8.7 supertest info

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Just a few points, regarding the upcoming 8.7 changes. You’ll like them :)

- T-50 will NOT apparently lead to MT-25, it will lead to T-34
- MT-25 will be unlockable from KV-1S
- current accumulated T-50 XP will be somehow transferred to KV-1S
- Panther tanks (apparently both Panther I and II) will be rebalanced, they will lose their top engines, but will recieve a rate of fire buff (amongst other things)

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  1. finally they do something good for the panther, its just shit above its tier

    • It won’t lose it’s top engine – it will be reduced to historical output of 700HP. Panther II on the other hand…It’s quite possible they will remove the top engine.

      After all, we can’t allow German tanks to excel in any area, mediocrity suits them better.

      • If the Panther’s engine is nerfed to 700hp then it will only lose 50hp!

  2. I will sell my Panther tanks. They are slow already.
    BTW I think they should get a depression and camo buff.

    • they should get a gun first and loosing the top engine doesnt mean it wont get replaced

      • I agree Panther should get the 700hp engine, same as Panther M10. But isn’t the Maybach HL234 the historically planned engine for Panther II? Why would they remove it?

        • It may just be re-worked, as “removed” can simply state that the current rendition will no longer be available.

    • Yeah good question… I like my Jagdpanzer and I think it’s fine as it is but if it looses it’S topmotor too, I would think about selling it because it would be just another slow german tank -.-

  3. Fun Fact: The Panther II doesn’t even have its historically planned turret.
    Maybe they will fix that and replace the schamlturm which was never planned.

  4. Looks like it’s time to give up on german mediums. The Panther 2 is fun and I enjoyed both e-50s on the test server. I didn’t care much for the indien panzer sadly like I thought I would. I’ve wasted so much time and xp on them. Oh well. Back to other lines that the devs don’t hate.

  5. I don’t know why your whinging so much acceleration was never the panthers strong point. It depends how much DPS they gain and what the other changes are (presumably better grip).

  6. - Panther tanks (apparently both Panther I and II) will be rebalanced, they will lose their top engines, but will recieve a rate of fire buff (amongst other things)

    You have got to be f**king kidding me. So Panther’s mobility apparently is not shit enough and of course Panther II was too good of a medium to let it like that? And how is this RoF buff going to work with Panther’s Pencil gun? It’s one of the fastest shooting guns of medium to high tiers in the game. God dammit. And I thought that they are starting to make sense.

    • Pretty much how I feel. I was so happy after getting the Panther 2, it felt like finally after that long grind in mediocrity there was some payoff. I was actually planning on keeping the P2 I was enjoying it so much, finally had the ability to relocate as needed while getting to enjoy the long 88. It was so nice to finally have a real medium, instead of a crappy heavy.

      Suddenly it looks like it’ll be off the keeper list.

  7. Maybe acceleration was not the strong point, but mobility was always quite ok, especially the Panther2 was able to switch from one flank to another quite fast. Panthers never were a SP without armor.
    They could give the Panthers the planned gas turbines. I read something about around 1150 hp, so the Panthers would get a big buff. Still sure that that won’t come… would be too strong.

  8. The Panther II will lose the 870 HP engine and is forced to drive with a 700 HO engine? This makes no sense, since both the Panther and Panther II did not need any nerf stats-wise.

    SS, any info why WG plans to nerf these tanks (an agility nerf for a Medium can’t be compensated by a ROF buff).

  9. “- T-50 will NOT apparently lead to MT-25, it will lead to T-34″
    “- MT-25 will be unlockable from KV-1S”

    This makes no sense at all to me. How is the MT-25 and KV-1S at all related? WTF, WG. WTF…

    • On 9.2.1943, two engineers – F.F.Gorodkov and A.I.Starodubcev – sent a letter to J.V.Stalin directly, describing a new very fast armored vehicle(MT-25). Both engineers worked at the Factory No.200 in Chelyabinsk, which produced the hulls for KV series, IS series and other vehicles produced in the city industrial complex, aptly nicknamed “Tankograd” (“tank city”). Therefore, it’s not surprising that it was the KV design that made the basis for the new tank proposal.

      The MT-25 is related to the KV series.

        • Yes, he is, it is smaller, less armored KV hull, look at front shape of MT-25 and KV-1/1S/2/3/4.

          • So, they were producing KV hulls and it was inspiration for MT-25 hull. They strap alot of armor off, and…..? What is connection between a heavily armed and armored tank and MT-25? Looks? Aha….

            On the other hand, you don’t see a research path between regular and scout Panther, despite scout Panther being virtually identical to regular one.

  10. just imagine if they gave the Panther the 88mm L/71 like was planned for the schmalturm

  11. Yea screw us to play indien and Leo because both panthers will get agility similar to tiger… We will get paper heavy tank with mediocre gun. Meds with already worst mobility will become even more sluggish. Gj WG

  12. - Panther tanks (apparently both Panther I and II) will be rebalanced, they will lose their top engines, but will recieve a rate of fire buff (amongst other things)

    I am bloody curious how this will play out. And i am 100% expecting shitty buff compenstation for removing engines from already crap mobile tank. I think we(anti-german conspiracist) will finally got more than obvious proof of fucking bias.

      • How can i forget it. It made me sell my favourite tank and tank with most battles played by then. Fun fact, my most played and favourite tank is Stug now :)

    • I’m gonna buy one soon. Never played it before. Just need to unlock last turret with free exp and it will be elite when i buy it. Also i’m gonna wait for some discount since it’s not that high priority for me. I’m gonna finally derp around poor T6 newbies and there isn’t better feeling when you smack T8 tank for over 400 damage. I guess we’ll need to wait for 15 vs 15 KV1s battles to be finally nerfed and removed 122mm.

  13. I like how so many of you guys are already flailing your arms around and screaming under the assumption that the Panther and Panther II will be worse of than they are now.

    Here’s a fun tidbit, the Panther has shit DPM for a tier 7 vehicle. Only the T20 was really worse. No, its RoF isn’t good. Buffing the RoF will benefit it a LOT more than nerfing its mobility will hurt it.

    • Mobility nerf won’t hurt much, because it is already horrible… And that FAST turret rocks….

    • That’s my thinking as well. It’s already as maneuverable as the Tiger H, only with better speed. Losing the top engine just means that you can’t get right up to the frontlines. Which you shouldn’t be doing anyway in the Panther or Panther II. In my opinion of course.

    • I dont think the Panther I will suffer that much, when I was playing it I used to think “Man the RoF could be a lot better in this thing…” but I dont think that removing horse power from the Panther II and giving RoF will benefit it in any way, the good thing about the Panther II is that finally we got a german medium that could actually play as a medium.

  14. “- T-50 will NOT apparently lead to MT-25, it will lead to T-34
    - MT-25 will be unlockable from KV-1S”

    Wait, What?

    Ok – T-46 (III)—> T-50 (IV)—> T-34 (V) check

    but – KV-1S (VI)—> MT-25 (V) – uhm… dooo wut?

    • While the mt-25′s technicaly replacing the t-50-2, it’s going to be introduced at tier VI rather than V.

  15. I don’t mind the engine nerf if the Panther will be more playable in a more historical looking configuration (no schmallturm and L100 bullshit)….

  16. If they give to panther better hull and turret traverse similar as in panther/m10, I can live with a bit weaker engine.

  17. very good wargaming
    and the nearest german tanks to be neutered.
    and there is a say that wargaming has nothing against German tanks ….

  18. So, making the already not-mobile Panther even slower, and giving it a RoF buff instead of buffing the damage of the L/100 (from 135 to say, 160)? WG pls.

    • ya, I think panther really need more damage(L/100), Let us at least be able to do something instead of tickle other tier 7 tanks,

    • It will be a turreted TD…in the middle of a medium branch. From all the tanks that are in the German tree WG chose to fuck with P4, Panther and Tiger. Either they are very stupid or they blame them for the destruction in Mother Russia.

  19. I don’t get it. French tanks suck and everyone’s like “Lol, it’s okay because they’re French!”, Chinese tanks burst into flames from frontal hits and everyone’s like “Lol, rice paper armor and lead paint!”.

    But as soon as GLORIOUS GERMAN TANK gets rebalanced (not nerfed, rebalanced), it’s a fucking international incident, somebody call GSG9 and bully those Russians back into submission.


    • French tree is long dead. There are some leafs still green but the tree is dead. Just look at how many prem tanks they have. Brits and chinese (with 112 on the way) have more. What am I talking about , germans have 6 medium prem tanks!!!

      • Fanboi spotted. Clues, not so much. BTW some guy named Billotte called and wanted a word with you about how unstoppable and awesome the IIIs and IVs were in ’40…

    • And you know why? Because in WW2 the german tanks owned everything. Some Tigers could destroy an entire armored spearhead. They were the most dangerous enemies. It happened once,that a Tiger attacked a column of Shermans,he aimed at the first one,shot and the shell went through the first Sherman and destroyed the second behind it.
      Or in the battle of France the german Pz IIIs and IVs demolished the french and the british tanks.
      A lot of players want to play WoT because of the german tanks,because they were awesome killing machines in the WW2. But they won’t get it.
      And we all know what does rebalance means by WG. They “rebalanced” the PzIV,the VK28.01 and some other small hidden nerfs. And they do it in the name of realism and history. But if someone complains about the stupid spotting system or the OP russians,they say: If you want realism go and join the army. We can talk about realism only if it’s about nerfing the germans…


      • Tiger is able to destroy many Shermans or T-34s on his own in this game – with a decent player in it. But we have hordes of noobs, who want a pwn machine. But they suck to realize that in this game Tiger and any other tank must fight with similarly powered and even more stronger opponents, not just rape 2 tier lower tanks.

        Time to wake up from the dream.

      • You know, you’ve just confirmed what Nitty said…
        It’s the European “community” that is biased, not WG.

    • Take it easy Mate. I don’t take nicely being called a nazi. And no one is denying what You are saying. I agree with with You on French tanks. I have an AMX 12 t and I was gobsmacked when once in a high tier battle I’ve realized that American T57 reloads rounds in the drum faster. Not to mention how ludicrous is T71.
      I can’t comment on Chinese. I don’t touch them.
      But the fact is that I got close to 850 battles on Panther II and one thing it does not need is a mobility nerf, because even now it is the worst mobile tier VIII medium. There’s no comparison with Pershing or T-44. So why the f**k they’re doing this?

      • I have it on good authority that the least mobile tier 8 medium is the American SuperPershing.

        Maybe they want to enforce the whole ‘Panther series is a bunch of snipers’ idea, so they physically prevent the players from getting too close before the enemies are inevitably spotted anyway?

        I’m just pissed because it seems everybody’s so quick to defend their Jew-hating master race to the death, but China and France just get beat on.

  20. Yeah Panther becomes more to a fragile block of steel!!!

    The only worst thing about panthers is the bad mobility compared to its opponents, and wg has nothing better to do to bring this difference into a higher level. GJ WG

  21. “MT-25 will be unlockable from KV-1S”

    KV-1S is not researched for me but I have the T-50-2 in my garage. Now I will get the KV-1S or ….? Sorry it’s not clear to me.

    • You will get the MT-25 and all experience from the T-50 will be moved to KV-1S.

  22. Lets not forget that if they nerf engines horsepower they also nerf Tiger 1/Tiger 2, Jagdpanther1/2 etc.. So WG has lost its mind and we have solid proofs of russian bias vs german tanks.

    • Or, you know, they remove the engines from the Panther series, replace it with another model (or the same, just named slightly different) and thus you lose that engine on the Panthers and can make changes without affecting the rest of the German tanks….

  23. Panther m10 is actually more mobile than Panther due to better ground resistancce, so weaker engine on panther + same ground resistance as m10 is good. If we follow the same logic with panter2 i have a feeling the mobility nerf will not be as bad as you might think. ROF buf will boost already great DPM of Panther 2 so laying down accurate fire will be even more rewarding…

  24. Panther 2 will receive RoF buff? For all guns? That means that any tanks that uses long 8.8 will also get RoF buff?

    • Why would you think that?
      Different tanks can have different gun stats even with the same gun.

  25. And now to all the braindead idiotic german cry kids:
    What if they take the engine away and instead buff the ground resistance?

    I love it how those idiots start spreading tears before they even got one tiny bit of information what exactly will be changed… no lets just start crying like allways…

    • We know WG they dont buff anyhing they just nerf – REMEMBER the great promised buffed 75L48 for pz4 well it didnt come.

  26. Historical accuracy is a disease for WG, it’s a freaking game ffs. A game must be enjoyable, remember? If you want make a seperate historical guide and mention which engine was used in reality and bla bla. In game tanks must fit in a tier and Tiger plays in same tier with T29…. T29 has 1000 cred shells somewhat compensates and so on for many tanks and prototypes.

    Anyway the best solution is to buff (decrease) terrain resistance if Panthers lose their best eng. and more rof is welcome. Panther II could also have traverse speed buff to balance things.

    If med tanks are not fast what’s the point, play a heavy.

  27. Yay, we don’t have enough KV-1s in this game, we want MOAR!!! Hopefully it will be the only way to get new (and possibly OP) Russian tank, so – more KV-1s!!! As it was not easy enough to make T-80 –> T-50 as tier V —> MT-25 as tier IV and then KV-13 (eg. because it looks similar), and begin from that point new medium line?

  28. Haha great idea, remove the Panthers top engine but do nothing with his 7,5 L100 unrealistic cannon…

    • For WG historical realism/accurancy has double standards. They use it when it suits them.

      • As you know, they have to be totaly srs with these games.

        Like, it’s life-or-death for the company to have 100% historical accuracy when they say they base it on historical tanks….

    • And what do you suggest in place of the L/100 being removed? With current Panther MM, they have to flank higher tiered enemies if they’re using the L/70. You have to buff the mobility if you want to encourage flanking.

  29. Here you say the “Panther tanks”, does this mean that the JgPanther and JgPanther 2 are also getting the nerf?