FTR on WG EU and Facebook

Hello everyone,

just so you know: it is now legal for you to post links to this site on WG EU forums, it’s officially confirmed.

Also, if you have a Facebook account and prefer to use Facebook for your news updates, you can go to the For the Record FB group and get your news there. I sometimes post extra news, comments or videos there (relax, you are NOT missing out on anything, those “news” are usually just my personal comments or offtopic videos).

27 thoughts on “FTR on WG EU and Facebook

  1. Congratulations man!
    I’m sure quite a few people are eating their liver for this…

    Will we see you back in the forums as well?

    • No offence to Mr Stalker, but no livers will be eaten by the WG staff. They got what they wanted.
      This Blog now has a policy of not publishing leaks and the like, so WG come out ahead on this.

  2. Please, I beg of you, don’t post ‘extra’ stuff on Facebook – not everyone uses it, and it drives me nuts when perfectly good websites start spreading their content over multiple locations.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

    • Don’t worry, no “extra” stuff related to the game, just sometimes funny offtopic pictures of videos or – for example when wot-news server was down for upgrades, I posted that there.

      • Whew, good. I don’t have Facebook, don’t want it and never will have it in the future. Very good you don’t automatically assume everyone has Facebook, because there are some guys who post exclusive content on Facebook. With that I automatically get ‘kicked’ out of that content.

        • I love how some ppl actuary fear facebook… It isn’t bad, you can chat with your friends, I only use it for that…

          • Yes, I have a private FB page for friends only (under a pretense name even). That way, it’s useful, but some people put WAY too much on their wall for others to see.

  3. Is that mean I am allowed to share Silent Stalker contents on WG’s official EU forums? :)
    For example World of Tanks EU forum.

  4. You sometimes post EXTRA news, comments or videos there.???

    Plz let FTR be the 1st info-chanel of yours. I don’t want to come here and get the feeling that I maby missed something by beeing alergic to facebook.

  5. I dont have facebook, plz never post exclusive stuff there …

    Just disabled adblock for your site, keep on the goog work!


  6. I sometimes post extra news, comments or videos there.

    cmon, dont do this. dont force us using FB

    i beg you !

  7. This is good because I had to keep referring to the FTR site by a round-about fashion on the forums.

    This should get you more viewers and the ad’s more views. Which is good for both you and the site.

    Keep it up SS.