Miniquests, this time on US server


Hello, everyone!

Basically, US server gets its own missions now. And they are pretty cool!

Mission 1 (repeatable):

If you kill 3 tanks, you get a bonus of (100*yourvehicletier) XP (eg. a Ferdinand would get 800XP) AND you get a bonus of (5000*yourvehicletier) credits. (ergo for 3 kills, a Ferdinand will get an 800XP and 40000 credits bonus)

That’s not bad :)

But there’s more. In July, more missions will come:

- 20 percent more XP and 30 percent more credits for the tank that does the most damage for each team (SS: sucks compared to the RU event, but still, good)

- destroy a vehicle of each nation (once per day) and get 1 of each gold consumables

- destroy 20 T4+ medium tanks and get a day of premium account (one time only)

And in the future, there will even be SETS of missions with their own rewards (“complete mission 1, 2, 3 and get some bonus”) and special weekly missions. Not bad, not bad…

Oh, and what about the EU server?

Well… I guess we’ll get them…. later.

37 thoughts on “Miniquests, this time on US server

  1. well on eu they never get nothing interesting way i can’t say but it is what it is , hope whit rooming you cant go to different servers to take mini quest

  2. If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk.

    We still have tier X discounts which earlier on were possible only in our dreams..

    We will get those missions one day too.. when they get balanced.. no need to make a big noise about that :|

    • we have TierX discount … how lovely :S (still the tier VIII and IX discounts are OK! … more or less) On the other hand: from around february 50% special discount is for tier I-V only (before that it was for even tier VII tanks, too) They made this changes for only one thing, WG OWN PROFIT – even with the 8.6 changes, the tier IX-X is a bottomless money-pit for the regular, non-premium players. With these changes, more will buy more earlier the Gold-eater tanks than before!

      • So.. you would like WG to make somekind of ridiculously large events in which we would have discounts on everything and we would be able to research everything in a day? Where is the fun in that.. I would get bored in matter of weeks.

        And if you really want to help this game, then you should probably consider buying some of their products.. because if there is no money for them then the project is shutdown.. no? (:

        Yes, I don’t buy any gold either.. but you don’t see me complaining about the events? For me they are great chance to get tanks on discount even dough I didn’t ever buy for cash a premium tank or any gold/premium account.. and I still manage to make a full use of those events.

        So in the end.. if you play better you will manage to get all of those goodies even without those gold-eater tanks and you will also definitely avoid that money-pit you mention

        ps: “we have tier X discount.. how lovely”
        Sorry.. but this is a fucking lol.

        • Its was not a whining rather explaining a fact

          Question: how many people will keep more than 1-2 tierX in their garage (except the pro’s)? Then is this a useful discount? I dont expect any “gimme the 10.000.000 credit for shooting an MS-1 with a Maus” special or half-price TierX discount. I wait for specials which inspire good players and bad players to play more and try harder. US and RU miniquests are closer to this than EU ones or even a tierX 30% discount

          • I think that a lot of players tend to keep their tier X’s.. except for those who who can’t/don’t want to afford slots or the ones that whine about how bad is some top tier tank.. and then sell it.

            I personally have 3 tier X’s and I a couple of more to buy.. and I will buy them and keep them. I will also find a way to earn some gold.. and I’m no pro.. I’m just trying harder like you said. (:

          • I sold 2 and didn’t even bother to buy the third. Bad teams+arty parties+ massive credit lost = NO FUN. And he is right this game is suppose to be FREE TO PLAY! That is their marketing strategy!!!!

          • tier X is meant to be played only by players who have enough skill to manage to achieve profit with it.. if you can’t manage to do that, don’t play with it.

            Not all the things on this world are meant for everybody :)

  3. Did WG completly forgot about the Cold War? They really hate us europeans.

    • Agree. Piss on the europeans. 2 servers gets missions usable for all Tiers and EU gets 2 missions with a near zero percent ability to catch reward. i should really have 3 brit meds in garage (12 mio worth) to get 500g? 500g who are 200k creds worth? still if i have to rebuy only the t8 for 1,8mio instead of 2,4 mio i will have to sell it after event for 1,2 mio. 600k gone with the wind for 500g. of well i can powergrind, so how many people will do that from 8 to 10? noone with a working real life.
      3 kills of them for 150g worth: really you prefer 60k creds worth instead of the chance to get massive credboost chance in every game?

      our EU event is for tier8-10 and the superrare brit t8-10 garage holders.

      RU and US get a mission for ALL tiers and so for the whole community. Thats a huge difference. No crying on high level, fact.

  4. We’ve got some miniquest in the eu too : look for the new big and heavy SS! they give us something! :P

    • Something that doesn’t deserve wasting time on it unless you met the perfect conditions on completing them.

  5. The fu*k.. I wan’t something that benefits the good players on the EU server. Like the one on RU that best damage dealer gets more xp/credits.

  6. I don’t understand why the EU server is treated inferior when it comes to Specials, Bonuses and information politics. I assume that either WG Minsk does not care about EU customers that much or that in the WG Paris office consist of incompetent people who don’t know how to to their job.

      • >Maybe it’s because European players spend less money?

        European players spend the 2nd most money per player…most then twice as much as Russians…

        It’s so easy: They EU players get hit in the face by SerB’s hate and still spent money to the game. If the European players would just stop spending so much money we would also get better specials…

      • And treating them badly is supposed to convince them to spend more? No, that’s not the reason for that: WG’s oft displayed anti-Western sentiment is. Maybe some of you remember when Storm admitted openly he hates Germans because they killed his ancestors. Or when he or SerB claimed that NKVD war criminals were heroes (implying that massacre in Katyn was justified, which should be of interest to Polish players who keep paying for this game). Don’t be fooled by the veneer of professionalism, those people are highly hateful and nationalistic (which is funny, because they are Russian nationalists, but they aren’t even Russian, they are Belarusians who hate their real nationality, they don’t even speak Belarusian anymore). Bringing that up always results in hilarious amounts of damage control. Give me your best shot, WG.

        • Hah… are you serious? This is 2013, idealism no longer outweighs money. So no, sorry, but “EU treated differently because they are capitalist pigs” is a laughable statement. Both the examples you provide were nothing but trolling (with particular shades of truth, that’s right, they were addressed to a Russian public) and believing EU players are treated differently just because of that “ghost of communism” some seem to keep hallucinating with is absurd and childish.
          Why associate to silly outdated nationalism (that has no place in business) what can be easily caused by blatant incompetency and bad PR service?

  7. Hahahaha, EU missions are mega reterded comparing with anything as we see. Bravo retards from Paris.

  8. lol they are just trolling the EU server -.-
    what do we get ZERO NADA NOTHING 0000,1 yeah kill british tier 8,9,10 and when will u see them ?…

    • I’m getting the FV for 30% off but i’m not using it for those two weeks

  9. And here it is another great PR success of WG Paris. Panther/M10 and Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm drama :D

  10. In EU they making events that no1 can handle without cheats.
    Gold advice of WG:
    Less ppl win free gold then more ppl ll buy it =)

  11. Can you start a poll asking how many NA players requested these missions. I would be curious if they did this because they planned to or because players requested it. I actually sent an email myself requesting which is why I ask.

  12. Crap.. killed a FV4202 just yesterday… realizing now that it won´t help with those missions.
    They start today.