First, some answers from Storm from the discussion under the Odessa errata.

- the T-44-122 (the picture was leaked earlier today) will not be the Soviet premium tank
- A branch with Sturmtiger and Brummbär? “No comment”
- graphics are optimized in every patch
- the sounds are fine, other sound effects have been delayed, but they will come
- the separation of random and company player statistics is planned
- dynamic tank stats in hangar won’t come in 2013
- IS-3 model in game is very similiar to the real one, model problems will be corrected en masse during the model re-work
- chat windows in hangar that don’t close bug will be fixed
- anti-aliasing is being worked on
- the reason for the new T10 tanks was to stir up the clanwars situation, they weren’t expensive to make
- client physics will most likely not come in 2013, because all the models need to be reworked for it. It’s a lot of work. The technology itself however is fully functional.
- Waffentrager E-100 will not be slow, it will have less armor than the classic E-100 chassis.
- T-50-2/MT-25 switch will come soon
- Superpershing did not historically have a 704hp engine and his ROF won’t apparently be buffed

Back to regular Q&A:

- Q: “What kind of arty does the King of Jordan, who plays WoT, have?” A:”This one.
- SerB on anime: “Watched Miyazaki (SS: whatever that is), I liked it. Watched Rocket Girls. Watched Girls und Panzer, didn’t like other animes very much.”
- removing equipment and buying tank slots for credits won’t be implemented


Russians making fun of EU players being “butthurt” that they don’t get their miniquests and that they do. Hmmm… earlier there was a set of two pictures of one player, who basically gained 17 million credits over weekend in the event…

Also, if you want to see 112 in action:
112 replay – http://wotreplays.ru/site/1007607#team
E-25 replay – http://wotreplays.ru/site/1023379?secret=ec4778b8be0178fbdc3142557b55c124#.UcgvgNi8MjM%E2%80%94

Bonus 2, from supertest (source is the same as the pics): If I understand it correctly, there will be a lot of new “hit” variants, the tank hit system is being reworked and there will apparently be more hit decals. There will also be additional info on shots available.

75 thoughts on “26.6.2013

  1. >- the T-44-122 (the picture was leaked earlier today) will not be the Soviet premium tank
    Then what the heck is it supposed to be? It sounds like trolling/disinformation to me…
    >(SS: whatever that is)
    Come on, he’s so famous and mainstream that they even mention him in news flash occasionally.

  2. - Q: “What kind of arty does the King of Jordan, who plays WoT, have?” A:”This one.”

    Hahaha “very funny”, die in pain, SerGAY thxbai.

    • I’m sorry, but what exactly did you find so offensive about that answer? First off, do you really think Serb (or Storm in this case) would reveal information about a player’s account? Secondly, he is technically correct.

        • Are you a SerB asskisser too? We have plenty of these laying around. It like you like to get trolled by these drunken bolshevik bastards.

  3. Q: “What kind of arty does the King of Jordan, who plays WoT, have?” A:”This one.”


    • Premium ammo should be W48 Nuclear Tactic Projectile, it would be funny to shoot one and witness the entire map getting completely obliterated.
      Me want one too!!!

      • You sir are a brainiac.

        You are not even realizing that that man from above.. made some anime movies which are far far better in quality of the plot than the 80% of today shit that comes out.

      • It’s funny how buthurt americans are over Japanese anime being more popular then American cartoons that they like to pretend that watching anime i something far diffrent then watching TV or movies in general.

    • It’s not like Hayao Miyazaki won an academy award (aka Oscar) for Spirited Away or something.

      Your ignorance is obvious.

      • Miyazaki is more of an animated movie director ala Disney than an anime author per se

        • what only shows the lack of interest in theme anime. like me, i dont like anime style so i dont know who he is. i dont like death metal, so i cannot say whats good or whats available… Let SS his own taste, you have yours.

  4. Has there been any more discussion on whether accuracy was overbuffed? I’m digging the new settings and I’m worried that they’ll switch it right back to the old formula D:

    • It’s very easy to find out. Just ask the question: does it buff directly, or indirectly the russian tanks? If the answer is yes then no it will not be rewoked, or taken away.

  5. Seems very strange for the T-44-122 to not be a premium. I can’t see how it would fit into the tech tree as a regular tank, given that the regular T-44 already exists and also has access to the 122 mm gun.

  6. Who the heck is coming up with questions about the Super Sponge and a mysterious historical 704 hp engine? Just google it instead of asking stoopid questions. It had a 500 hp engine, that’s it.

  7. well with its armor Nerf and its current speed it will be worse than it is now

    they have to give it a better engine otherwise it will just stay sluggish and be vulnerable

    even when sloped the current armor struggles to block T34 and is3 shots let alone TDs but most of the time people aim for the top of the turret and with the accuracy buff its easy hit

    im not saying it needs type 59 kind of mobility but it should at least be able to reach its top speed on flat ground

    • You must be joking right? Since when the UPF doesn’t stop T34 let alone IS-3?
      I agree that if you nerf the frontal armor they should compensate with something, but please stop exaggerating

  8. 16 Million credit ? Well, i did 7 million in an M4 derp / Crusader weekend, but still, i guess there are a lot of tanks you can exploit the highest damage in team bonus very easily.

      • I doubt the special was on for premium tanks. If it was, it would be for tier 5-7 premium tanks and their credit earning abilities aren’t much better than that of a normal tier 5/6 tank.

        • But it was. Every tank in the game was eligible for the reward. I’ve seen screenshot of 350k income on Type 59.

          • inflation… looks like WG joins the childish train of easy gaming from patch to patch more. to be seen in new arcade accuracy and no danger from arties for supercampers.

  9. Thanks for replays. E-25 looks really fun to play – sickly fast and gun with reload time of french autoloaders :D

      • Hi,

        since the link of the replay has vanished (also for the 112) does someone has a screenshot about what the guy there has earned exactly and achieved with this little e-bugger? Luckily I have the replay, but forgot to screnshot the results uploaded on that site. It was about 184.00 credits, if I remember correctly, what else? Top Gun medal? Defender? 2 more medals, am I right?
        Does someone has a pic, thank you.

        - subaluigi -

  10. OMG I just realised I fought against you in your Ferdinand on assault mode in Kerala just now!

  11. In next Q&A: SerB is a brony, Rainbow Dash is his favourite pony.


  12. 60kph on roads, 20-30 uphill, with 42 d/s turning speed, basically as fast/maneuverable as a Locust with a few less hp/t.
    Added to that is a wide-traversing (in all directions), fast-firing gun, and good view range despite its tininess.

    Not gonna lie, especially after seeing that replay I really, really want an E-25. It looks ridiculously fun to drive, and even in a tier 8 fight the L/70 can make itself useful, especially in a tank with flanking speed.

  13. Ectar confirmed today that we will get miniquests on the second week of July. Sorry if it was mentioned here before.

  14. - client physics will most likely not come in 2013, because all the models need to be reworked for it. It’s a lot of work. The technology itself however is fully functional.

    That’s shame :( I am really looking forward to those physics…fliping tanks, turret’s flying off, independent suspension.

    Daddy daddy I want an E-25, please please please please please please please please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!eleven1!!!11!

  16. Does the income on the E-25 seem a bit too high.

    He gets around 180k for a 3,5k of damage.

    It seems a bit too high, when considering a game like that in tier 8 would give around 110-120 k.

    • NO! then germany get another bullshit tank and the premium tanks not mean easy money earning? like now, do 500 battle with a premium tank (i own a su-122-44 and a T26E4) if u want a tier 10 tank…. now the premium tanks are bullshit in credit earning don’t u think?

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