39 thoughts on “New winter map: Belogorsk 19

        • nice one, but the actual maps arent like pool tables, more like labyriths with russian OP ghosts hunting for german pacmans

  1. Yesssss this will be soooo nice with the added “night” and “Blizzard” features some day when they add the 4 times of day and 8 or 9 weather conditions. \o/

  2. A Deceptively complex map, lots of sloppings in what seems to be an open field, this would probably require a Steppes-like tactic of aggressive map-control.

  3. Well for a winter map, I personally find it nice looking. Concerning the structure… it remind’s me a bit of Redshire but without the two hills.

  4. I wonder if we will ever get a heavy forest map or thick jungle map? A map where tanks can appear from where you least expect and you’re constantly knocking down trees

      • this ^

        I like to see tanks, not advancing and suddenly find enemies all around me.

    • I’m with Okinoshima on this one. Bring us the hell of South Eastern Asia. And while at it (Japanese tree incoming… wink, wink… nudge, nudge…) I’d love to see a map of an Pacific atoll with beaches, shallow waters to traverse, reefs and jungle.

  5. I wonder if tanks will skid on the frozen river or even break through the Ice

  6. Whilst I fully welcome any new maps I’m still waiting on a nice ‘pacific’ islands map with palm trees and beaches etc. to tie in with the forthcoming Japanese tanks.

  7. nice map but like all new maps, cycle of 1 per 200 games or some so for casual players it means experience 1 time only and continue to play on Murovanka

  8. The new maps are so awesome lately, cant wait for more.
    Not that the current ones bore me, its just that Im amazed about every new map. The quality of the new ones is great.

  9. This map on first sight looks like last one Sacred valley…some village in the middle and flanking routes around…but that’s only first sight opinion

  10. I must say while these new maps look very very cool in details, only problem is these new maps only have 1-3 ways to push thru a chokepoint, and this map looks pretty much like that.

    • And they are small like freaking shrinked ideas of bigger maps. Small maps are bad for this game above T5 when viewrange cover whole map from center point…

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