EU server 2-week event

So, we did get the miniquests before July after all. It’s just… I am not sure whether it’s serious, or trolling.

However, that is not all. Once you are in the battlefields with these beasts, you need to achieve the Victory Mission:

If you achieve 15 victories with each one of these 3 vehicles (so 45 victories in two weeks), you will be rewarded with 500 gold!
Please note that this mission can only be completed once per account.

Well, it’s not like the Russians had such limits. But it gets better:

Destroy one of each of the 3 vehicles in this special in random battles, and you will be rewarded with a garage slot. Oh, wooohooooo, an entire garage slot for killing one of the most elusive tanks of tier 10!

I can almost see SerB…


I don’t know. Maybe I am just ungrateful. Let’s hope it’s just a start.

57 thoughts on “EU server 2-week event

      • Uber Def UK mode activated..

        Be a novelty.

        Its nice to be the centre of attension. Like staying alive again after they first came out..

        Guns fully depressed & HESH loaded.


        Just got the 121, what a difference.
        Current procurement targets;
        All hopefully before 8.9 still unsure about top German TD open topped hmm.. Saw your picture SS of a hard top model, hope its that variant with this new deadly rifle.

  1. So I guess I will be very sought after when i do my dailys in my FV42 :)

    • The gold shells… they will blot out the sun. See how tough you turret is then…

  2. that garage thing is ok, but doing 15 victories with t8, then 15 with t9 and last 15 with t10, is quite too much. 500g for 45 victories during 2 weeks with 3 different tanks on top3 tiers on least played branch.

    who owns all three tanks/or is willing to buy them and play 15*3 victories for lousy 500g total ??

    • it’s like this:

      - you get xp bonus and cost reduction for that particular branch
      - you grind like hell all of them
      - you don’t need to have them all at the same time in garage
      - you have tier 8, you get 15 kills, you research tier 9
      - you sell your tier 8 like you always do
      - repeat for tier 10
      - get 15 kills on all of them
      - profit!

      i do believe this is a pretty balanced thing. I personally grind a branch from 8 to 10 in about 2 weeks, so i believe it’s easily doable.

      • Let’s say you own the Tier 8 now and play it for the 15 kills necessary. So then, you move that crew to the tier 9. If you spend gold to do that, there goes at least 400 but most likely 800 gold. Then you grind the Tier 9 until you have 15 kills and enough XP to get the Tier 10. You then move the crew to the Tier 10. Again, if you spend gold, there goes another 400-800 gold. Assuming you didn’t use any gold to convert free XP, and WoT had half off crew training, you’ve spent at least 800 gold to win 500 gold.

        This special will reward mostly those that keep all their tanks. I’m sure there is a few of these out there. Frankly, they deserve it. They are WG’s best, garage slot purchasing customers after all.

  3. I’m waiting for the event to hunt down the chinese T10 heavy 113 for a barracks upgrade…

  4. Oh fuck, I’m dying here. Who keeps three consecutive tanks in the garage?
    Good one, I gotta give that.

    • I keep IS-3, IS-8 (but don’t play either) and have IS-7 unlocked (would purchase one if I needed it for CW). Same with Tiger II and E-75 *this I do play) and E-100 is unlocked.

      I have enough garage slots and might just decide to return to some of these tanks because I’m not satisfied with my WR on them, so I kept them around.

      However both of these branches have already taken part in this special (with no miniquests of course) so they are unlikely to go up again.

  5. This event is not for weekend but for 2 weeks, which is a bit easier. that being said, this is event is a pile of steaming shit compared to RU server. I don’t remember the last time we had a premium tank (or account) discounts, while the RU got 50% off of their tier VII TD. When you calculate that, you see that potentially all of RU players (although huge majority of them never gave a bloody cent to WG), got 3k of gold, on that discount alone, not to mention double credits and xp for ridiculous “missions” which for most of experienced players are a regular in-game day.

    WT is not my cup off tea, but as soon as proper competition to WoT appears, hopefully from some EU or NA based company – I’m moving there. “You’re funny, I pay you never”. Fuck you SerB!

      • Ah.. Woras, with his short-sighted comments as ever. Yeah, you will laugh your ass off, and the WG, with no competition, will have no reason to keep improving the game. They’ll just keep slacking off and taking years for things that should be here already.
        I hope that WT does succeed, not because I’m a fan, I personally don’t like it, and I’ve spent years on WoT, so I still wouldn’t switch. But WT’s success would mean more pressure for WG, which means benefits for the players, as they’ll try harder to have more players incoming, and keeping the ones they already have.
        But yeah, keep hating bcuz lulz, right?

      • I will laugh my ass off if WoWP fails :D

      • Woras, do you get paid for bashing anything that is a competitor to WG or are you just that fucking deluded?

  6. i believe that this is the most balanced thing we can get regarding such “miniquests”. i personally think it’s a great idea and it’s way better than nothing. strage enough today i managed to kill my first fv4202 since it got introduced in the game so… maybe it’s a sign :))

  7. it is not week end event its — big and heavy — 1st till 15th of july :)

  8. They’ll be one more on the battlefield, coz i’m buying one. Might not take it out until after the special though :P

  9. I don’t know. Maybe I am just ungrateful.

    No you are not. This is pure slap in the face to all EU players. I guess that “testing” on RU server was just an excuse to give us shitty rewards to EU with explanation that bigger rewards like russkies get is ruining the game economy so they actually saved us. Holy WG. Fucking cunts.

  10. LOL for this price i won’t give me this shit playing cannon fodder and free garage slot for some random idiots. Who will be so stupid to play any of these tanks in this 2 weeks when every fucking retarded idiot will try to hunt you? or 500gold? LOL. Fuck you WG! Put your 500 gold in your ass

    • Yeah…those 500 gold can be easily earned on ESL in a Saturday if you have at least a brain and decent game knowledge.

  11. desperately trying to promote crap tanks … ROFLOL. No need for an extra garage slot here either.

    • If it waeren’t for the Heavy Tank Marathon, it would be the FV215. Can’t have two simultaneous heavy tank specials, now can we?

  12. Guys calm down. This is just a big and heavy event with an added bonus of a mini quest. Till now they didn’t have it, now it has, so I guess all the upcoming big and heavy events will have these mini quests too. You can’t compare that to the weekend specials RU got. I’m sure we will get them too, meanwhile keep an eye out for my Centurion, I won’t make it easy for ya :p

  13. Will be buying the FV in this special, can’t say no at 30% discount, so that will be one more out there anyway ;p

  14. I don’t see, what’s the problem?
    On RU server, people get whole 1 day premium (250gold worth) for achieving 15 in just 24 hours.

    Or alternatively you need to receive a Burda medal, to be rewarded mere 50k credits. Got find 5 arties in one battle! With the current changes it’s more rare than the FV4202…

    • So you don´t see the problem here?
      - maybe its because the russians can use tanks from T1 to 10 for their 15 wins.
      - or maybe its because in our case you need 3 tanks out of the same line from T8 to T10 to get one day prem more then them so 45 wins instead of 15 for only 250g more.

      I can see the problem here. ;)

  15. I would say that such ‘missions’ are a pleasant addition, AS LONG AS they aren’t the ONLY missions EU server is supposed to get. Otherwise its a huge FU to EU players by WG (Again).

  16. What a BS!!!
    Russians get millions of credits and exp and we got…a garage slot!!?WOW,how noble your Majesty SERB!!

  17. Crappiest special in a long time. Centurions and FV4202 are already the rarest tanks around and now you wont see any of them in 2 weeks as no-one is crazy enough to go into battle when everyone and his dogs are targeting you.

  18. Meanwhile RU server gets those for July…..

    Get 50k exp during one day (doesn’t mater how many battles or tanks used) – 1 day of premium. Repeatable every day.
    Do 50k damage during one day – 10 large repair kits. Repeatable once every day
    Get one of combinations of medals (Scout+Patrol Duty, Steel Wall + Top Gun, Invader + Sniper, Confederate + Defender) – +5k experience. available in ALL battles.

    Waiting for EU servers to get something like “get a steel wall on t-50-2 or arty”

  19. Used this event as a driver to buy the FV4202. Ohh what a mistake, I now knhow why it is the least used tier 10 medium tank. it’s total sheit. better ROF and turning than the Cent 7/1 but everything, and I mean everything else is worse. Cammo not good, no mantlet, turret weak, hull weak, internals weak, total pile of dog turd. going to take a lot of battles to get the 15 wins for this thing, or at least a good few good teams as I cant do as much s I should to help win.