WG EU fail: no 50% discounts for you, bloody capitalists!

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Well, this time it’s something a bit different.

As you are probably aware, the current weekend event, a discount was offered for two premium vehicles: the Ersatz Panther and Schmalturm Panzer IV. They players were happy about that, as you can see from the thread reactions.

Here is the Wolfpack screenshot from last night (google cache):


It was not to last, however. I am not sure when, but some time last night, the discount was changed from 50 percent to 30 percent without any warning (allegedly, even without changing the news themselves, so some players bought the vehicles 30 percent off, when in fact they were expecting 50 percent off). First reaction of this type came at 7:22 AM this morning, so they did it in the night, without any warning whatsoever. Furthermore, they didn’t even bother to change the official even text before that, so players kept being confused.

At first, players thought it is actually a shop price mistake, only to learn later that the event was “nerfed”.

When called on their bullshit, Wargaming EU first announced they are “working on fixing it” and that the “discount should be 50 percent“, but later, Aodheus (I think he’s a German community organizer, not sure) announced that the discount will in fact stay at 30 percent and that there simply was some confusion.

Naturally a shitstorm happened, with various people asking for refunds, others raging about WG cheating, others posted kinda funny pictures:

In the end, Aodheus at least offered a refund to those “affected” by this, but the shitstorm (that could have easily be avoided, if WG EU people bothered to actually doublecheck stuff on their events) is raging even as I write this.

Yet another day at WG EU office…

45 thoughts on “WG EU fail: no 50% discounts for you, bloody capitalists!

    • You are one of the people who let a company do what ever they want until the point where YOU are also affected. Or you don’t care anyways because you have so much money that you can light up your chimneyfire…

      And i have to say there is a massive imbalance between the russian community and the rest of the player base.

      So +1 for these “news”.

  1. As usually … I am really curious: If they want us to spend MORE for their product, why are they keep kicking our butt?? Typical russian way of thinking…

    • “Typical russian way of thinking…”
      You mean EU way of thinkung, right?

      • I cant believe that they do this suicide course of “community-management” without the Minsk CEOs approval

  2. I am really fed up with them. What happend with 50% discount on Tier 7 vehicles? They havend tone any in 6 months. Now they’ve stoped offering 50% discount on Tier 6 vehicles. Whats next? No discounts at all…

  3. Once again giant WG fail that will be forgotten in week or two.
    We always forgive them their fails. They always fail again.
    Its not like week shitstorm will hurt them.

  4. A few minutes after 7AM site still was stating 50% – i was checking 3x event again because i was confused that game said 2x (apparently server restarts at 7:00AM and event started at 7:10AM, so for 10minutes it was so, strange but that’s how they set it). That’s why i know exact time.

  5. WG eu — typical FAIL !! like aways i wonder way this guys get paid in first place coze really they do noob job ….

  6. And yet even with only 30% off, your special is still better than the current one on the SEA / ASIA server.

  7. >> When called on their bullshit, Wargaming EU first announced they are “working of fixing it”

    SS, do you realize, that word “fixing” has two meanings :P ? So, these event is fixed from the start ;) and everything is just as planned…

  8. To all the people complaining about this, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is:-

    STOP PAYING MONEY for the game and make it clear to WG that if they do not value a section of their customers, those customers won’t give them cash. Same applies to upcoming WG products – I will never pay a cent for WOWS, having experienced WOT.


      • Well, I do have money and have spent it on the game in the past, but don’t anymore.
        Learn the difference between whining and making spending choices.

    • That will never happen.
      As Woras said.Those who complain about this fails and start such shit-storms are people whom don’t pay at all and are waiting for a reason to do it and those people that are paying rarely.
      People that keep paying for services(premium tanks/account) all the time won’t even care about this stuff since they got enough money.

      I got a friend who bought all the premium tanks that were/are in shop, not on discount.You think he cares that a premium tank got discounted with 15/30/50%?…He doesn’t, he has the money.

  9. You guys do realize that is a screenshot of North American special, not European one, right ? worldoftanks.com is the NA server, not EU.

    As for the special itself, we usually get same or worse specials as NA (copy&opaste and perhaps omit few things), nothing new here.

    • That’s really not correct. US server consistently get a better deal that EU one. Off the top of my head:

      Weekend specials are similar but almost always better, sometimes by quite a lot
      On- track events cover more tanks
      Mid week medal hunts last for 3-4 days not one day
      Tank of the month event was better
      Gift shop packages are better and have no crappy fire extinguishers
      New mission on US server will benefit 100′s of players, on EU server, they are shit and will benefit a few hundred at most

      • EDIT: New mission on US server will benefit 1000′s of players, on EU server, they are shit and will benefit a few hundred at most

  10. They already did this. I was going to buy the panther m10 for 50%, next day i look: 30% ! I thougt i misread that and didnt buy it ofc. Now the same shit again ! I am happy i havent already bought gold.
    How can those people be so gigantic capitalist fullashit mother****ers…

  11. bloody belarus faggots, watch warthunder getting tanks online and then we have a real simulator with no bullshit blueprint shit or dumb 8-time shooting the weakspot to kill a bloody tank

  12. everything is back to normal, the discount is 50%

    “Hey guys, seems like I finally have some good news for you.
    So, as I said before, the 30% instead of 50% story was a mistake on our side. It was meant to be 50%, no trick, but due to some miscommunication only 30% discount was applied on the EU server this morning.
    I’m terribly sorry it took us so long to identify the issue, but I’m also very glad to tell you this is about to be fixed. The 50% discount rate should be applied within the next 30 minutes, so that you can finally enjoy the announced discount.
    As I said before, if you bought the tanks by mistake with the 30% discounts, hoping for a 50% discount instead, please contact our support to get a refund.
    Again, our sincere apologies for the hick-up, and hope you’ll still enjoy the 50%!”

  13. WG EU incompetence is just funny. My expectations from them couldn’t be any lower.

  14. FIXED – after the shitstorm, discount was changed to 50 in-game (don’t know about wot.eu didn’t check there) so the tanks can be bought for half the price.

    Still, why does it take shitstorms and raging players saying they will buy no more gold to do something properly on EU server…

  15. Frank, you should lock further posting in this thread if possible, since this case is solved.

  16. Kinda funny reading about all the shitstorms and drama raging about such stuff.
    1) All the discounts on the RU server concerning tierX (or the 8-10, whatever) were 30%, why would they make a 50% for EU? That should already be kinda strange.
    2) Raging about DISCOUNTS! It’s like “hey i thought that this watch for 50$ got a 50% discount so i had only 25$ but now it costs 37.5$ and that’s only 25%! you’re ripping me off!”, real retarded.
    Discounts are supposed to make your life a bit easier – not give you incredible bonuses just because you play the game, if you were planning on a tier 8-10 vehicle, you better have that wad of cash to buy it, the discount only gives you a bit of “spare change” in this regard.