8.7 ASAP

For those who haven’t noticed yet, here’s a new ASAP video about 8.7 (better to tell everything in advance than let leakers leak it anyway, good choice):

Amongst other things, it brings:

- new Belogorsk 19 map (see previous FTR entries)
- Updated Port and Highway maps
- E-25 and 112 premium vehicles
- British arty:

Tier 2 – Loyd GC
Tier 3 – Sexton I
Tier 4 – Birch Gun
Tier 5 – ???
Tier 6 – ???
Tier 7 – Crusader SP
Tier 8 – FV207
Tier 9 – FV3805
Tier 10 – Conqueror GC

- the T-50-2/MT-25 switch

Elite MT-25 stats (juding from the turret)

25,82 tons
600hp engine
72 km/h speed limit
48 traverse
45/40/40 hull armor
45/45/45 turret armor
85 shell damage
112 pen
22,22 ROF
48 turret traverse speed
370 view range
730 radio range

Some screenies:

British arty


Crusader SPG


Highway rework



Loyd GC




Port rework



62 thoughts on “8.7 ASAP

  1. “Updated Port and Highway maps”

    Looks like they slid the brightness slider…I really hope to see more darker maps, not lighter…

    • I don’t see much difference than lighting… good thing that WG concentrates on essential things!

      • Wait until you play on them with a fast tank – “graphics change” is WG term for “added bumps and vast swaths of soft terrain”. They managed to ruin most of the maps already.

      • Really? Cause I see more visible atmosphere, enhanced coloration, rework of textures and ground colors, etc.

    • They should have removed these 2 maps completely because they are some of the worst and most hated maps in the game actually…

    • Me neither. I’m just wondering how much the price will be. WG won’t be selling a tier 7 vehicle for 3200 gold that’s for sure.

      • Well, look at the cost of other Tier VII. They cost between 5700 and 6750 gold. I’d assume the E-25 would cost 6000, 6250.

        • Too much for me then. Sad thing that SU-100Y will be obsolete when E-25s rule the battlefield.

          • have you guys seen E-25 earnings? watched that replay and for aprox 3500dmg it got 188k credits!!! thats fucking insane!! SU-100Y is totally obsolete.

          • I’m pretty sure the SU-100Y can oneshot the E-25. It might be obsolete in some credit-gen e-peen contest, but I’m pretty sure that once the E-25 is actually released, everyone (read: fascist swine wehraboos) will whine that the SU-100Y is better.

        • My main concern is that the E-25 will not be that effective without using gold rounds. Its gun will be the 75mm L70, and for a tier 7 TD (even a premium), that’s terrible. I’d say it belongs in tier 6.

  2. I just hope they remade the tracks on Port so it doesnt bounce when you drive over them

  3. I have the T-50-2, when it’s sobstituted with MT-25, will i have to buy it or will it be swapped automatically with T-50-2?

    • 99.99% sure you get the mt-25 and exp is transferred over. SS mentioned this a couple days back I think.

    • The T-50-2, will be substitued with MT-25 for free with an aditional crew member at 100% I think.

  4. T-50-2/MT-25 switch – looks like the MT-25 does not have the speed of the T-50-2. The MT-25 jumps in the video are pathetic. I could do better with my KV-4. First a arty nerf and then they kill off the fastest scout. This game dumming down and taking a fun bypass. The whiners have WG by the nuts and are giving them a good old twist.

    • Screenshot above lists the speed as 72, not sure what the t-50-2 does currently.

      • It’s how it accelerates and how long it takes to reach top speed and under what conditions. Cast hull = extra weight and wider tracks mean more resistance under most conditions and more the speed drops when turning. Whiners win again.

      • It does the same speed, but with a much better h.p./ton ratio (35,25 vs. 23,23). Assuming that 600 h.p. engine is indeed it’s top engine, the MT-25 is MUCH slower than the T-50-2, which is bullshit.

        • You guys fail to understand that the decreased Hp/ton is the whole point of the change. The T-50-2 was too fast to accelerate and could drive around like a motorbike. It’s a bloody tank for crying out loud!

          If you don’t like the new tank and still want to drive like that then get a BT-2. Practically the same.

  5. MT25 got 23 hp/t, crap compared to T50-2 35 hp/t. unless it got like no terrain resistance it will accelerate much worse. 2 shots more per minute won’t help because of the long aim time of the gun and the 10 degree better turnrate… I am not sure, but the current T50 has no real advantage of it. If he tries to turn, he just drifts away. Together with the lower hp/t ratio this could be a real nerf for the MT25 compared to the current T50-2.
    also i don’t believe that they give us the pre-8.0 T50-2 back, so there will be a downside with that turnrate.

    • Well, look at what they did to VK 2801, if you still think this was a nerf, go cry to a corner.

  6. At 1:17 Lenin is showing us the new OP tank created in People’s Paradise :P
    Communist pwnage FTW!

  7. updated graphics is so damn dark and sad. Common there is a lot of sun in russia.

    • I think you need to calibrate your monitor, the update makes it too bright and washed out.

    • Agreed, they should have kept the storm clouds and made the map look more like Live Oaks… :/

      Highway terrain looks WAY better now though.

  8. so far only thing i need to know is US tanks re balance they say it is in 8.7 so far nothing come from this video i must wait

  9. Is that crusader some kind of “archer” alike thing? I mean.. the gun being placed facing the back and things..?

  10. There doesn’t seem to be a link into the arty line higher up, somewhere near tiers 5/6 like there is on others nations.

  11. what about US rebalace they spoke off?? any info on that ??? thats most important thing apart from the new map, which is rly nice.

  12. Hmm, no T5 RU light tank according to the vid.

    Either there is more info to come or they’re relaxing the no tier jumps thing. Thats good news.

    • I’m thinking that tier 3 light tank that was also mentioned in a previous post will be the new tier 3, with the current tier 3 moved to tier 4 and so on and so forth. Much like what they did with the German lights.

  13. The E25 will be a quick little thing but its gun is a joke for that tier TD. A 150 pen, 135 damage is a joke for this Tier. You’ll have to waste your money on Gold rounds to even be effective (which is probably what they want) in it.

    • But with preferential match making, the heaviest opponent E25 will meet would be KV-4 and 5 and Tiger II. Everything else can be easily penetrated with 150 mm of pen. Just look at the Russian Tier 7 mediums: their top gun has 144 mm of penetration and you rarely need gold because you go for the sides and rear instead of the front.

  14. Frank, could you please post signs translations on new map from this video?