Object 430 – upcoming T9/10 Soviet medium

Hello everyone,

as you have probably read already, the Object 430 will be most likely the top tank of the Soviet tier 10 branch (unless Evilly screwed something up and SerB will debunk this). Let’s have a look at this interesting vehicle together.


Object 430 is an experimental Soviet tank. After the war, the T-54 medium tank became the standard tank for the Soviet army, but as the 50′s came and went, it became more and more clear that its original armament, maneuverability and armor configuration started lagging behind the western world trends and that the T-54′s will have more and more trouble dealing with contemporary western tanks. Therefore, several tank development programs were started with the goal of creating a vehicle, that would outperform anything it could meet on the battlefield.

In the Kharkov mechanical plant (ZIM, Factory named after V.A.Malischev – a Stalin-era politician), a new department (KB-60M) was created specially for this purpose, it was led by the plant chief designers J.I.Baran and A.A.Morozov. In 1953, this department finished a preliminary project idea for the new tank, designated “T-64″, which was approved by the army. The project was officially started in April 1954 and recieved the designation “Object 430″. The sketches were ready by the end of 1954 and in May 1955, work began on the technical project itself. This all was finished by June 1955 and a wooden mockup was made.

First two prototypes were made in 1957 and they recieved the designations “Object 430-1*Z” and “Object 430-2*Z” (Z here means “trial” apparently). These protypes were tested by the factory and also trialed against another experimental Soviet tank, Object 140. A number of defects (especially regarding the engine) were revealed during the trials, but overall the tests were considered successful. By June 1958, the plant was ordered to build 3 more prototypes for the military to test on polygons. These were designated “Object 430-1*P, 430-2*P and 430-3*P”. These prototypes were ready in December 1959 and were tested thoroughly in two stages from March 1960 to May 1961.

In the end, based on the trial results, the Object 430-2*Z and 430-3*P were selected for development and mass production recieved new designations of “Object 430M-1, Object 430M-2″. That was, however, not meant to be.

The result of the testing committee was, that while all the development program goals were met and Object 430 is essentially ready for serial production, it does not represent much of an improvement over the T-54. Furthermore, other experimental tanks (Object 165 and Object 166 – otherwise known as T-62A and T-62) also passed the tests by that time, but their advantage was that some of their parts were unified with the T-54. Therefore, since there was such a reserve in T-54 improvement potential and since Object 430 didn’t represent that much of an upgrade over the T-54, the project was cancelled on 17.2.1961. The intended “T-64″ designation was then passed to Object 432.


We will compare this tank to the T-62A, its direct tier 10 competitor (data in brackets will belong to T-62A).

Crew: both vehicles have 4 man crew.
Weight: 35,5 (37)
Engine: 5TD, 600hp (580hp V-55) – as a “fun fact”, Object 430 had a new cooling system, that led to numerous breakdowns
Power to weight ratio: 16,9 hp/t (15,68 hp/t)
Maximum speed: 55 km/h (50 km/h)
Hull armor: 120mm (60 degrees)/ 50mm (50 degrees)/ 40mm (30 degrees) (102/75/45 for T-62A)
Turret armor: 248mm/185mm/63mm (240/161/65 for T-62A)
Gun: 100mm D-54TS (same gun as the T-62A), or U-8TS (experimental rifled gun, roughly matching the British L7)


Object 430 seems to be better on the paper in most respects than the T-62A, so I assume we can expect some nerfs in the game, compared to its real life characteristics. When talking about this vehicle in the past, SerB mentioned a horribly unreliable “one hitpoint” engine, so I assume we can expect something like that to be the vehicle’s weakspot. Either way, this tank will probably play much like the T-62A – why the developers would decided to implement yet another such tank, I have no idea.

65 thoughts on “Object 430 – upcoming T9/10 Soviet medium

  1. How doed it differ from the Object 907? To my (untrained) eye they look fairly similar.

  2. A one hitpoint engine, and that seems to be similar to the Leopard 1s ammo rack :-P

  3. ” (later redesignated to MBT) ”
    T-54, T-55 and even T-62 never were MBTs. In official documents they were called “medium tanks”. T-64A was first true Soviet MBTs (first production T-64 were still called medium tanks).

      • English-language sources and translations of them still call them “MBT”, and this mistake continue to mislead people around =)

          • I can’t see this being an error. What they were is more important than what they were called ;) . And, where is the border to cross to call a tank MBT? Maybe that is a good topic for an ftr post too ;) ?

          • They were medium tanks, because Soviets had IS-8/T-10 heavy tanks for breakthrough operations. MBT paradigm says that tanks should be able to conduct both breakthrough and exploitation operations.

        • I was speaking about many sites (like wiki, etc.) about Soviet tanks :-) They have bad habit of making up things, which can mislead readers.

  4. Can we get a write-up on the Object/Product 416? That’s the tank i’m REALLY looking forward too.

    • agreed.
      if they implement this i also want a new overpowered version of the M48 :D

      • 120mm at 60 degrees is 240 effective armor. Angle your tank at 20-30 degrees (still enough that they can’t shoot your sides) and you have enough to bounce tier 10 heavy and medium standard shells.

      • hmmm… and was it true that the M-62 gun should replace the D-25T, and it could fit on the same (or slightly modified) gun mount (i.e. any vehicle able to mount D-25T would be able to mount M-62)?
        Best regards,

  5. I hope it will receive the U-8TS. Otherwise I don´t see a point in having a second T62. Despite the fact it would be good to have two T62s for CW if one is locked.

  6. Yeah, and Wg should also introduce second line of Chinese identical medium tanks lol. There is already too many tanks like T54. I hope they will never introduce Polish or Czech or other versions of T54/T55 cause it will start to be really annoying :).

    • Oh, cmon! Its basicly the same with Sherman. We have 3 ingame, 1 premium and we are expecting at least 1 or 2 more shermans….probably even more. (Firefly, T6 and other M4 variants)

  7. Either way, this tank will probably play much like the T-62A – why the developers would decided to implement yet another such tank, I have no idea.

    They saw how good T62A is, they liked it. So why not another copy/paste OP tank. Maybe this one will have even faster reload than 5,5 sec like T62A :)

  8. 2 front tanks in the first picture are obj430, right ?
    First with rifled gun and 2nd with smoothbore.
    2 after that look like t64 and t64A.

  9. To be honest, who needs this tank ? It just looks pretty much the same as T54, T62, Typ59 and so on . Ya maybe there are some differents in those, but hell ya, they look all the same and i dont see a point to grind that tank, if i would play again, if its just a 95% copy of the T62 or whatever .

    Well nevermind WGN is doing something great in future…..

    @ SS If you want to bring some good news, check the Medium British thread in EU forum. There is some exciting stuff going on, for the FV4202 buff, or atleast ” historical correctness” done by players for WGN ;)

    • The thing is it’s really easy to get in-game as the models need to be changed sligtly, but many people will go for it, thus more moneyz. Everything in this game is made to get maximum revenue.

  10. I would like to have 2x T62A ready for clan wars. Also I see no problem to have two similar tanks, in fact I actually enjoy having in garage Type59 and T54 who look almost the same. Its like owning a collection. I see nobody complaining about the french light AMX series but so many complains about the soviets. Always.

    British top tier medium and heavy are one of a kind now in game and how many people are actually grinding them? Instead they are busy complaining about another T-62.

    • exactly. Let’s see:

      we have:

      4 shermans in the game, with more planned to be released (M4, easy8, jumbo, beta, firefly).
      4 variants of the AMX 13 (the 12t, the 13 75, 13 90, the arty, and the 13 105 that could be made)
      4 variants of the T-34 (the T-34, T-34-85, and then the chinese ones) with more planned to come out
      We have several variants on the PzIV (the PzIV, the PzIVS, the PzIII/IV, the PzIV hydro)
      we have 5 variants of the Panther (the Panther, the Panther M10, the VK3002M, the Panther 2, the awfuckwe’regonnalose panther)

      so I really don’t see the problem with having 3-4 variants of the T-62, or 3-4 variants of the T-54.

  11. I couldn’t find anything about that U-8TS gun, has anyone else succeeded in doing so? I hope they don’t want to add another top tier med with 320 avg dmg. It would be lovely if this one would be fitted with a gun that does 390dmg.

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  14. i hope they add the object 430U (160 mm hull armour and 122 mm rifled gun)
    it would be better than the standard object 430

  15. It will not necessarily play like T62A. T-54 and T62A already play very differently, this tank could too.

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  18. The only question have because im grinding on the T-54 right now is if i have obj. 140 in garage will it become tier IX and i get that obj. 430 or will that obj 430 become new tier X reserched from T54 ? Im a bit confused right now. Can someone elaborate for me pls ? :)