More miniquests on RU server…

Hello everyone,

the “testing” of miniquests on RU server successfully continues :) There is an interesting even from 26th to 29th of June, that includes two new miniquests, amongst other things.

First: A player, that wins 15 battles in any vehicle in one day (not in a row, just so) recieves one day free premium account. The counter resets around 4 AM.

Second: A player, that deals more than 3000 damage per battle, gets twice XP for that battle. Again, on any machine.

Not sure how about you, but I deal over 3k pretty often on my Ferdinand. And what is the EU server getting? Oh, that’s right. No miniquests for you, western capitalists!

“How terrible…”

100 thoughts on “More miniquests on RU server…

  1. 15 wins on one tank = 1 premium day is OMG

    Obv we don’t deserve nothing.

  2. Well, it’s quite obvious that the result is going to be the same as the previous “miniquests” they implemented. Too many people will get the benefits of it, and then they’ll claim that they won’t bring it to other servers because it give out too much.

  3. ” There is an interesting even from 26th to 29th of ”

    I think you ment event. :)
    And yes, no events for us capitalist bastards.

  4. id like to buy a serb trolling shirt
    something like the arty nerf shirt with his face smiling behind it

    • Well if we look at it from other side of the coin than it only shows how useless and poorly skilled are RU players… :)

  5. You see how SerB gives us the finger?!
    From this I see that he has only one testicle and that’s why he is not man enough to keep his word :D

    • i want to see a acceptable tank play there and WG will see my dust. Hope they are not in love with russian flag and have to raise their ePenis by better “historical correct” soviet balancing.
      They lose another well paying customer.

  6. I find it funny how people on the NA server spends more money on this game per person, yet amongst the RU, EU, NA and SEA sectors, we are treated the worst along with SEA. Of course it should be equal all across the board, but in comparison to other servers we do contribute a hell of a lot for our size.

    • I’d care to argue about that treatment… SEA is now second most important market, right behind MOTHER RUSSIA!
      Honestly, i think that EU server has the worst community managers. I go through NA site often, and all i can say is you get your info way earlier than we on EU, plus i love your events better xD

      • HAHAHAHA. Seriously you think they care about the SEA server??!?!?


  7. This isn’t any kind of test. This is just another excuse for WG to treat RU players better, like they did with the specials and 83mmHE shells…

    A sincere fuck you to WG from my side.

    • how terrible… oh and still u play there game… love it when ppl are consequent…

      • OP was mine forgot username.
        I will play the game even if the RU server got lazor tanks , that doesn mean what they are doing isn’t discriminating as fuck.

        Love it when ppl try to be smartasses.

        • “Everytime i said hi to him he spits in my face, still i will say hi to him when i meet him again.”

          Doesnt that sound “stupid” or sick to u? Its the same ur doing ;)

  8. Thanks God, I live in Russia =D And I like this quests)) Soo, янки гоу хоум, Россия рулит!)))

    • Well better to not have miniquests than not having brain or have it soaked in vodka with only 2 brain cells that allows you to breathe

  9. “Your daughter is pregnant with several afroamerican basketball players , and your wife is cheating you with your coworkers , SerB , care to comment?”

    SerB: “How terrible…”

  10. So, RU players get 4 days of premium during they do their daily doubles…

    And EU get only a middle finger…

    What would happen during roaming? EU players ragekills every RU players?

      • Take part in the implementation of this combat mission can be once for the duration of the campaign “Make way for the winners.”

    • lol, Russians have a lot to prove, as they can unite to fight with “western capitalists”. You will come available with 5+ perks crews… it will be fun

  11. Lets be honest here, if we got a free day of premium for winning 15 battles, we would have free premium accounts for as long as the event was going on :)

  12. I’d like to buy a “SerB Action Figure”, this would be so much better than those WoT-T-Shirts. And when you push a button it says stuff like:

    -”How terrible!”
    -”You’re funny, I’ll nerf you last.”
    -”When it’s done, it’s done.”
    -”You get nerfed, you get nerfed, eveyone get’s nerfed!”

    • When I first read this, I thought you said you wanted a “SerB Action Finger.”

        • “if needed”

          but pushing a button?
          A bit more SerB-stylish, what about punching the stomach or filling alcohol into the mouth. Or just because russians like russians a second figure who kisses the ring on SerBs hand or just kiss his ass for the benefits they get.

  13. Obirian from the German Community Team said, that the miniquest on the EU Server would start in the first half of July, they are testing it on Russian Server first, so it’s easier for the developer to fix probs (cause they don’t have to translate sth.)

    • Yes, but they will realise that rewards are too good, like on the event before this one on RU where some players earned up to 200k credits per battle and it ruined the economy, so they will nerf the rewards and we’ll get shit even worse than we have on specials at weekend

  14. I am going to make account on RU server and troll them as hell, until they ban me. And then make another account. And when I get bored I will customize few lines in WoT-bot and run them with proxy and let them troll RU server to death…

  15. I am wondering if account roaming will be implemented, will we “western capitalists” be able to do miniquests ?

  16. Yup, I as a EU player feel totally respected. Obvious russian OP tanks, obvious nerfhammer against german ones, and now even events that are russian only. yeah, thanks for that.

    • How terrible :P

      Ur free to stop playing this game or is SerB standing behind u with a tank forcing u to play it? Or do u like getting spit in ur face?

  17. Why have you got a photo of that sad fat bastard hogging the free to us PC at the job centre? WTF has he got to do with tanks other than he would look better floating face down in a tank full of wombat shite?

  18. Could be worse Euros, they forgot to “flip the switch” on the servers to update our game today for NA 8.6. Pretty cool that russia gets this shit though and no one else. Including those of us on a server that averages $16 per player, smoking everyone else. Fuck SerB, fuck WG, I can’t wait for land/army in WT to come out so WoT gets shit on by that like their planes did.

  19. Double XP for 3000+ damage? Hahaha…i’d be rolling in the dough in my T57 Heavy xD Dang….well to hell with us ‘western capitalists’. I like your game, but i do not like your Russian devs…to turn a phrase used by Ghandi haha

  20. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

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  22. No brains, no quests! Хачи, пшеки и просто юуропейсы – страдайте, пидарасы!

  23. How terrible!
    I’m and 10 my friends get out of this game!
    No one penny for bloody potatoes!

  24. guys, i`m from ex USSR, and last weekeend (drinking vodka from bottle and balalayka as usual) i farmed more then 13 mio kreds playing RV-5 and Iosif Stalin 7. Eat this, european loosers !!!

  25. Ха ха! Страдай пидарас! Твои мучения радуют нас!
    Ha Ha! Suffer gaylord! Your torment us happy!
    Ha Ha! Ucierpieć homoseksualista! Twoja męka nas zadowoleni!

  26. Who cares. If they are so bad that they need some buffs for getting “extra” achievements (3k dmg, 15 victories etc.) they should get it. Now you can see that RU players need a lot of “buffs” to be at least as good as the bad EU players.

    • Well, to explain these bad players, I mean the worst ones. That means there are also much better players.

  27. Well it would be nice to have those minigames, but in the case of most eu players it would be like stealing a candy from some kid – under the same requirements ; 3k dmg is not even minimal average.
    I say let the russians have their ‘bonuses’, they need it and they are, if nothing else, vastly lacking money in rl, so it’s good of WG to think of them; at least next time you have test client available join them on ru servers and notice how majority of them plainly suck – brainless, charging without any tactics and mostly rude when they die + losing makes them use some profane mother (similar to polish swearing on eu) curses. No need to be jelous of those little things wg does for them to keep them playing:)

  28. They should have fucking test it in TEST SERVER. Otherwise, there are people which earns tens of millions in few days and they keep it. Then in our EU server rewards will be like 1/10 of RU…