No credit miniquests for you, bloody capitalists!


Hello everyone,

today, the forums were abuzz with the amazing event action with the miniquests (“combat tasks”), awarding double credit reward to the top 3 players of each team on the battle.

So, you thought you’d be getting that too, EU and NA server? Well, too bad, you ain’t getting anything.

Storm: “There won’t be any such credit miniquests anymore. They are too good. This event will run to the end unchanged. But in the future, we won’t most likely do that. It breaks the economy.”

Wow, what does this remind me of… oh, that’s right, something about some 32pdr shells. No credit event for you, bloody western capitalists!

61 thoughts on “No credit miniquests for you, bloody capitalists!

  1. There are good and bad things about having the Russians have the patch first.

    • What are the bad? They get bugs earlier? but they also get the fixes earlier.

      • There economy is fucked up-> everyone has more credits-> more brain dead idiots in tier 10…
        its always possible to make something sound good/bad for someone, it just depends on how u look on it ;)

        • Well, if people were REALLY , they wouldn’t be getting the double exp and credits so easy like the people that are actually good, I dont think the number of really bad players would get increased that much. The main reason I think they did cancel this is because it was rather easy to get the x2 credits, making prem tanks not that usefull, since you can farm the credits for the next tank at the same time you’re grind the tank itself.

        • “There economy is fucked up-> everyone has more credits-> more brain dead idiots in tier 10…”

          Are you saying those brain dead is top 3 most damage player?

          • but 13+ noobs on each side-> at least one will be in Top 3 ;) (Even easier if they are Toptiers)
            The problem atm is the fact, that there are already more then 13 noobs per team…

      • Not necessarily. Most of the time a bug is discovered in the RU client, the hotfix is pre-installed by the time the NA client comes out.

  2. “It’s too good”. Yeah as if they didnt know beforehand. This story is really too good to belive…

  3. So somehow they can’t just introduce a nerfed version like 50% more income?

    Nope, if 100% doesn’t work,then nothing will!

        • Artillery is fine as it is. They nerfed the shit out of them, be happy.

          /start half-sarcasm

          Hang on… you know what, I think heavy tanks should be removed from the game! They can’t handle artillery, so there’s no reason for heavy tanks. Noob heavies, get out!

          /end half-sarcasm

  4. Will you just leave those stupid shells?
    I earned 2000g for 3 inscriptions pulled off in this patch, so thx WG

    • No, nobody will “just leave those stupid shells”.

      Memory is a tool to make people wiser.

      People remember.

      • I bought those shells too and i was also angry; but SS should let that go, he mention them almost every post. Every patch they screw something, so you can earn credits or gold.

        • Well, RU players got 83mm bonus , and we got fastest response ever to prevent EU players get the same bonus too.
          RU players got miniquest for 1 weekend and no more, and EU players wont have a chance to atleast test it and come to same conclusion, because:

          WG is protecting us from “bad ” influence

          Get the pattern?

          • No, I don’t get the pattern.
            Russion server is the first server for patches and for testing new things.
            And you all talked too much about those shells so everybody bought some.

          • Its not becaue we talked too much about it… a few patchs ago the price for the better tracks for t82 was increased by 120% so i cloud get money just like with the 83mm ones… i didnt tell anyone about this but they did fix this just like the 83mm shells
            without mentioning it in the release patch-notes… thats just fu**ing Wargaming.

          • I would actually say the test server is the server where they test things.

        • No, he is not mentioning it in every post. In fact, he mentioned it like twice, this included. Also, it was perfectly acceptable to mention it here, since it’s 100% relevant.

  5. too bad, if something like that would be made PERMANENT and erase the x2,x3 and x5 insanity i know a lot of people that would come back to play.

  6. Sounded very promising……for ten minutes or so. What did we expect right?

  7. Pity. I may not ALWAYS be top 3 in damage, or ALWAYS get 500 ‘clean’ XP, but I’m USUALLY top 3 for damage and running 700ish ‘clean’ XP. This would have been great, and would have definitely made the grind on my T-43 less crap. Or at least shorter.

  8. Motherfkers il celebrate Operation Barbarosa tommorow, eat your heart out ruskies!

  9. I told you…. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  10. Typical Russian bias. God forbid that good players actually get some sort of reward in this game other than banging their head against a brick wall game after game with brainless morons everywhere.

    Maybe they should reward teh 3 worst players on each team instead? That seems to fit the pattern for the audience WG is aiming at lately.

      • WG will miss the players, who actually pay them.
        And WT will gladly welcome them.

        So, wrong on both.

        • oh yeah that 10-20 € per month will make such a difference… u realize that u r just a little number at the end of a proft with 9+ digits?
          Same for WT they dont really care about 1 player… so stop thinking that the world turns around U… it doesn’t… for 8 billion ppl ur just a noone like most of us…

    • Funny thing is, that War Thunder has simply a fucked up economy, (the patch didn’t help) and they still don’t have tanks… It’s like saying, that I moved to Forza 4…

  11. Funny thing is, here on the Chinese server we’re constantly getting one of the following three bonuses:
    1. double XP bonus for EVERYONE (no matter if he wins or loses).
    2. triple XP bonus for those who kill at least an enemy tank.
    3. 5 times XP bonus for the first victory instead of the daily double.
    Each bonus lasting for 1 – 2 weeks then switch to another.

    So when it’s time for bonus No.3, there will be people whining about the XP grinding process being too slow… And experienced player will start farming in this period.

    Jealous? There’s NO WAY you western capitalists can get these. They’re “too good” and should be limited only among communist society :P

    PS: I forgot to add that Type 59 is always available for purchase here in China, both in-game and in gift shop. The same applies for a lot of other tanks such as A-32, KV-220, KV-5, Type 62, MTLS-1GI4,Pz II J, etc (apart from Type 62, those aren’t available in-game but appears in gift shop,sometimes bunched with one another). Actually, I can’t think of a tank that I can’t purchase with RMB, including the (in)famous Type 59G (the Golden Type). Again this is only for us communists. Haha!

    • 1st you are a troll I’m pretty sure,
      2nd they tried to introduce the A32/Panther w PZ iv turret and the strange M6 in the EU server, but the crybabies started to cry, and then they took it out…

  12. Do WG actually play this game.

    They didn’t expect tier 10 arties to be top tier vs tier 10 tanks.

    They didn’t expect double credits to increase people earnings dramatically.

    They didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.

  13. No arty, increased precision, double credits for the top damage – and my IS6 gets 5.000.000 just for 40 battles. WOW!!!

  14. Last i checked, the western capitalists are the same ones who put more money then your Russian players, just saying