Interesting competition!

Hey everyone,

as you all probably know, the EU forums’ language sections are sometimes running separate competitions. These competitions are intended for the players of that section (since they are written in that respective language and all), but other nations’ players are not banned from participating (that would be discrimination! They are just not expected to participate due to language barrier).

The Czech community is running an interesting competition. Wouldn’t it be a shame if players of other nations took the prizes instead? :)

Here goes:

Design a tank for women!

Source page on CZ forums

You can probably see where this is going. You make a picture of a tank that is designed for women and post it in this thread (important!)

Rules of the contest:

- must be in jpg or png format
- no bigger than 1024*768 pixels
- pictures must be hosted online (for example on imgur) and posted in that thread I linked above
- one picture per account
- no animation
- the tank must be functional (must have a gun, must be capable of winning battles).


1-3rd place: 1000g
4-6th place: 800g
7-9th place: 500g
10-20th place: 200g

So, here’s your chance to win and grab some gold, the competition closes on 17.7.2013.

Please note I am not suggesting you do some silly and immature stuff, like making troll accounts and spam the thread with let’s say penis tanks…. that would be very rude and immature (almost as much as my sense of humor is) :D

28 thoughts on “Interesting competition!

  1. It’s like he’s just asking to see that geschutsWANGen every 2-3 posts there =D

  2. I lack the artistic skills, so here’s my idea for anyone who wants it: make a see through of a TOG, with the interior being a kitchen. :D

  3. Hmm…a TOG with an accesories shop inside?It’s big enough for a shop to fit inside IMO :P

    Also, that penis tank is OP, please nerf it!!!

  4. Tanks are too complicated for women. Some even struggle even if they are inside the kitchen!

  5. Although the contest started on the 25th of June, no one posted in that thread. Maybe pics have to be PM’ed to someone, instead of being posted in that thread. Maybe something lost in translation…

  6. This post will need approval from a moderator before it is shown.

    So no PzPenisTank for them xD

  7. The problem is that there’s no way to make a “design” on one small pic…