Profitability changes in 0.8.6


Profitability change is percentual (eg. Tank – 30 means it’s profitability will be increased by 30 percent)


Churchill III 30
KV-1S 11
KV-2 11
T-150 11
IS 7
KV-3 7
IS-3 10
KV-4 10
IS-8 11
ST-1 8
IS-4 13
IS-7 12
T-28 15
A-32 15
Matilda IV 29
T-34/85 13
KV-13 16
T-43 10
T-44 19
BT-2 15
T-26 15
Tetrarch 10
M3L 30
Valentine II 25
T-127 27
T-46 10
AT-1 10
SU-85B 5
SU-85 10
SU-100 23
SU-100Y 14
SU-152 10
SU-101 5
SU-122-54 8
Object 704 5
Object 263 15
Object 268 8
SU-5 25
S-51 16
Object 212A 8
Object 261 -15


Tiger 10
Tiger P 11
Tiger II 13
VK4502A 18
E-75 6
VK4502B 11
E-100 7
Maus 18
PzIII 10
PzIV 11
T-25 17
PzIV Schmal 5
3001H 19
3001P 23
3601H 15
M10 Panther 16
Panther 15
Panther II 19
E-50 6
Pz38H 11
Pz35t 10
PzI 25
Pz38t 10
T-15 18
Luchs 5
PzjgrI 10
Marder II 30
Jagdpanzer IV 21
Jagdpanther 9
Ferdinand 5
Jagdpanther II 5
Jagdtiger 8
Jpz E-100 8
Bison -5
Sturmpanzer II 7
Grille 12
GW E-100 -8


T14 27
M6 9
T29 10
T32 9
M103 5
T2 Medium 15
M3 Lee 10
M4A2E4 33
Ram II 23
E8 Sherman 17
Jumbo Sherman 17
T20 15
M26 5
M46 8
M48A1 8
M2 Light 25
T1E6 20
T2LT 5
M22 Locust 19
T21 19
T82 8
M8A1 7
T40 10
M10 Wolverine 5
T49 5
Hellcat 14
Jackson 17
T25/2 24
T25AT 8
T28 5
T30 11
T110E3 15
T110E4 18
M7 Priest 7
M37 7
M41 8
M40/43 17
T92 -16

Great Britain

Churchill I 15
Churchill VII 21
Excelsior 17
TOG 15
Caernarvon 10
Conqueror 6
FV215b 5
Vickers MkI 25
Vickers MkII 15
Vickers MkIII 10
Matilda BP 44
Cromwell 15
Comet 10
Centurion I 25
Cruiser I 10
Cruiser IV 10
Cruiser II 10
Covenanter 5
Crusader 9
UC 2pdr 10
Alecto 5
AT2 5
AT8 20
Churchill GC 35
AT15A 35
AT7 6
AT15 5
Tortoise 10
FV215 183 6


B1 20
ARL44 17
AMX50 100 22
AMX50 120 8
AMX50B 10
D2 10
Lorraine 40t 12
D1 10
H35 15
AMX38 10
AMX40 10
AMX12t 18
AMX13/75 5
Renault FT/AC 10
UE57 8
ARL V39 14
AC Mle46 5
39L AM 9
105 AM Mle 50 47
M4 Mle 45 6
Lor 155 Mle 51 -5


110 8
113 10
Type 58 11
T-34-2 5
WZ-120 -10
NC-31 13
Vickers E 12
59-16 13


58 thoughts on “Profitability changes in 0.8.6

    • Wow! Pretty big and substantial numbers there. You would expect 5% here and there, but it’s much bigger in general… except for a few arty pieces! Hurray!

      • Net Profit = Gross Income – Repairs-Ammp-Consumables.
        So above they say that an M3 Lee gets 10% more. Does that mean that the Net is expected to be 10% more on average after changes to the incoem and costs or that the Gross Income is going to be 10% more?

          • Those should be all increases to the profitability of tanks, each tank have its own, they do not take account of repairs.

  1. ~30% on some T5 premium tanks? Quite nice.
    Finally it will be worth to buy those premiums, if somebody wanna grind credits faster.

  2. I just got a huuge motivation to play Churchill 3 and Matilda Iv. They were already great moneymakers, and now they are totally awesome :)

    • Exactly what i though. I looove my Tilda mk IV, makes a ton of credits already and now its even more :) Not even worth playing T8 prems anymore :)

      • Can you please give us exact numbers? (avg / min / max) Thanks in advance!

        • Well in a decentish round you can make 40-45k credits with the Tilda, with only like 1k for repairs and 1k for ammo. But, on avarage battles are a lot shorter thou on tier 5, so in the end you can make more credits over time than with a T8 prem, esp now after the income buff. That’s another 10k on avarage more earning per battle.

          • seems premium, my master badge on matilda IV was 1835dmg, 584 spot dmg, 1824xp, 46233 gross, 39530 net icome, had premium those days

  3. Great ! All my fav moneymakers (Churchill III, Matilda IV and M4A2E4) got a neat 30% credit boost. That means Löwe is now obsolete since they already earn the same credits in the same time with a lot more fun, and now its 30% more ..

  4. I like how they increased income on most of the “unpopular” tanks thus hoping it will boost their reputation and people will start playing them….also desperate attempt to reduce the number of high tier arties by reducing their income :)

  5. :(
    No increase on E50M and FV4202… me so sad.
    It’s not fair. T10 heavies and TDs got buffed 10-15% or even more, as mediums got almost nothing…

      • Tier X meds also got a penetration nerf.
        Since they shoot APCR as ‘normal’ ammo, they now have only 2° normalisation instead of 5° …

        … but anyway meds will still be better than heavies ;-) … at least in the right hands *cough*

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      • That’s the dumbest reply ever. Compare it to the T21 or T71, and you get a worse tank on higher tiered battles. Wow, pure logic, eh?

        Its glory days as an “end-tier uberscout” are over. WG just didn’t change it yet, for some idiotic reason.

        • T71 is truely OP, indeed.
          But Chaffee is way better than T21 in nearly every aspect…

          …wait, T21 has 10 more hitpoints!^^

          • Let’s see…
            T21 has:
            - better turret traverse
            - better engine (and better hp/t ratio)
            - much better track traverse speed
            - better gun elevation arc
            - way higher income rate
            - way lower repair costs

            …oh, but I will surely use my Chaffee on Tier X battles for the extra 10 meters of view range and the extra 9mm penetration!

          • The Chaffee is far better than the T21, I agree – the accurancy on the move and the good camo is a big deal.

            However there isn’t a clear reason why it should cost more to run than the T71.

          • T21 gets the same camo as the Chaf, and it’s not as tall as the M24 either. Accuracy is only .1 lower than the Chaf.

            People say that the Chaf is way better than the T21 because they have the M24 maxed out with 100% crew and 2 or 3 skills, and they compare it to a stock T21. I have both, use both, and even though I’m not doing bad in the M24, I don’t think it should still see Tier X matches all the time while the T21 gets away with Tier VIII-IX mostly.

          • Don’t wanna piss you off being a smartass, but…

            “T21 has:
            – better turret traverse
            – better engine (and better hp/t ratio)
            – much better track traverse speed”

            T21s turret turns faster, yes, but has therefore 50% more dispersion while rotating it.
            Chaf has better hp/t ratio than T21 (25.35 > 24.15 – terrain resistance is equal btw).
            Hull/Track traverse isn’t that much faster on T21. Remember, the in game values are only for stock engine.
            Difference stock -> top engine:
            Chaf 300 -> 500 = ~166% more power
            T21 520 -> 560 = ~107.7% …

            …but it’s pointless to discuss which of them is better anyway.
            In fact, (here you’re right) Chafs glory days as ‘end-tier-scout’ are long gone and therefore his profitability/repair costs should get adjusted properly.

          • The Chaf’s second track’s traverse speed is 46 d/s, while the T21′s is 60. That is a huge difference. Even with the stock track, it’s 42 for the M24 and 58 for the T21.

            I was fairly sure the T21 had better hp/t ratio, but maybe I counted it wrong. But yeah, the same is the same: Chaff needs to be rated as a regular Tier V light, with a lot of Tier VIII games, and some Tier IX.

          • Oh, and they also should remove hat ridiculous Bulldog turret, and just leave the first one in, or just change some things on the first one and add it as a second turret.

          • “Chaff needs to be rated as a regular Tier V light, with a lot of Tier VIII games, and some Tier IX.”

            I personally like Tier X games as scout. At least pre-8.5 … => Arty wars^^ ;)
            I’d prefer the income/repair costs to be buffed.

          • about tracks:
            I meant the stock engine, not stock tracks. Track/Hull traverse speed is also influenced by the tanks hp/t ratio and terrain resistance.
            The ingame value shown in the garge is the traverse speed with stock engine on hard terrain.
            For example: look at the Luchs => only 33°/s traverse speed with top tracks, but we all know that he can turn on dime.
            Luchs stock engine 140hp – top 360hp => 257% more power.

            I’m no native english speaker. Hope you got what I’m trying to explain :)

        • I like tier X games too, when I’m in a tier VII-VIII light. Otherwise it feels very discouraging. I mean, think about it: how many clans are using the Chafee in CW as a scout in top tier games?

          • I mean, just compare the Chaff to a Tier VII or VIII light. The M24 can’t even kill them one-on-one (I’m not sayng it can’t be done, but on average it’s not very likely at all). A light tank, in the same battle, can’t even kill another light tank. So when a team gets two VIII lights and the other one gets a VIII and a V… see where I’m going with this?

  7. With boosting T5 premium tank profitability, tier 8 premiums lose their value. Interesting, but definitely will enjoy that!

  8. Great, so I’m still being forced to play T21 or T71 instead of my Chaffee. Sigh.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the changes, but the M24 was my primary for a looong time, and it’s so sad that it’s being left out of everything. Utterly stupid, especialy since the T21 and T71 get a bit lighter MM, with much higher profitability and less repair costs, 1-2 tiers higher.

  9. WZ-120 decreased profitability? Yes, I know it used to make 60 to 100k silver on very good/epic battles, but now the ammo will be more expensive, the profitability will be reduced… me no likey!

  10. Goddamn how about the su100 44?shells are expensive,sometimes even my kv3 make more money.

    • The 122-44 doesn’t need a specific buff to profitability, the shot dispersion change is going to increase profits significantly. Less whiffed shots = more damage, lower ammo costs. After trying it out on the test server I wouldn’t be surprised for my income in the 122-44 to increase by more than 20% after 8.6. Maybe less of a change for people who run premium on a regular basis.