Technical: On comments

Hello, everyone

guys, just a small update about the comments under the articles. Look, it’s like this: in the past, I tried not to censor any comments. You can be rude here, but please – within reason. Yesterday, I removed a bunch of all caps spam from under one of the articles. Yes, I am talking about you, Mark Chapman, aka palmnut (same IP). Don’t do that shit again, please. Thanks.

On the matter of spam: as I mentioned when this blog started, Edrard installed a hardcore spam filter (that’s why the comments are still for the unregistered, I think it’s more comfortable that way for everyone). This however means one thing: sometimes legitimate comments do fall into the spam folder. If you post something and don’t see the comment, it doesn’t mean I deleted it, it usually means it was filtered as spam. I go thru spam folder regularily and remove legitimate comments from it.

However, be aware: if you post two links and more in your comment, it will fall into the spam filter AUTOMATICALLY. I know, annoying, but nothing I can do about it, sorry, if it wasn’t this strict, we’d be neck-deep in spam.


23 thoughts on “Technical: On comments

  1. It’s a necessary evil so bear with us guys, I can assure you dealing with spam is hard work.

  2. Please change the font color to normal black. This light grey is very difficult to read.

  3. First, thanks for deleting his comments. They’ve been kinda annoying.

    Second, I don’t see the problem in making/logging in a blog account. These Anon flamewars do get old and boring from time to time^^

  4. Hey SS, this will be completely offtopic and maybe you were asked this in comments before – if so feel free to call me a retard.

    Anyway – what’s your opinion on the recent scandal involving people from Czech Prime Minister’s office? It’s sort of like Czechout-gate taken up to eleven, isn’t it?

  5. What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Wtf I never did such a thing ?! How come you know he’s not using ToR ? I saw how people snatch someone else IP’s! You can clearly see it’s a troll, srsly SS why do you do this to me without investigating it?!

  6. Спемујем на Ћирилици, Спемујем на Ћирилици, Спемујем на Ћирилици….. Поздрав СС

  7. When someone leaves stupid comments on my site, I just change his comment to something like

    “I’m a retard”

    This makes them super angry but they can’t do shit about it. I have full control over the comments, I can edit or delete them, whatever I want.

      • Yes, it is effective. Sometimes they open another post, I change that too, then they realize that it’s a hopeless fight and they leave. It’s not really evil, I do this with spammers, flamers and guys of similar caliber only. With those who fully deserve it. Like this troll who is mentioned in the article.

  8. Where are my comments ? Oh no…. why do I have to pay for some dickheads trolling ?! Please SS ask Edrad to investigate this quick! Oh no…… please answer me quick!

  9. Finally! “I told you so” ;) …

    Could you please work sth. out on the matter of subscribing to comments by email? Your old blog had that.