Terrible E-100 visits Hitler

Another funny video by Darth Woras :) Kinda made me chuckle.

For the non-European players: Terrible E-100 is a meme on the EU server, started by Xensation about one year ago:

More can be found in this thread :)

35 thoughts on “Terrible E-100 visits Hitler

    • Not all of them. Trust me there is a really big community of good polish players and “SIEMA!!11!” noobs just giving them a bad name..sad.

  1. I like to “siema pl” in high tier battles just for shit and giggles. And yes – I’m PL so siemka

  2. I’m polish but I hate “Siema!” kids… and “ELO”… Omg, elo are even worse retards…

    • “elo” is the special version of “hello” for the coolest polish? and is “sa” a short form of siema?

      • AFAIK “s.a” is short for “selam aleykum”, or however it’s spelled, some form of Arab/Muslim greeting. To which people reply by “aleykum selam” or “a.s”.

        /learned something through Kite Runner :P

      • “elo” is something like “Yo!” you know, all the polish “teenage gangstas” (read: retarded slowpokes) are greeting eachother like this

  3. It’s sad that when you see polish player you say “Next noob”. In fact there are noobs and pros everywhere :). There is a lot of WOT players in Poland (in 60′ there was very popular TV series about tank and it’s crew and dog, called “Czterej pancerni i pies”) so of course there are a lot of noobs but there are some pros too. For example we “have” this guy: http://bit.ly/10o5Lsj. Please don’t think that there’s only bad players in Poland.

    [sorry, my english is terrible :( ]

  4. Polish players have been dominating WoT scene and it is very annoying for western europe so they found siema’s. Knock yourself out, we just don’t care.

  5. hi, I’m Polish and hurt me during the game when people insult me for no reason. At the beginning, I could not even move from the spot and no longer graze blaspheme raised on poles. I am of the clan 1SBP, which is one of the best and we have alliances with CSK Czechs, Germans BR-1, AP Swedes, Finns MUROP and etc. Everyone is like, and no one does not offend anyone. The problem is only on the random battle. Greetings to all