SerB T-shirt for Gamescom

Hello everyone,

so, here’s an idea: this year, I plan to visit Gamescom (for those who don’t know, it’s a huge game fair in Germany in late August) and I kinda decided to have my own T-shirt made for the occasion, something with our beloved and favourite game developer: SerB.

What I was thinking is something along the lines of:




Nevermind the low picture resolution, it’s just a stupid preview system. I’ll probably have something like the second made, “How terrible…” with SerB giving a finger.

So, I was thinking, anyone else is going? If so, does anyone else want a T-shirt like this? I could obviously have more than just the one for me made and the price would get lower. Of course, shipping would be a problem, but if there aren’t too many, I am willing to have them made and send them around Europe just for the manufacture+shipping costs.

Or you can just make them yourselves in your country, would probably come cheaper… dunno. It’s just a thought for now.

Would anyone be interested in something like this? Could be kinda funny to wear them around Wargaming stand there, especially the one with SerB giving a finger… :)

70 thoughts on “SerB T-shirt for Gamescom

    • Me too. Or there could be a photoshopped version that would make the picture resemble Warhol’s famous pictures. Not sure how to do it, but there’s still time.

  1. I want an ass with WG logo on it which shits on the slogan “EU Community Support”

  2. I don’t know why ppl don’t like SerB. I think that his approach is a true refreshment in public relations. He showed great sense of humor many times and he just say what other developers of others game think. Our problem is not SerB but incompetent European team.

    • I like him. Most euro-americans developers has no balls, doesn’t matter they agree with whiners (player base) or not…always bla bla bla, diplomatic politeness…fuck them. I would like to see more SerB’s ideas in WoT and less European whiners influence.

  3. hahaha this made me luagh so hard of course i will come to gamescom and of course i want such a t-shirt:)

  4. Hmmm… looks tempting :)
    IMHO the “Want realism? Join the army…” is the best (no picures :D )
    how much would be the cost of it (in CZK), including “poštovné a balné” (post tax?), providing that I am living in Brno, Czech Republic?
    Best regards,

    • you could also make one with that “You are the funny guy, I nerf you the last!” meme :D

    • No, to je právě to. Pro Čechy si myslím že by to mohlo být docela levné, protože mám kontakt na tiskárnu, kde mi to udělají za velice přátelské ceny a jedno složené tričko se dá poslat jako větší dopis. Takže tak do dvou stovek? Ale záleží to na tom, kolik lidí se ozve, takže přesnou cenu ti teď bohužel nedám. Uvidím, jaký to bude mít ohlas.

      • taky bych se pridal =)…”want + how terrible” vzadu jinak predek blank => my dream =)…kdyz se sejde vic lidu tak by mohla byt i nejaka group sleva ne? kzdpcpdne “COUNT me in”! =)

      • Tak to je super.
        Kdyžtak pak dejte prosím vědět, zájem bych měl určitě :)
        S pozdravem,
        Hustodemon :)

    • I’m not sure if he would feel offended or instead he would proudly wear it.

      • I’m pretty sure he would wear it. SerB is a master troll after all, he would do that just to piss off some “wg-has-no-respect-for-clients” guys. :D

  5. Great idea, although i would remove the picture. “How terrible” is recognisable enough + you are not using his image (quite possibly) against his will :)

  6. Pic 2 for the front with pic 3 for the back.
    Make sure to have a pic in it with him next to you!

  7. Personally I’m particular to the “Join the Army!” one. Might be a little worn now, but one potential design scheme that immediately occurred to me is the “How terrible…” set to a version of the well-known and widely and gleefully parodied Obama “HOPE” poster…

  8. but after gamescom we wanna see a pic of you wearing the shirt while getting hugged from the WG guys :D

  9. I will wear this shirt to WG HQ and burn it infront of the office. It will be my penny that gets wasted, but its nothing compared to what people spend in this game. Not to mention, it will give me a certain feeling of intense satisfaction.

  10. “Of course, shipping would be a problem”

    how about you make the T-shirts in the desired sizes, you bring them to Gamescon and you hand them over there? then you can meet in person, and get an extra beer form every “fan”.

    • Not sure that would work, I mean, imagine organizing 20 people to meet at one spot… a nightmare. No. I can bring some specifically to Gamescom, but definitely not ALL.

  11. Nice Idea! However, as I am attending the Gamescom as well (I just bought my 4 day ticket^^), I would really love to see you as the only guy who´s wearing this, so I could spot you more easy and pay you a drink for all the good news you´re providing over the last period of time! ;)

  12. Morph SerB’s and Charles Barkley’s faces so it says “How TRBL”

  13. Even if i’m not coming, I suggest a finger SerB with as legend: “Not for you bloody western capitalists !”

  14. Yeah, the “giving the finger” shirt is pretty darned funny, but it might get you stepped on. WG wants to make money. They don’t want to be embarrassed. They also have a history of being harsh on high profile people who step over lines. They hold people like you to a higher standard than they do the general population.

  15. Oh damn. I’m in germany right at that moment, but I’m in another convention (Eurofurence) which is held at the exact same time.
    Too bad.

  16. one important is missing:
    “fuc* you EU community”
    -Wargaming, give a damn about us!

    ok not Serb, but still true :(

  17. Great idea. I think SerB would actually like this.
    On the other side Gamescom is in Germany where SerB could (!) sue your ass to hell for using his image.

  18. You can take the text version for the front and the picture with him and his fingers for the back. Like this idea really much.

  19. Graphic Designer here, if you do this do be aware a lot of places will limit you to ~6 colors when printing t-shirts unless you want to end up paying a lot more for them. For this you’d either have to posterize it or the better choice would be to trace them into outlines so they look vaguely cartoony but are familiar enough for people to recognize. This would also make the quality overall better because of vectors:

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