Gold consumables price to be cut in half in 0.8.6

Thanks to Steiner011(EU) for bringing this up.

Basically, the consumable price will be cut in half in 0.8.6 – but beware, it’s not forever, only until the 0.8.7 (this is a bit of a trolling from WG, because 0.8.7 will contain British arty and will allegedly come very soon after 0.8.6).

Keep in mind that selling prices will be cut in half also, eg. if you have gold consumables now and want to get rid of them, do that before 0.8.6 comes out.

21 thoughts on “Gold consumables price to be cut in half in 0.8.6

  1. Is this supposed to be an experiment like gold shells for credits ? It really looks like.

  2. Im gonna guess theyre doing this as a test so if they decide to not do it there won’t be a bunch of whining!

  3. Yeah , I guess a lot of ppl doesn`t buy prem consumables , so WG had to “reinvent” them to earn some more buckaroos , just like they did with spall liner.

    My bet is that next in line is Additional grousers. Maybe visual enlargement of tracks to act better as shell eaters and spaced armor.

  4. Thanks for the heads up– sold all the free crumpets/cola/coffee/etc I had accrued, worth nearly a million silver.

  5. Initially the SEA announcement said the event there would continue from 20th of June till 20th of July, now it is updated and all dates are removed :)
    But more or less it should be correct, so expect 0.8.7 at the end of next month.

  6. So, wait what if we buy a ton of consumables in 8.6 half off and sell them in 8.7…? Would we make a profit?

    • Erm… no?

      You buy now for the high price, later the price will drop to 50% with 0.8.6, if you sell then you get only 50% of the already lowered price.

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