Supertest leaks: T-50-2 switch


Two Soviet light tanks will apparently be added: the LTP (never heard of it) and the T-50-2.

Details of the switch:

- MT-25 will replace the T-50-2
- if T-50-2 was unlocked, MT-25 will be unlocked also
- if T-50-2 was bought in hangar, it gets replaced by the MT-25 and the player will recieve one extre crewmember (radioman) trained for MT-25, trained to 100 percent
- T-50-2 crew will be retrained for free to MT-25
- camouflage and stats get both transferred
- experience from T-50-2 gets transferred to MT-25 also
- T-50 experience gets transferred to KV-1S for some reason
- new ammo doesn’t get loaded
- emblems and inscriptions on T-50-2 get sold for their purchase price

LTP – new tier 3 LT (there are rumors that this vehicle might be the Wargaming 15th birthday award tank)





MT-25 – tier 6 LT (apparently, T-50-2 would get raised a tier)











62 thoughts on “Supertest leaks: T-50-2 switch

  1. So the T-50 will *probably* get bumped up into tier 5 too.

    So what is going in tier 4 to replace it?

  2. ” T-50 experience gets transferred to KV-1S for some reason”

    I don’t understand, you were talking about the T-50-2 light tank being replaced.

  3. That tier3 tank is like a T-127 with less armor. I hope its mobility can make up for it.

  4. I hope transfer t50 to kv1s xp won’t happen with switch. Got 50k xp on t50, wouldn’t like to waste it into kv1s.

    • No, I think they have been pretty consistent in wanting to remove this tank since they admitted it would never have been capable of the speed they have given it.

        • They’ve indicated for a long time that the T-50-2 would be completely removed from the game, and this indicates that.

  5. Looks like the MT has quite wide tracks, prolly good for bad terrain. I bet WG will manage to make another fubar UFO tank thats even more fubar than the T-50-2 .. The rules of powercreep

    • i’m definitely looking forward to whatever they put out on the MT-25. i might even rebuy my T-50-2 to get one with the patch

    • At last statement, they’re not going to change much, if anything on the 50-2/MT-25 statistics.

      I.E. it will handle the same way it does now, the change is little more than cosmetic.


    • I think you got it correct.

      I am looking forward to trying the MT-25, I suspect it will drift less due to the wider base and stop more quickly due to a smaller size and lighter weight. Camo value should get even better due to size.

      • No, it will be slower to accelerate. 30% power to weight ratio decrease.
        I’m hoping they will give it real world theoretical performance (around 75kph), but it’s likely the speed will be in the mid 50kph range.

  6. Annoyed that the new crew member only gets 100% and not equal XP to the lowest crew member on the T-50-2 :/

    • yeah, need to get BIA and camo to have the old crew performance back :(

      • indeed this sucks. I have a 4 sill crew on my 50-2 and now i have to stark crewtraining to get the skill level to a same level.

        What will happen to radiooperator skills like Situational Awareness i have atm on my commander? Will i have to reset the skills for gold or will i get a free reset?

  7. i’m little confused here..
    apparently, T-50-2 will raised 1 tier to tier 6, then got model swapped with MT-25 right?

    so, what we got for tier 5 Soviet LT? if T-50 still tier 4, we got no tier 5 right?
    or if T-50 got raised to tier 5, where will it branch?
    or T-50-2 will comeback as tier 5, but with different stat as current T-50-2? (current t-50-2 will become MT-25 right?

    so, IMO, possible branch is
    1. No new tank, T-50 got raised to tier 5=
    A-20>T-50>MT-25 or T-80>T-50>MT-25

    2. New tank introduced (true new tank or new T-50-2)
    T-46>T-50>T-50-2>MT-25 or T-46>T-50> *insert your new tank here* > MT-25

    what do you all think?

    • I can’t understand how people feeling confus with it, it is just this simple.
      WG said that for thousands and thousands time the T-50-2 WILL BE REPLACE WITH MT-25, thats mean NO MORE T-50-2, and T-50 will now lead to MT-25.

      • oh i see.
        then t-50 also raised tier to tier 5 yeah?

        i wonder where it will branch out..
        from A-20 or T-80..

        • >then t-50 also raised tier to tier 5 yeah?
          Likely, with new MM like Leopard, and I believe I see a rebalace here.

  8. I have radioman perks on my T-50-2 Commander (the one that extends your view range i.e.), so what will happen if he gets on the MT, where there’s a radioman?

    • Your radioman is going to hell and back, with you breething alienating words down his neck; the most important Jimmy Riddle question you have – ‘where there are you? no! ‘

      • So, I have almost three full skills/perks on my T-50-2 crew. I take this “radioman” gift is going to start out 100% trained, but with no amount of training in skills or perks at all? Hardly a fair trade.

  9. Is the LTP the Peruvian Pz38(t)? It sounds fun. What nation’s crew goes in it? You have a blog post about LTP tank, just google it.

  10. T-50 will be raised on t5…Nooo!…No more tier 3-4 noob bashing! :((

    Hmm…that’s something I might like…I tend to like high tier matches more than low tier since there are only few fast-shooting guns and the ability to gain more exp from bigger spoting damage.

  11. How didn’t anyone come up with the idea that ltp> a20> t50> mt26?
    Its so obvious.

    • I hope you’re right, I wish the gift tank would be something German, British or French, and not another soviet tank.

  12. time to cheer guys, according to the screenshots it will get an incredible buff of +10 hitpoints

  13. What is the point of that gimped gun on “LTP” ? Even tier 2 tanks have better guns (37 mm Zis), who in their right mind would even bother with larger vehicle with same or worse armor than tier 2 and with significantly worse matchmaking (battles with vehicles of tiers 2-5 instead of 1-3) ?

    Free garage slot is nice and all but why not make a usable low tier premium tank instead of this crap ?

      • Yes. 2 wins, 2 defeats and 1 kill in those 4 battles, then I got rid of it – and this was before the arrival of Chi-Ha and changes in MM which moved Marder II into tier 3 battles.

        It is a useless piece of shit that tier 2 tanks (BT-2 etc.) can penetrate with ease and this new tank appears to have even worse armor.

      • No, you just suck anon. The T-127 is a merry little iron snail for all your sealclubbing needs. With a bit of luck you can duel a B1 with it and win; the main headaches are the TDs and suchlike and the Brit 2-pounders.

    • Look at the turret’s designation: T-34M model 1941.
      T-34M was a project that incorporated elements from PzKpfw III, including larger three-man turret with commander’s cupola.

  14. So if I don’t research the T-50-2 before it’s replaced, I’ll get 35k xp transferred from the T-50 to a tank that I have elited… Well that just sucks balls…

      • putting the su-14 into the kv -> kv-with-mortar (kv-2) -> kv-with-big-howitzer (S51) -> kv with-big-howitzer-and-superstructure (obj212) line seemed odd. moving priest to tier3 and forcing people to rebuy and replay m37 also seemed odd. removing the 2nd best gun from t-28 “because its OP”, but not the best one, seemed odd.
        don’t see how “seems odd” could stop wargaming. especially when fixing their oddness will require using gold to convert to free XP.