42 thoughts on “8.6 Arty stats for EU server

  1. Hey look, the only arty to not get the Aim, Accuracy, and RoF nerf is also doing the best out of all of them.

    • Check out the Pz.Sfl IVb. It gets low tier matches a lot. AP have only 50mm pene, but with all those soft tops out there, great rof and a bit of skill it is a battle deciding vehicle.

  2. Well leFH is an OP biest now, with twice the rof and half the aim time of the other arties. Damage output on the 105 is low in T6-T7 games, but still, it can keep stuff permatracked with that RoF. Love mine, so glad i got one before it went out of store.

  3. Only 61 T-92?

    Sample not really big enough to give accurate stats. However if only 61 people can be bothered to grind all the way up there WG really gotta give them more incentives, otherwise may as well delete.

  4. Wow the new T2 German SPG somehow misses taking last place… Guess not enough people are playing the AMX 105AM…

    Very few people playing high tier artillery… IE post T5. After T5 the number of players plunges…

  5. Looks like they over-nerfed some arty, but it’s nothing terrible. One has to remember that the stats are still swayed by the bads that played arty before patch thus they sway the stats by being even worse now. Still, I’d expect WG to buff arty accuracy by a bit.

    • Your logic is flawed.

      While I am not a unicom, I am above average by far. I stopped playing the few arties I have.

      Only the bads don’t mind when their machine sucks. So in the future there will be more bads playing arty as compared to before 8.6.

  6. accuracy is good, arty needs dpm or mobility buff

    (also one of those 61 t92 players)

  7. hint: the amount of vehicles in this table means how much new vehicles was bought after patch release.

  8. Aren’t these win percentages VASTLY skewed since these pieces are being carried by the team to either victory or defeat being a “support” role AFV?

    • They are since a SPG cannot win the battle all by itself… It might get 1-2 tank kills and around 1100 damage (Me in my Grille) but that 1100 damage will not win the game. Even before 8.6, in 8.5, I had 1100-1500 damage games in the Grille and the games were lost because I was mostly all alone and the team could not kill off the rest.

      Its not like these things have armour or anything…

      IDK why they don’t show average damage per battle. For me my avg in the Grille was less then 300 due to a series of very very bad battles that were all in a row. Its slowly climbing. Even after 8.6 but at a slower rate then before.


  9. @ SS
    this question might be asked some time ago, but could you please explain to me if theses Stats winratewise are just for this last patch period, because the amount of total played games is for me a little bit confusing, as the other categories do not state which timeperiod they are.

    Thank you very much in advance.

      • Makes sense :)

        Thank you very much Captain Nemo and have a nice day/night wherever you are :)

  10. Again, only win chances, that does not mean anything…
    I can win a battle when my arty gets destroyed in the first minute without even shooting a single shell, but i can lose a battle where i do 2K+ damage and killed 2 tanks…

    We need average damage per battle and hit ratio

  11. Protip: Winratio tells us which vehicle is going to be nerfed next. 53-54% winratio and that vehicle takes a blow from Serb’s nerf-hammer.

    • Well thank god leFh is a prem tank that was already removed from store :) I can keep punishing noobs with it

      • Yeah but did you know they can even remove leFh from the shop if they want, they can do anything to it.
        I just remember the large fuss players complaining about Type 59 nerf(ppl saying it can’t be nerfed cause they have bought it with IRL money) but when you buy gold/premium tank ingame with that or from gift shop, you agree to some WG awesomeness allowing them to do whatever they want with it. So you definately aren’t safe w/ your leFh, sorry to say. :D

      • combined(EU+NA+RU) WR for last four weeks



        russian bias

  12. Worst tier 10: German
    Worst tier 9: German
    Worst tier 8: German

    working as intented.

      • It’s the EU server ffs! What did you expect?
        RU server:

        Worst tier 9: Soviet
        Worst tier 7: Soviet
        Worst tier 6: Soviet
        Worst tier 5: Soviet
        Worst tier 3: Soviet

  13. The reason for the small amount of Xtier arty is because it comes now fully elited. Before if I wanted my 261 to have all the modules researched I had to gather about 100k exprience in it.

  14. Few days ago on my GW typ E I did over 6 k dmg and i still lost , hit is7 for full hp (ammo rack ). They nerfed arty but it seems like ppl dont give a **** about arty if theres only one in enemy team and they just stand in open…


  15. what exactly is the meaning of “vehicles ammount” in this table, since total played seems to be very high for most of the ammounts of vehicles?

  16. And also SS don’t listen to the winrate whiners. It is still the only useful stat out there.

    Keep ‘em coming.

  17. interesting to see the su26 near “death” position…
    and no wonder…
    i also stopped playing all my spgs (practically the entire russian branch), in fact, i’ve de-crewed some of them to put into tanks essentially mothballing them.
    before 8.6 SPG was my go-to tank for a fun match, specially 212 and SU26.
    played 2 battles on su26 post patch…. goodbye sweet prince, mothballed for good, i used to be a god of war on that thing, easily taking top gun on every other match or being in the top 3 damages… now it’s beyond useless…

    su8?, played one match, 23s reload.. hit a roof…. 23s after… hit the ground no dmg… 23s later… a wall… 23s later…… 400DMG yep, goodbye SU8, de-crewed and mothballed, it wasn’t a particularly good arty before the patch(damage output varied too wildly due to low pen+low blast radii and elongated reticle) now it’s beyond shit.

    212… played one match, ANY kind of track traverse would send my reticle bigger than my screen, in fact it’s so big when closed that i have a hard time finding the dots that comprise the reticle…

    261 is the only one that was somehow “spared”, but it’s not an arty i play much.

    so in that sense, patch did what it’s supposed to do: drove out all the good/skilled players out of arty and left those who don’t care about their stats to play them.

  18. Just some data…..
    About 39% of my 14K games were in arty. After the 8.6 patch the arty world changed. Arty is no fun and not effective for my teams.
    I have a Object 261, French T10, German T4, German GW Panther and a 40/43. Sold my SU-26 after 1300 battles in it.

    I have stopped playing arty except the T4 German.