Competition rigging – Aftermath

This article is the continuation of the first part.

Summary: Player KingAlphyn from US server was caught rigging a contest. After a shitstorm of moderate magnitude on US forums, he logged on and confessed he did it – not only that, he confessed to do it successfuly in the past. See for yourself:


With that being out of the table, I am sure he will face some sort of punishment by Wargaming. In the aftermath of this confession, questions were raised about other clans doing the same thing by other US forumgoers. Looks like US server gets its competition scandal after all. But that is really not the problem.

The problem is: how can we trust any Wargaming competition after this? I am not referring to some Wargaming-organized rigs, no. Simple negligence to check whether the results were in order by demanding to see replays from the winners.

Since the mechanism of the competition is the same on US and EU server, we might also assume some of the results in the EU competitions were also rigged this way. It’s logical after all – unless you are stupid and submit an obviously rigged result (like 15 kills in a tier 10 vehicle or something), there is no way they can catch you, unless they specifically check the replays. This automatic XP reward system BEGS to be exploited and it’s only natural some players take advantage of it. This is not in any way excusing the culprits – of course cheaters should be punished! But it is the nature of some people to try to exploit the system, this is inevitable.

This fail doesn’t only fall on the head of the cheaters, but on Wargaming. Sure, you might say “hey, but they are so nice, they give us the chance to win something – and you are being ungrateful!” No. What they are giving us is the illusion of a winning chance – and that’s lame. If I was to take this argument to absurd conclusions, they might as well distribute the prizes to random big clans, the result would probably be similar.

What can be done about this?

Two things.

First – and the most obvious one – would be to return to the old system, where replays had to be submitted. That would obviously eliminate most of such attempts, because even if they weren’t ALL thoroughly checked: would you really take that chance?

Second – cancel this type of competitions altogether. Instead, make the prizes lot smaller, but permanent. For example: 50 gold for – let’s say – 1000+ raw XP battle (depending on tier, this would have to be tested). How many of those do average players have? 1-2 per month? This would make checking for cheating easier. Statistically, various winrate categories have various amounts of such battles. If a player consistently gains more gold than he’s supposed to for his winrate, it would trigger the alarm and that player would get scrutinized (WG employees can pull out virtually any data from their database). If found cheating, he (and his accomplices!) would be banned (let’s say for a week during first offense, two months during second offense and permabanned during third).

Just a thought, anyway.

138 thoughts on “Competition rigging – Aftermath

    • this is not the only way to rig “competitions”
      when I talked about previous rigging on the forums, ectar threatened to ban me

      oh well …

        • I’d rather not
          a company that organizes competitions and at the same times doesn’t care about rigging, is not a company that I can concern myself with

          they made it clear if I talk, they’ll get me banned (quite possibly perma-banned)

          • Yeah you must be one of their “beta-testers” who have this so called NDA about their “trade secrets”. I’m just pissed for being deceived as an honest player and customer. I’m just thinking they don’t deserve all these awards and should be exposed for what they really are.

            Just gives more reasons for people not to spend a single hard earned buck in this game anymore. I mean how would you feel knowing that it is all just BS? all these ratings and sites and wikis – they don’t mean shit anymore!

            I kind of liked the game play of WoT but at the same time noticed some “bizarre” things in-game, like everything is “scripted” at times. Now we know that many if not all of these “random” games are anything but random. I hope a competitor game that will be better than this will be created.

            Can you at least clarify the term “paid pubbies” ? nah of course you won’t.

  1. Are you for real?! What do you expect? All randoms are more or less “rigged”. So a guy who gets many exp points because he plays against afkers, bots, tards doesnt get rigged games? How do you see that “competition”? Its all about ” rigging” by using that afkers, bots and tards with help of yours mates. This is a fucked random, online game. Do you expect 100m dash Olympics? Tell it all that 99% of tards, afkers, bots and nobrains. LMAO :D
    The only retarded thing is that WG morons change rules after that “competition” to deny any prices or give prices to cheaters or friends.

    • I bet u are one of those people who rigged or cheated in the past, got a cool prize and now don’t want it to be taken away from you…

      • You have a point insofar as there is a fluid line between rigging a competition and the luck of random games (such as stumbling upon an afk tank to boast your damage/xp count without risk).

        But this was no borderline case, it was blatant.

        WG is risking the credibility of its contests if it doesn’t introduce controls. In any case, this has already produced a lot of angry players who feel cheated. Does that hurt WG? Only if some of them stop spending money on the game. My guess: WG won’t see any significant declines of income because of this (and if there is a decline it could be for other reasons – like frustrated arty players after 0.86).

        In any case, those Belorussian trolls have made it clear that they don’t give a **** about their customers. They will take the easy road as usual: punish the offender, don’t change a thing.

        • So tell me please where is the border? You want a competition? Dont play randoms! Play tournaments and cups. Easy.
          Each not totally retarded scene doesnt care about randoms, ffa, deathmatches etc. I tell you more. The best scenes (sc, cs etc.) almost dont care about online matches. The only thing which matter is a LAN clan war.
          And you care about some ONLINE RANDOMS in a game with +-25% random factor. OMFG!
          Blame WG for stupid rules if you want but dont blame smart players who do everything according to the rules. How do you know who fix games and who is just an idiot? You cant tell! Thats another reason why you dont care about wot randoms.

          • Fyi, you dont play randoms in wot for fun. You play randoms in wot because you HAVE TO earn exp and randoms are the only way for this (TCs r also randoms but in a 15 players platoon). Go to f.e. cs or sc forum and write how you beat some nonames on ffa or you win an online match vs. some noname with apm 100. They ll perm ban you for stupidity. On the wot forum you ll get props and real words how awesome you are. Dont you think this is pathetic?

          • aha and here you all have a clue that those “random” games on WoT are anything but random. In other words its all just BS. Marek Powel I am relieved because I was right all along. Go ahead speak some more “revelations” to us unfavored ones.

          • Actually, I agree with Marek that you cannot stop people from rigging randoms, short of creating a matchmaking system based on ratings. And he’s right — if you want glory and cash prizes that are *gasp* useful irl, go join those competitions with USD as prizes.

        • That’s why the need for another game to compete against WoT then they might clean up their act.

    • Haha, this Marek Powel just copy pasted/combined his responses in the other thread. You really persist in your retardation!

    • KingAlphyn is a victim of WG’s corrupt policies. Join KingAlphyn’s Liberation Front now!

        • I agree.

          The only way to force any comapny, WG especially to take care of some exploit is to use this exploit in so blatant way, they will have no other option then to act.

          WG is retarded, since they banned whistleblower and probably will do nothing about other rigged contests / rigging in future.

  2. The main purpose of these competitions it is to increase player count and gold spending. Fairness is secondary.
    Sometimes, a player can try for a maximal xp amount. He loads his tank with premium shells, premium consumables and plays all night. That’s what WG is looking for. Spending sprees.

    In my opinion, the best solution for rigging is a collective punishment for the clan. If the members are caught scamming for prizes, instead of debating whether they agreed to it or not, or who the gold went to, WG should simply disallow all the clan members from entering such competitions. No more free gold. Done and dusted, if you want to try again, leave the clan or assume your responsibilities. Alone, the winners wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

    • Do you really think a group of non-clanned friends isn’t able to rig a competition just the same. PUPEH was just the platform where KingAlfyn gathered such a group of cheaters.

      • Yes this is right and these “Pro” clanners have lots of multiple accounts they use for trolling other players and fixing games on a “daily basis” just to “boost” their stats.

  3. I hate EA more than WG just because of what happened to C&C… ugh.

    But this kinda pisses me off all the bigger always winning clans get a free ride though but it doesn’t really phase me as much since it doesn’t really matter actually to me.

    • If you knew any of the other perks(perm camo, better MM, improved acc on the move, ect.) you would be even more pissed off at WG right now.

  4. We should differ things that are “illegal” and things that are “legal but not well seen”. So the rigging thing is the second case but, to be honest, so would ” ***** your mother up the *** ” be. So? That’s just how I feel about non-ethic players doing so and WG allowing to let it happen.

  5. At least the guy admitted it. And go easy on him guys, he rigged some games for digital goods for his clanmates, not murdering people.

    I do like Silents contest idea though. Mainly because I can get the 1000xp required fairly often, but I don’t get enough to do what seems to be rigged most of the time anyway.

    And with 50 gold per game, its not likely people are going to be able to save up and get a tier 8 premium tank off it. For something costing 12,500 gold, it would take 250 games with 1000xp per game during the special to get that much. Whilst possible, this would take a lot of games played which would benefit WG greatly, even more so if it was limited for, say, tier 5 tanks.

    • Silentstalkers idea is unrealistic. It is very much like the missions WG tried on the Russian server (top 3 players get extra xp/credits) – they cancelled those immediately, do you really think they would give away gold on a similar basis? NO WAY – NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Would be cool, though.

    • Even tough I agree with if about it being really hard to get a prem tier 8 with 50 gold per battle, I think the main problem would be free exp, 500gold can give you enough free exp to unlock some stuff on lwoer tier tanks, and I dont think WG would want that.

  6. No…the most obvious solution is this :
    Buy a couple of hard drives, save all the replays during the duration of the event, compress the replays on the fly as you go. And there you go… Then you extract the top XPs and see who are the winners. After you’ve done that, you check their replays which are conveniently saved on WG’s HDDs. Then you declare the legit winners, and punish the riggers. There you have it, nice and simple.

  7. perma-ban him and all his clanmates in that battle. Its simple, and a couple thousand gold won’t seem that good when you lose months/years of work.

    Also ban the ENTIRE clan from clan wars, contests, etc. So anyone in that clan might not be banned as an individual but would have to leave the clan to compete for anything. I do mean everything, so any WoWP events that reward gold would not pay out to people in the clan. This is so that clans have direct incentive to prevent cheating of their fellow clanmates. Disbanding and reforming a clan is hardly effortless…

    • I think at minimum , any form of reward that he has collected, needs to be recalled.

      • Not enough. If all cheaters risk is losing their reward, there is no incentive for other people not to try the same.

        That said, KingAlphyn had at least the courage to come clean (and not just about the instence for which he had already been caught. That deserves some respect and leniance. Spare him a perma ban “just” ban him for a few weeks in addition to losing the reward.

        • He only “came clean” because he was caught rd handed, he deserves a perma ban and nothing short of that is enough

          • No you’re wrong. All he deserves is to be disqualified from the event like the rules state. Go read the rules before posting anything ever again.

  8. I can’t see why he should be banned or punished in any other way. At the beginning he pointed at the problem, warned, discussed – and was ignored. So, in consequence, he did NOT abused the system, but plainly used it, since WG by their negligence stated that everything is “working as intended”. Don’t we all know this? Why punish him now?

    • Exactly! He didn’t do anything illegal, he warned WG that it can be done and they were fine with it. Punishing him now would be hypocritical. And to all these idiots wanting his head off: just shut up, it’s not like you had any chance to win these contests to begin with.


        You are retards…

        Think about it: if it’s nothing wrong, then why are there scandals with doping? Or fixing results via bribery (italian, polish football leagues)? You either fail at logic, or you’re rigging contest yourselves. Or both. Kill yourselves, it will be two scumbags less.

        • We should kill ourselves because we disagree with you? Typical brain-dead siemka twat. You’re mentally deficient and your analogies are wrong: rigging contests in sport events is explicitly illegal, but rigging WoT contests the way KingAlphyn did was not forbidden by the rules. Now go back to cleaning my toilet, stupid goy.

          • So, if it wasn’t for the law which says that killing someone is bad you would run amok on the streets with a kitchen knife? How civilised.

            You’re the missing link between monkeys and homo sapiens.

        • I think maybe you need to take a step back and realize this is a GAME and not REAL LIFE.

  9. For example: 50 gold for – let’s say – 1000+ raw XP battle (depending on tier, this would have to be tested). How many of those do average players have? 1-2 per month?

    LOL, Id never have to buy gold again

    • The 1000XP was meant as an example. In reality, it would be for example 1500 XP, or 2000XP – simply some limit only a small split of battle results would reach.

      • 1500-1600+raw xp should be sufficiently rare. To get more you need so insane amounts of kill and dmg it’s practically almost impossible to get with normal tanks. Scouts can earn more due to spotting damage, and by being lower tiers, thus they get bonus.

        • 1500 is to high for the average player. They would just start whining that only the pro player get these.

          No, it would be better, if every player, who has over 1000XP, gets 1% of his XP as gold.
          That would be a better way limit the amount of gold you get. If even the dumbest retard can get, at least, 10 gold from time to time, so i don’t see a big reason for whining. And 1% has not a huge impact on the economy. Even for 1 month of Premium, you need alot of games.

          • 1000+ xp is quite achievable for the “pro” players and as the 1st post says some people wouldn’t need to pay for gold at all if that’s the reward.

            I’d suggest making it achievable only a number times a day, reducing the chances of “unicums” farming gold in random games.

            or even remove gold as a reward and give something else

            EG kill all the arty yourself in one game and receive a free spall liner
            get patrol duty and receive a free set of binos
            get sniper a set number of times in a day and get a gun laying drive

            just a thought

  10. Heh, trying to play the ‘noble’ card after being caught and put on public display.


  11. When these contests started on EU, some were indeed rigged. Those players still play this game…

  12. This toolbelt and his goons should be permabanned like they would in any other game from a reputable dev. The clan should dissolved. WG won’t do shit though because like most Russians they are all-talk pussy bitches. They should look at the other games with larger clans involved as well, because I’m sure the tossers from pbkac, ma, havok, all pulled this shit as well, as they basically just rigged the current clan wars stage 1 and are in the process of rigging stage 2 like the cheating bitches they are.

    From here on, replays needed. Leave it to piles like these douchebags to ruin it for everyone. Ban them all.

    Rest in piss mother fuckers.

    • Well, it seems that these clans like Havok, PBKAC, and MA are trying to manipulate and rig stage 2 of this clan war event. Agreed.

        • I don’t think it would be too hard.

          If you know that by winning, clan X advances, and by losing, clan Y goes to Z.

          Do this enough times with several clans and you can plan out the ladder and control the winning. Easy thing to do really.


          • Well that’s exactly what was done in stage 1 and is done now in stage 2. I don’t even bother with any kind of competitions or events anymore, they get planned out by the top clans for over a year now.

          • Yeah, this “event” really showed off of how little worth and/or fairness there is to these events outside of that they cater to the larger land owning clans. They already get tons of free gold, might as well give them exclusive tanks as well. They have had this plotted out forever with CWs on a nightly basis, so it’s just basically a copy/paste.

            It’ll be interesting to see what WG does. Considering a little birdie forwarded this to the major gaming media sites. I bet they don’t do a thing, instead of perma banning this trash and their minions involved like they should.

            Yet another black eye on WGNA and WG in general. Good for them.

    • lol if you think we cheated then whoever youre with cant do clam wartz riiight

  13. Perhaps if Wargaming were to Re-release the Type 59 as a tank in the store there would be no need to rig up these events. I know I myself and contemplating doing a similar thing because Wargaming has decided to rather than rebalance the Type lock it up from the players.

    • That will probably only happen if they increase the price of it to 8k or 9k Gold. >.>

  14. Silent you say: “50 gold for – let’s say – 1000+ raw XP battle (depending on tier, this would have to be tested). How many of those do average players have? 1-2 per month?”

    Errr, if I play 30 games in a day (which is an average weekend), it is likely that I have at least one of those 1000+ raw exp games that day. My WZ120 and T150 are high exp, winning machine, and I solopub without rigging (why should I, playing with my amount of skill in a T150 feels like cheating already :P).

  15. Best part is, this pile of trash is on the official forums basically mocking WGNA and WG right now, and their mods are afk as usual.

    Actually, I stand corrected, the real best part is the ad at the bottom of this page for me right now is for War Thunder LOL. WG had a good run there milking and verbally abusing their fans, can’t wait for the tanks to come out in WT.

    SerB will be sucking dicks just for money to get by, unlike how he does it for sport now.

    • “SerB will be sucking dicks just for money to get by” I am so really looking forward to this :)
      That’s terrible…

  16. lol at all the angrymob with torches and pitchforks here, wanting to ban other people just because you too bad to get the prize, blow the matter out of proportion, may your tears fuel his awarded Type 59.

          • lol in game name? that’s all your capable of?

            What’s your real name and address so I could beat you up chickenshit. And you deserve it too.

          • so much anger.. so much time and emotion invested in a game. you are probably a really small person that needs to be heard.. well sing it sing it aloud.

            im bored now.. night

          • Pfffft, chickenshit gives up… typical “I’m bored now…” escape mode and I know chickenshits like you like to make people angry in the internet coz thats how you get back for being chickenshits in real life. May you have a bad night and rest in piss.

          • 390 S. Spring garden St. Carlisle PA. Name is Chris. I’ll be waits for your shit talking ass. Gotta love shit talking on the net. Dont be a chickenshit pussy now. You have the address.

          • Your real “complete name and address” not somebody else’s your trying to get into trouble. Even now your trying to be a wiseguy. Give it and I will visit you sometime, I travel a lot and your place could be along the way.

          • …and since your eager to be found please add your e-mail address here (your “real” e-mail not just any junk e-mail) so we can continue communicating their.

  17. Why not make such contest as publiced after they are finished?
    Basicly like: Hey congratulations those are the winners of the Loltraktor contest from last month,
    can’t cheat if you don’t know what is coming right?
    mfg eXterminus

  18. This is why I couldn’t be bothered with the Anniversary Manoeuvres contest.

  19. After the Keep Calm and Carry On contest it seemed entirely likely to me people were cheating the system to win top slots. Many of the top slot winners were getting stupid amounts of XP and managing to do it in 15-30 games. It should take hundreds of battles to legitimately have a chance for the most part due to the random elements, yet the same people were racking up multiple high ranking placings with multiple tanks… people in the same clans even. Gee, I wonder.

    It’s not rocket science. If you’re willing to put forth the effort you can cheat the contests with platoons. WG isn’t going to check this stuff, it’s waaaay too much work and the rewards cost them nothing to hand out. Fundamentally it’s whoever has lots of free time, prioritizes the game, and has no qualms about cheating who’s going to devour the bulk of WG’s contest prizes.

    The only part that’s really ridiculous on WG’s part is that they pull tanks (usually for being overpowered) and then hand them out to these contest “winners”. It’s bad enough people cheat the system, but to even reward them with exclusive items is just asinine.

  20. It’s a GAME!!! Get over it!!! Cry pubby tears, love it!!! Admit it the system is broken and until it’s fixed things like this are gonna happen!!!! Cry pubby’s cry!!!!!

    I love the fact that half of you don’t use your in game name…

    • Here’s another idiot who reasons “it’s a game”. OF COURSE IT IS only idiots like you need to be reminded, and you insult the fact that many players would also want to win these prizes without resorting to cowardly methods.

      And you know why people here don’t use ign cause they know what cowardly things chickenshits like you are capable of in-game, like so called bounties and such. Just give here your real name and address so I could beat you up for all the times your kind have deceived and stolen enjoyment from people in game.

        • you probably really bad anyway.. and dont you know TK’ers get banned and turn blue? of course not.

          • lol td139 if only you knew, but I promise you a bloody nose and a rearranged face if ever you give me a chance you piece of shit.

          • …and I just checked td139 is a junk alt account of some piece of shit. AHAHAHA, must be planning to use it as “food” for your main account that is full of bull shit fakeness?

          • But he’s not going to tell you his real name and you know why? Cause he’s a chicken shit, fucking pussy asshole. He’s afraid you’ll cut off his head and piss down his throat.

            He’s afraid he’ll be taken to the bank,

            the blood bank.

  21. Woo he admitted I don’t think anything has been done their clan is happily antagonizing/trolling knowing they can get away with it so much for everyone getting the M60 or any other prize out there.

  22. As I wrote before – the more rigged competitions, the better.
    After reaching a criticall mass (and competing game), WG will have to introduce a civilized, transparent and verifiable way to solve such contests.
    Automatic score collecting is cool, there could be 2nd step like asking player to upload a replay with given code which would be connected to given score.

    Till then – I would suggest all those envy haters to make a clan and to rig the contest. Other option is to cry (me) a river.

    • No ones crying but people are angry for being decieved, cheated and insulted. You get it now chickenshit?

    • Envy haters? look whose talking? If you were not such an envy hater chicken shit you would not resort to this type of cowardly methods.

      • My dear Onan.
        Those methods aren’t cowardly – they are legit because WG developed contest system in a shape that that system allows such rigging, and because WG doesn’t give crap about such methods.

        Fact that apparently you are unable to perform such operation and win such contest and you are apparently jealous about that is irrelevant.
        Calling other people words won’t change that.

        The more contests will be rigged in such way, the faster WG will react ans establish verification system, probably aligned to cries of wusses like you, because they are sponsoring this game after all.

        • wtf justifying your twisted ways? and for your info I’m not jealous, however, I as well as other fair players out there, who are usually too busy in real life, would also like to have a fair chance of winning these prizes since we spend precious time, money and effort. Who knows how many of these “winners” were actually fixed and some honest player should have won that prize instead?

          And yes this is something cowards and weaklings do all the time because they can’t win fair and square.

  23. I was just wondering, in case anyone here with more knowledge about internet laws, if WG could be sued or made to pay for playing a part in this deception. Advertising this as fair competition, all the while knowing and tolerating this type of fraudulent activity in their game. They should be at least liable for fostering fraudulent behavior in people, youth in particular.

    • Speaking of fostering youth, SerB is probably laughing at this incident right now, while eating the ass out of some 18 year old boy with a wooden spoon.

  24. We all know WGNA wont lift a finger beyond “taking out the prize” from the offender, anything else its just a pipe dream..

    Of course, this also means the entire PUPEH clan will be labeled as “sh*t” and “cheaters”. i dont see his commander being able to engage in a decent talk anymore and will have to retort to acquire a “trollish behavior” in order to

    a)piss off people that offend him and..

    b) be left alone

    this is just sad, from both WG lack of inteligence to close its loopholes and the offender, for being a total jerk and risking his clan into disgrace.

    wg can no longer be trusted in his contests. you re better off drinking piss than expecting a fair gameplay in Contests and clan wars diplomacy

  25. this guy should get perm ban and also all his friends who take part in that game should get the same punishment as a example for future contest… afterall, this happend coz of lazyness of WG by seting everything on automode and waiting for results… but back to the topic, imo the only way to take part in competition and win a prize should be posting replays on and mods or other stuff on forums should gather best results and check them for rigging and other stuff

  26. Damn…I wish I knew about this sooner…could have gotten myself and a few friends some t59′s…:/

  27. offtopic:
    In the Thread
    Ectars says:
    toniks123, on 24 June 2013 – 01:16 AM, said:
    There is nice video showing new premium chinese tank 112 in action on Ftr blog.I will not post it here because of forum rules…..
    Nice looking tank

    P.S. Pm me if you want direct link…

    Due to comments made by the author of For the Record and the direction he plans to take the site, since it has been intergrated into wot-news now it’s perfectly fine for players to link to the new site.

    It was new to me so wanted to share the post with you.

  28. Only allowing entries from people playing solo ie not in platoons, would cut out alot of this also.

  29. I think some people here need to calm down.

    Also, I lol everytime people whine about contests – for simple reason.

    - Seeing as the prizes handed out can (outside of the contest) be only obtained in exchange for real money (and some only during special events) there are bound to be people who will try to find loopholes in the rules, ways to rigg the contest. And, if you use brain, it isn’t really that surprising. Yes, WoT is only a game, but it is played by real people who were doing, are doing and will do the same thing they do in real life – get the things they want the easy and cheap way.

    My advice – unless you can do it better or until WG changes the rules and covers the loopholes, don’t participate in events like this.

    • You re basically saying : dont participate in Boston marathon, because the authorities cant prevent people from being blown the fuck up. So stay in your houses, barricade yourself, and let the motherfuckers BLOW THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR TOWN.

      GTFO faggot!

      • The one thing that is different between Boston incident and WoT events is that the marathon (aside from last one) was safe. WoT events, on the other hand, are being rigged since they started. Why the WG doesn’t change rules, I don’t know. But until the rules are changed, these events (unless you can do what KA and some PUPEH members did) will give you nothing aside from frustration. Or if you are really skilled/lucky (or both) you will get some minor prize. If you want to, do it. Just please don’t whine about not being able to win.

        Also, calling me a faggot just because I have different opinion? Seriously?

        • +1. Just don’t participate in this kind of BS. And to the people saying “just do it and abuse WG’s rules without formally crossing them even though you know it’s wrong” … I HATE that attitude! Something about playing the game or competing in the spirit of the game, fair play and all.

          To me the people rigging these contests are the real losers and crybabies, because they apparantly feel they can’t win it without abusing the rules, so people who do play fair are the ones actually being punished. And no I am not even close to being one of those really, really good players.

      • Also, I am pretty sure goverment tries it’s best to protect the people (at least in countries like USA) whereas WG does not. If goverment did things WG way, it would silence the ones saying there can be bomb attacks and would just let the country burn – WG tends to silence people complainig about unfair competitions with bans and does nothing with the farces (official name: special competitions).

  30. I can only imagine only one answer from WG to this issue:

    “How terrible…”

      • How terrible is what SerB thinks, like the time he lost his wooden spoon and there were numerous young male assholes around to be eaten.

  31. If you believe him (I didn’t go look back at his posts – here, go look if you want) he’s been talking about this rigging thing, openly, on the forums, since about January 2012. And WG has done nothing.

    WG has failed, big time. Not sure anything at this point should be done to KingAlphyn, he didn’t do anything against the rules that WG has chosen to enforce. I think that WG needs to either require replays from contestants, and review them, or if that is too much work for them, then stop these kinds of contests.

    While I’m sure the scramble for people to get the prize has (may) lead to more expenditure on the game, knowing that it’s riggable will only serve to drive people away from the game.

      • Punishing KA would be stupid. He just used the loopholes in the rules, and while it certainly wasn’t really a fair play, it was WG’s incompetence that caused this. Personally, I wouldn’t punish the players who won the competitions so far, but I would change the rules to ensure fair play and I would enforce them asap (real asap, not wg’s maybe next year).

        • If someone would use a “loophole” (superior physical strength) to “rig the competition” (stick his cock into your ass) you wouldn’t complain either? Mhm…

          • Oh, yess… Please be gentle, I am virgin…

            Fun aside – I think you would agree wot rules are comparable to real laws.

            Rape breaks those laws and thus, the rapist, if found guilty, is punished.

            Problem with people rigging the contests in wot is that they do not directly break the rules, because they leave them enough space to do what they are doing.

            The problem here is the incompetence of wg.

            I wouldn’t say a word if contests were new. Devs and testers are humans too, they have flaws and they make mistakes. But contests are here for long time.

            It’s the devs shit players can exploit weakness in the system. I don’t get why someone with enough brain matter to figure out there are holes in the system should be banned. Especialy when he wasn’t the first one.

            As for the moral side – it wasn’t really fair, but at the same time not entirely unfair because everyone could do it. Hell, you don’t even need a clan for it, just bunch of friends is enough.

            I think the only reason why you want to ban him is because you are jealous of what he managed to do. And so you whine and cry, instead of coming up (or at least trying) with something worthwhile that could be sent to wg, be it possible solution or formal complaint about obvious and abused holes in the rules.

          • @nyan cat
            So imagine this: there’s a young, attractive girl lying on the street, unconscious, nobody’s around, no cameras, middle of the night, you’re flying to the next side of the globe in two days – never to return. Why not use her as a cum bucket? You’ll get away scot free, nobody will suspect you and it’s actually her fault for drinking too much… Would you do it?

            IMO these comments are pretty much same thing as “she enjoyed it, so it wasn’t rape/she provoked me” line of defense.

          • I wouldn’t, I quote myslef: “Rape breaks those laws and thus, the rapist, if found guilty, is punished.” – Morals aside, I wouldn’t risk it. Those players, however, didn’t risk a thing. And that’s a problem. Not all players play fair (hacks, rigging, etc. You know what they use.) and devs should act as virtual police/goverment – creating laws without holes (or at least obvious ones) and also enforce them. What of those two (working rules, enforcing rules) are true for WoT competitions?

            When (if ever) they create set of fair and working rules and actually begin to enforce them, by all means, ban the players that actually break the rules. But why punish people for what’s not their fault? I really doubt KA wrote the competition rules. He just used what WG gave him.

            Anyway, I think we should stop with the sex related examples. You never know who stumbles upon this site and I’d rather not be the cause for awkward questions asked by some kids. And I also don’t really fancy the idea of anonymous comments/replies being disabled.

          • @nyan cat
            Laws aside… Because written rules are not everything. You know, you can be a law abiding citizen and a scumbag at the same time. Cheating on your gf is not prohibited by law in my country and if i’d done that I would be a scumbag, yes? If you take law aside – there’s morality and a set of unwritten rules (a sort of “how-not-to-be-a-dick – social behaviour for dummies”) and vice-versa – even if you think it’s a good thing to (ok, no sex this time :P) shoot the cop, law steps in and says “hell no!”.

            In my book, cheating in a competition like that is a big no-no and a “FUCK YOU” to the rest of the community, especially to the part which plays it fair.

  32. Hmm…in this thread it’s more interesting to watch the “anonymous” shitstorm rather than to discuss about the main subject and a way to make wg react.

    Also, seems the copy-cats learned a new word: Chiken-shit.

  33. Rigging the contest = perma ban.

    WG should from now on make a “new” system – posting results on forums/sendind them via email (replay + screenshots of post-battle results) might reduce the number of cheating scumbags to 0.

  34. I’ve won 22,5k gold in the chinese event, even a bloody Type 62 by rigging the competition
    ofc I was wise enough not to receive the highes XP amount, so noone could see that Im rigging

    • Congratz man! Nice job. I only blame WG, not you. (Actually, I don’t really care about this, because I’m just a casual player. I would never win a competition like this.)

      • U must be a real no good player then who is a liability to your own team and pulls down everyone else added to that you surrender before even trying. Truth is any1 who tries has a chance, a supposedly “fair” chance. I have won some gold myself and I did not do any kind of fixing, who knows maybe if it were not for these cowards who cheated I might have even won the better prizes. (maybe someone here who knows will say it was “fixed” to make me win unbeknownst to me? please do.)

    • You must be so proud of yourself, but it will come back at you somehow you piece of shit – and you know deep inside that you are. Place here your complete name and address or even just your in-game name and lets see just how proud you really are, cowardly piece of shit.

      I’m not jealous, i’m not crying but everyone here, including you, knows you do not deserve that prize. I hope your girlfriend or boyfriend leaves you and you jump off a bridge and crush your mongoloid face. One less retard to worry about.

  35. “Looks like US server gets its competition scandal after all. But that is really not the problem.”
    —-Obviously you didn’t follow the model making competition and ensuing public vote where the Argentine player (who eventually won BTW) organized his whole clan and associated S.American clans to vote up his and vote down other entries. The prize I think was 5000 gold and his giant metal King Tiger was a lot of work but looked like shit. Competitions are so easy to run properly I am always staggered they can f*ck it up so badly time and time again.

    • Dude, seriously? He didn`t win, he got an honorable mention for actually MAKING a metal tank model. Yes his painting was crap, we all know that. He didn´t get anything he didn´t deserve. He must have poured 3 or 4 times the hours other people put into painting their store-bought models.

      Even though he is from my clan, he didn`t ORGANIZE anything, another of my clanmates decided to make a post on our clan forums, suggesting people take a look at what he had done, which IMHO was amazing even with the crappy paintjob.

      • Yes, he is a clanmate so he is obliged to received the benefit of the doubt from you. I wonder how much cognitive dissonance you experience when you defend argentvs – if he were not a clanmate would you still defend him (i have had a few unfortunate run-ins with agentvs and i can truly say he is the epitome of an immature douchebag)?

  36. As an average player I get 1000 xp without premium quite often, so I like this idea.
    But anywy, problem with rigging is if anyone does, everyone feels it has to do the same to have a chance to win.
    Look at top 50 results in those automatic competitions. They are impossible to get in fair match.

    Competitions can be automatic as they are, but replays should be also stored automaticaly by server and posted. Rewards should be given after a month or something.

  37. Christmas competition 2012, T1 Cunningham vs. 3x BatChat 25t:

  38. My first experience with contest rigging was with the tank model building contest where you won by having the most upvotes on your submission. One time i was randomly browsing through and just happened to refresh the page – one player’s (argentvs of ACA) submission gained 30-something upvotes and his nearest competitor received the corresponding amount of down votes. I then proceeded to check the profiles of the accounts that were on the thread and sure enough nearly all of them were ACA, ACA-T, CAZA, and other allied clans, while the rest had zero battles played. I contacted Gaea with screenshots taken at different times, and he said he would investigate it, but of course nothing was done and argentvs won the contest. A lot of players were unhappy with the winner as well because honestly the winning submission was horribly crafted and painted with shiny gloss paint and looked like a christmas tree. I personally had no submission because im not interested in model building at all, but i do take fairness seriously, and WG has completely lost all of my confidence and respect in them concerning their ability to enforce equality. And with this recent scandal it looks like i am justified, and even entitled, to feel this way. I encourage the NA community to be diligent in exposing WG’s half-baked and utterly pathetic “contests” wherein cheaters always finish first.

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  40. How about making mission/competition entries only valid if they were battles that happened during peak hours when there were a certain number of people in the queue/on your server?

    Two birds with one stone, as it disincentivises unhealthy round-the-clock grinding making WG seem more conscious to govts like N/S Korea or China, and makes fixes much harder to pull.