WG EU: Alright capitalists, you win… this time, mwhahaha

Long story short, the Wolfpack situation is fixed, players can now buy the event premium vehicles with 50 percent discount.


Hey guys, seems like I finally have some good news for you.

So, as I said before, the 30% instead of 50% story was a mistake on our side. It was meant to be 50%, no trick, but due to some miscommunication only 30% discount was applied on the EU server this morning.

I’m terribly sorry it took us so long to identify the issue, but I’m also very glad to tell you this is about to be fixed. The 50% discount rate should be applied within the next 30 minutes, so that you can finally enjoy the announced discount.

As I said before, if you bought the tanks by mistake with the 30% discounts, hoping for a 50% discount instead, please contact our support to get a refund.

Again, our sincere apologies for the hick-up, and hope you’ll still enjoy the 50%!

Okay, in all honesty:

The situation wasn’t as dire as some of the players assumed and it got fixed actually pretty quick, considering it’s weekend and WG EU office is probably manned only by skeleton crew. For that, I think they deserve our praise.

However, it shows WG’s main weakness, PR. Instead of issuing a clear message that this WILL be fixed and that 50 percent discount will come, they simply backedited the original event post to 30. I guess I can understand the “okay, what now?” confusion, still… ah well, let’s just blame it on weekend.

17 thoughts on “WG EU: Alright capitalists, you win… this time, mwhahaha

  1. Because of how WG behaves, shitstorm is needed in every case – you never know, what they do. And they did all kinds of things in the past :( …

  2. I see no problem whit WG (this time). I sow problem whit peoples spaming like idiots on the forum….

  3. Yeah.. not a problem. I wonder how many people bought the tank with 30% discount thinking it was 50% and will never write to support for their refund. It’s like having a big advertisement for a 50% discount and with the smallest print possible underneath “The actual price is 70% but if you write to us we will give you the difference back.”.

    And this is not the first time it happened and I can bet it is not the last, so stop being so defensive about bashing the WG screw up.

    • Agreed, they should simply return the difference to players. It can’t be that hard to check the database for the players who bought the tanks during this event before the screw up was fixed.

      • It’s not that hard, but you know it doesn’t give them any money, soooo… nope.

  4. this time you have not read everything: Aodheus first response was about 11AM: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/263919-special-wolf-pack-weekend/page__st__160__pid__5151366#entry5151366
    “Nobody lied, the discount should be 50% as written, but was set up wrong, and we’re working on fixing it. ”
    “For those of you who did not buy one of these with the wrong discount, please be patient, as I said above we’re working on fixing it as fast as possible.
    For those of you who already did buy one with the wrong discount, please contact our support: “

  5. WG EU really need improve communication with the community. So much distrust exists.

  6. Something similar happened on the NA server a while back, except they never offered us a refund.

  7. SS, isn’t it sort of funny – the whole rage thing about getting a discount on silver that isn’t as big as announced?

    • Principially, any rage about a computer game is funny. It’s just a computer game. But in a way, it’s understandeable – people rage about stupid stuff, because that’s a lot easier than to do something about stuff that really matters.

      • I can understand balance rage or SPershing rage (or even the rage about T59 not being in any shops ATM), but srsly – it’s not like you hadn’t planned on taking that one tier8 watchamacallit and you had a spur-of-the-moment decision motivated solely on the event of a discount, right?
        I play RU server, been playing since 2010 and i’ve seen a LOT of shitstorms and drama, but sometimes it just gets too inadequate to be treated seriously…