MT-25 / T-50-2 comparison

Just a quick post about the preliminary comparison of both vehicles (keep in mind though that MT-25 will be tier 6):

Current T-50-2 / MT-25

Hitpoints: 560/570
Weight: 14,7/25,82
Engine: 550hp/600hp
Hp/T: 37,4/23,23 (major nerf here, we can expect slower acceleration)
Traverse: 38/48 (major buff, we can expect more maneuverability)
Maximum speed: 72/72
Hull armor: (37/37/37)/(45/40/40) (minor buff)
Turret armor: (45/40/40)/(45/45/45) (minor buff)
Shell damage for top gun: 85/85 (same)
Shell penetration for top gun: 112/112 (same)

If the gun is the same, we can expect:
Dam: 85/85/95
Pen: 112/189/29
Acc: 0.34
Aim: 2,3s

Rate of Fire: 20,69/22,22 (minor buff)
Turret traverse: 45/48
Viewrange: 370/370
Radio: 730/730

Preliminary verdict

We can expect something not as quickly accelerating (thus reducing the motorbike effect), but somewhat more maneuverable. On flat ground, it’ll be even more motor-bike like, but on slopes it will have more problems due to the lower hp/t, it will possibly be a bit more challenging to play. The weaponry and armor practically remains the same – the difference here is: T-50-2 armor could be “double-overmatched” (improved normalisation) by 75mm guns, while MT-25′s armor will have that for 88-90mm guns only. Thus, we can argue MT-25 will be a bit more tougher than the small armor upgrade would suggest. The weaponry remains the same, with a slight buff in RPM. Overall, it will be an interesting and maneuverable tank, with roughly the same properties as the T-50-2.

38 thoughts on “MT-25 / T-50-2 comparison

  1. I hope it will be as fun as the T-50-2, I like that little tank. Will battles etc move on to the MT-25, or will the T-50-2 stay in statistics?

  2. Anyone else think this looks like the old tier 5 2801 minus the derp gun?

  3. Wasn’t in the ASAP just a change? Correct me if i am wrong, but there was nothing about it being T6.

  4. And there is a line from mt25 box suggesting there will be next tank on tier 7.

  5. But if the MT25 will be tier 6 what will happen to the t-50?
    I have a very bad feeling about that…

  6. I dont know where to write it so i try here.

    Can you make a post about the new support-ticket system? Following is the case: When i report a player for pushing me down a hill or telling the enemy my position, i just get the answer that this case are handled now through the ingame report system and players are punished automatically. I doubt this works, because i myself do a lot of shit in randoms with a 2nd troll account and NEVER got any sanction for anything.

    This sounds for me like WG can’t handle the huge amount of players, followed by more tickets for the support. But the ingame report system doesn’t work like it should, it’s just a placebo IMHO, to calm the players down.

    The only thing which works through the automatic system is team damage. But what about pushing down hills, telling enemy the position etc. Is this game getting complete anarchy zone? Does anyone know of a case where a player got punished through ingame report system? I doubt it.

    • no one really cares you know. I never get pushed or shot, but i do sometimes push or shoot camper/noob/selfish bastard/afk… are you sure you dint provoke anybody with your game-play (or lack of it)?

      • The idiocy and cluelessness of OP is incredible. Admitting that he has a troll account specifically to make the game a pain in the neck for others, and then complaining about the people who do the same thing he does.

        I truly hope the OP gets banned on both his accounts.

  7. I’m rather glad they kind of nerfed the power/weight ratio, as the T-50-2 was just absurdly quick. Finally it’ll be a bit more inline with the other top scout tanks

    • Yeah, but now it has the LOWEST hp/t ratio.. and no armor and worst gun of the 3.
      Only trait is its mobility.

      • acceleration and traverse speed are linked not only to hp/t, but also a hidden traction parameter, so we can expect nearly identical mobility to current

        • yeah right

          with over 30% decrease in hp/ton this tank will lose completely it’s role – esl/company/cw scout

          well, it stopped being useful in t10 CW already, so it’s not so big a deal.

          • idiot players in heavy tanks complained after the dispersion buff in 8.6. about still not being able to hit tanks that drive faster than 20kmh.

  8. Why will the T-50-2 be replaced? o_O

    Can’t WG instead put the MT-25 as tier VII in conjunction with Recon Panther?

    Those silly Slavs….

  9. Major power to weight ratio nerf. The tank won’t be worthy of a scout, 23 HP/T is a medium tank’s power to weight ratio (my cromwell has 0.4 horsepower per ton less).

    A sad fate for WoT’s fastest tank :(

  10. Can you tell us what this “switch” means? T-50-2 gets removed from the game forever? Stays as premium? Sth. else?

  11. Is it already know how the change will happen garage-wise: If you have a T50-2 will it be moved, will it become premium like the T34 did, will it be changed to the mt25… will there be free tanks, will other tanks be automatically researched… stuff like that?

  12. whats BS is i have a t50-2 with 4 skills and they are only giving me a 100 % crew member with no perks

  13. Something missing from the comparison:
    Gun depression and elevation?

    This acceleration nerf really will affect gameplay, hills, slopes, getting on the move after tracked…

    I have 28tanks in garage of what 18are lights, so one could say that Im a light tank specialist. My most played tanks (by far are T-50 and T-50-2) so this patch really determinates what I think of this game. Downloading the 8.7 Test now, I will do my comparison when I get in.

    • T-50-2 MT-25 Verdict:
      Acceleration Great (10) Good (7) HUGE Nerf -
      Gun Elavation Not that good (5) Even more horrible (4) Not a huge deal
      Cornering Great (10) Good (8) HUGE Nerf -
      “carousel capability” Best in game (10) Good (7) HUGE Nerf -
      Crew 4 (commaner/radio) 5 (has radio-o) Buff for skills +
      Size Great (9) Excelent (9) Not a big deal

      All in all, this is a VERY DIFFERENT TANK to play. I have now played 10games in test realm and few things that I was NOT able to do so well anymore:
      -Carousel! This tank loses speed when turning quite a lot. Even thought it says that hull traverse has been buffed up, this really cannot make so sharp turns. It seems WG dosent want light tanks to be able to cirle heavy /TD tanks anymore.
      -Slope- / hill climbing: power to weight is toned down, when going uphill, this will lose speed fast! Dont even think of flanking any tank uphill anymore!
      -Agressive play: as thease things that made T-50-2 the tank we know and love, this will be like… A Stuart of somesort.
      -My advice: Grind the Chaffee untill it will be nerfed too.

      AND T-50 (tier4) is too really heavily nerfed!! you cannot skid with it anymore. Acceleration is way more slow than before not to mention the top speed!

      So WG decided to Nerf badly two of my most played (and loved) tanks in 8.7