0.8.6: low FPS? Crashes?

Hello everyone!

For those, who experience FPS drops and crashes in World of Tanks patch 0.8.6, apparently (no guarantee this will work, but it was mentioned by developers), some these crashes are caused by 320 build of Nvidia patches. Try reroll back to 314-316. I am running 314 version and I have no problems (in fact, the game is smoother than it was in 0.8.5 for me).


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  1. Well, I happen to have ATI cards. A very nice one on the desktop/gaming PC, 30-50fps with EVERYTHING maxed out or 100fps with “decent” settings; 0.8.6 crashes a lot, equally during the battle or in hangar; in 0.8.5 had no problems, absolutely no crashes. What use is that now I have 10fps more, doesn’t dip lower than 40, but it crashes?
    And on the laptop… a quite weak videocard, still from ATI, it was marginally playable; everything on low settings, it managed 20fps (Improved graphics; the standard option was actually worse). Now… It barely gets 12-15fps, and sometimes it dips to 5fps, especially around trees; no crashes, but that is not really helpful…
    From my point of view, the new tweaks on the graphic engine: EPIC FAIL.

  2. My fps dropped like 20-30 frames after this patch, but I’m using Ati Radeon instead of Nvidia.
    Now I have to play everything on low to get bearable framerate, end even that does not help on some cases. (fps drops below 10)
    Previously I could play without problems with maximum textures and maximum draw distance.

    So I can say that 8.6 ruined my game. :(

    • Had same problem, graphics looked fuzzy and fps went down, check if you got “triple buffering” on in graphics setting. I have ATI too and turning it off increased my performance to stable vsync 60 fps.

      • I have ATI Radeon too and I have no problems with the new patch.
        My fps remain the same.
        But I do have triple buffering disabled & vsync enabled.

        • I have an ATI card, and my fps in snipermode are really low since this patch. :(

  3. In on 314 too, and I actually got 5-10 fps more now .. Also, never had a crash since like version 0.5 or so ..

  4. No crashes, but my HD 5770 only manages to draw 30-350 fps. Before this patch ist was more like 35-50

  5. i have old drivers, and in 8.6 the fps are more unstable, from 20 to 96… its weird ( only hapen i some maps).

    offtopic; its me or the +30% exp on TDs and 50% on artys is a lie?

    • It was such percent nerf.
      If they buffed again with such numbers – its a fail.

      Simple math.

        • Can you exclude the other effects like:
          * dmg done to higher/lower tier
          * brawler dmg (under 200m)
          * spotted by yourself? (otherwise you’ll get only 50%…)

          • Yeah, it’s the same exp.
            Had a match with my T30.
            Tier 9 match, 2 tier 9es per side.
            illed alone both enemy tier 9es and ended with almost 5k damage and no spotting damage.
            I got 800 exp.
            The other t9 from my team, a heavy, done only 2k damage, no spotting and earned 900 exp…

          • I had few matches in foch today and got over 1400xp for 3k dmg twice which is higher than normally. I would have to have really great game to get this amount of xp in 8.5.

  6. Turning graphics to lowest setting with improved engine reduced crashes for me. Haven’t tested with 8.6 but hopefully they’ll have another hotfix for it or Nvidia will have a fix in their drivers.

  7. if any game “suggests” to use prior nvidia drivers, i just don’t play it, until they fix it,
    i have tons of other games installed on my super PC and WoT is just another one of them.

  8. What I want to know is, what happened to my premium shells for my tier Xs? They’ve gone.