Hello everyone,

as some of you might have noticed, there are two adsense banners on FTR from now on – one on the upper side under the main logo picture and one on the very bottom of the page. With that being said, I’d like to ask you guys – if you want to support FTR – to keep the Adblock off for this site. Who knows? You might find something interesting on the banners too :)

Any small profit this might make will be split between me and Edrard, the guy who runs wot-news.

So that’s it, I hope it’s not intrusive too much.

- SS

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      Google Adsense registers this as fraudulent clicks by the account owner, and can RESULT IN TERMINATION OF THE OWNERS ADSENSE ACCOUNT.

      • Shame I cannot edit my post above, but it is fine to click if you see something you like, but clicking it a few times isn’t. Also, don’t click once a day or anything like that, google has spent a lot of money to get a system that can be over-aggressive in some cases.

      • Hey it’s Capt. Mytre way back from BadCompany 2 EA UK forums. xD i guess you got bored of BF3 too in favour of WoT eh?

    • Edrard is hosting this blog on the domain he pays for. Of course it’s fair to split the profits with him

  1. Does anyone else have a feeling are not really useful as all I get is WoT adverts. And I’m kind of into WoT already, or else I most likely wouldn’t be here ^^

    • That’s because you browse mostly WoT content.. if you start spamming your search with, I don’ know.. puppies.. then you will get a puppy ad :P

  2. Clicked few times too. :D

    SS does it work with every click or is there a limit of clicks per IP address say per day/hour?

  3. “– if you want to support FTR – to keep the Adsense off for this site”

    You mean – you want us to switch the Adblockers off for this site, right?

  4. Be careful, even subtly mentioning the ads and that you get paid for clicks to your viewers will violate your TOS with Google. I’m glad to click them for you though.

    • He want to make some little money from his hobby, and by splitting the income, he basicly pays for the upkeep

  5. Okay, disabled both AdBlock and ClickToFlash on this website. Just to give you some support.

  6. SS can you ad a “donate” button using paypal API ? a friend of created a little software to help some players to tweak crysis and added a “pay me a beer” button to let happy players thanks him. He know can drink for the next 6 years !

  7. Wouldn’t mind it if the sides had ads too, knowing the money goes to keeping this blog going.

  8. I have:
    “Maybe that why ad’s on Google work” lolz
    “Visa Commercial Card” and “Alienware’s New PCs”

    Keep it going SS and Keep up the good work!!

  9. Disabled adblock (actually FTR is the ONLY site which is on my “allow” list in adblock :P ) and going to click some ads!

    This blog deserves every cent it gets!

    • I agree, this is the only site in my allow list as well. It is weird seeing ads again

  10. AdBlock turned off right this minute. Wont hurt much, and especially wont deny it from u guys!

  11. It’s the second site I unblocked ads (first was adsense itself, to make adsense account :P ).
    Also, I see only WoT ads. I think I know what WoT is.

  12. Apparently, AdSense doesn’t know how to handle the combination of my android tablet and my Slovenian IP, and all I get are poorly made slovenian ads for house-cleaning services (even if i google “puppies” for two hours straight :) and I am cracking up XD
    Well done, google, well done.

  13. I’m not a big fan of any kind of ads because of all the data about my profile google is gathering.

    However, since I spent quite some time on this blog, if would like to suggest something: Why don’t you put a “Paypal”-Donate Button somewhere? I’d be willing top pay – lets say – 5€ per month for this informative blog.. and I’m sure many of your reader would, too.

  14. well, to be honest, I’d rather donate some ingame gold or other kind of bonus instead of clicking the ads (which are hidden by AdBlockPlus BTW) to support the good job you guys are putting up here!

    • You can turn ABP off for just this website. I did.
      Besides, the banners are really small and you’d hardly notice them.

      Thank you for all the hard work SS, I’ll keep my ABP off to help ;)

  15. this is the only site i’ll turn my ABP off, n probably the only one that deserves it.
    SS tnx for everything

  16. Make upper banner bigger. Now it’s too small and doesn’t fit to the site. It should be wider as the main content window. When looks better, works better ;) I doubt if there is any sense in banner at the bottom of the page. Very few internet users will scroll page, or article all the way. make second, banner on the right, bellow the pools. To be honest, I’m not sure how this site will open on mobiles (on mine doesn’t) but right side will be cut off and not shown in most cases – but on PC right side adds works better

  17. Adblock turned off much earlier, will stay that way.

    I just found out nice deal on mobile Internet on Craplakistan :-)

  18. So basicaly you have abondoned the blogspot hosting, and moved to here because you wanted to have something more (got paid) from your hobby. It looked like you will get money from the wot-news owners, but now you asking to turn off addblock to get some profits, and split them with the owner of the wot-news site. I’m confused…

  19. I turned off adblock and ended up with a flashing distracting ad that was highly annoying. I’ve turned off adblock on a couple of sites but they only display static adds that are not annoying. Sorry, adblock is back on until the ads do not flash.

  20. I turned off Adblock to help, but doesn’t look like ads are getting served. I also have (on Firefox) NoScript and RequestPolicy. Do you know the hosts that need to be allowed?

    • For examples, I’ve disallowed the following websites that are trying to do something here: , ,