fixed battle” means? Is that possible with random battles or what?

  2. about the RU251, do you know why they keep postponing its introduction? is it to hard to balance or are they waiting to implement it together with some other tanks? maybe like the m-25? (or what was the t50-2 replacement again?)

    • Data for it is a bit hard to come by. Plus, the gun was supposed to fire only HE and HEAT, if I remember my notes.

      • That’s the same 90mm that was mounted on the Kanonenjagdpanzer, correct?

        • Apparently yes. Contrary to the 90 mm gun used in WoT, that gun fired only HE and HEAT.

          • Sad thing is that short of them giving it some sort of super powered made up AP round, it looks like a Tier 7 gun at best compared to similar guns in the game. Which might explain why it’s taking so long to implement.

      • yeah but, if i remember correctly, SS said they eaven supertested it already. And how where they to do this if they dont have any data?

        • I don’t know why they don’t want to use the standard Kette model.
          Its cannon was a shortened version of Patton’s 90mm, so nothing OP.

  3. - Sturer Emil was not considered for tier 7 premium TD

    I want it either way

  4. So that IS-3 would be just a much faster IS-3 with the old 122 gun from IS-2?

      • But let me guess…it will have HEAT ammo…
        the reason why the chinese is-2 had HEAT was that it had newer ammo type…I bet that the IS3 will get heat too

        • We’ll see, IS-6 has gun with almost the same characterisitcs and it uses 217mm pen. APCR as premium ammo. But I am positive that it will get preferential MM if it’ll be implemented.

  5. “- the possibility to add your own music to be played within the game is not planned”
    How about just pressing play in foobar etc and launching the game?

    • I can see your average WoT player now: “That works? How do you do that?”

      • I thought the same thing as OP, who the heck would need that for ? You just mute in game music and turn on the music player in the background.

        Even if you have a wooden PC and don’t want to turn player in the background you just need to put your mp3′s in the music folder of WoT and rename them with generic wot music names, deleting the originals.

        Is this really that hard to figure ?!

  6. - SerB like farming on KV-5.
    Lowest pen of all T8 premiums – still kicks more ass than most of them :D
    If you know how to troll with it.

    • SerB as SerB wouldn’t surprise me if he loads it with gold and puts one of those crews like on press accounts, just because he can coz he is the SerB.

  7. - it’s theoretically possible for the IS-4 to have only the D-25 gun, that would shoot the current gold ammo as silver shells, but so far it’s just SerB’s personal wish, he’ll check the vehicle out

    he heard me.. dammit D:

        • Well, moving IS-4 to “Tier 10 gift tank” status? Because as Tier 8 prem even with coaxial MG alone it would be “I win” with dat armor.

          • I actually support SerB’s idea, current IS 4 with IS 8′s top gun looks like a Hamster with Unicorn horn.

            I support the idea of giving it a D-25 gun with some super duper shells, for example HEAT shells that Chinese IS-2 has got 300 mm average penetration, if you boost RoF you got a solid tier X gun. This is far better combination than current and we already have tanks with APCR as standard ammo.

            I support SerB , no hate pls ;__;

          • Well if it had it’s reallife mobility (turns slow as hell, top speed hardly ever reached, bad rough terrain passability), it might be tier VIII premium heavy (which would make sense because it was competitor to the IS-3)… but it would outclass KV-5 in nearly everything, and it would be better then IS-6, which is damn “bouncy” for tier VIII premium… don’t know if I want that…

        • But it would get 300 pen gold ammo, so perfectly viable by standards set by another tank.

          • Guys remember that when IS-4 was first introduced as tier IX it had nerfed turret armor to the ground. IS-4 in its original stats is too powerful on tier IX and to weak on tier X due to weak gun. With IS-8 gun its a decent tier X but then again… iS-4 currently as it is looks like a saber tooth rabbit

  8. - SerB believes the Maus is competitive in random battles

    Sure, with gold ammo and against noobs who doesn’t know where to shoot it and their poor gameplay doesn’t allow them to use gold ammo regularly…

    • “noobs who doesn’t know where to shoot at and their poor gameplay doesn’t allow them to use gold ammo regularly…”

      Sounds like the avg Siemamoinmoin Maus/E-100 player :P

      • What’s up siemka E-100 dude, are you finished with your whining about how bad German tanks are ? Look, if you think that a tank sucks then don’t play it, play Russian bias tanks and just win, (or at least attempt to materialize your conspiracy theory) otherwise go play games where german tanks kill anythig iwth one shot and are immune to atomic bomb.


        • What’s the matter palmnut someone senses the truth and you have to cover it?

        • Mucho stupido hombre? Well i am playing russkies(KV-1 recently bought) just bcs it’s easy mode tank which is perfect for anti-stress…first T5 battle i fought in it i get 10 kills and my first pools medal….also i don’t play that much T10′s bcs they are not fun, and last T10 i drove was IS-7…just bcs it’s so much easier to play than others….so there you go…i materialize my conspriacy more than enough…soon i’m gonna buy KV-1s to prove how blatantly OP that tank is…i already have it researched from KV-1 just didn’t bought it yet…

  9. Speaking about the Israeli IS-3.

    I recall a long time ago Chieftain once mentioned on the epic thread that WG was looking into Arab and Israeli tank projects and stated that the most likely first tank to come out would be an egyptian Tier 7 premium.

    Most of us speculated it would be the T-100 or T34/100 tank destroyer. IE T-34/85 chassis with 100mm BS-3 gun mounted.

    • Interesting. About half a year or so ago, Slavamakarov on the developer blog did say something along the lines of the first Merkava prototype being possible in WoT, IIRC

      • From which year is the first prototype ? It’s from the 70′s if i’m right, so far beyond all the other tanks ingame

        • It doesn’t matter WHEN the tank was made, it matters only HOW it was made.

          SerB stated many times that smooth bore guns, reactive/composite armor, some laser guided weaponry and advanced electronics disqualifies tanks from implementing in to game. Anything before that is legit for the game

          • Yes, it’s the same logic that forbids perfectly good for the game 1944/45 cannons.

      • An early prototype might have had a rifled gun, simple non-augmented metal armor and little electronics, I’m no specialist on arab tanks but if they find such tank , I see no problems for it to make it in to game, more tanks in WoT is never bad.

  10. T14 is my favourite premium to play and I kick ass with it. If they buffed it at all there would be cries to nerf me.

    • What I don’t get is why the gun has to be so much worse than on the M3 Lee. Hell it’s worse than the Lee’s first gun.

  11. - in WoWp, training crewmembers to 100 percent costs 400 gold instead of WoT 200 gold. SerB states that there are no plans for now to rise the price for WoT crew training also

    Whoever asked this probably forgot about WoWP crews usually only being 1 or 2 people. The double training costs there mean you still pay the same to train up a full 2 person crew there as you would a 4 person crew in WoT.

  12. Greetings Silentstalker,

    Is it know whether or not, a Swedish line of tanks 7 artillery has been discussed to at some point to be introduced to the World of Tanks? Has Serb, Storm or another Wargaming developer ever mentioned Swedish “Stridsvagn 103 S”?

    Granted I don’t foresee the Stridsvagn 103 being introduced until after Havok effects have been introduced and a fair share of the maps re-made to incorporated a Stridsvagn 103 unique hull-down technique. Overall I think it would be an extremely fun tank to play in WoT.

    • Swedish tanks will most likely be a part of the EU tree (since Sweden is the only EU treenation, that can field a realistic tier 10 heavy tank – the KRV). The S-Tank was also discussed, but generally, the developers aren’t very happy about this, because the vehicle aimed by moving the whole hull, the gun has 0 degrees traverse I believe think.

      • The Italians can field a decent range of heavy tanks as well actually although their best candidate for Tier 10 would be an M60 which is still okay.

        • And what would be the point of making yet another patton?
          The KRV (from what i found – the KRV is the 103 S) at least seems different – and completely unplayable with 0deg elevation and traverse.